Road To 1 Million Users

1 million users

UniAcco is proud to celebrate another breakthrough this year by surpassing the 1 million user mark in August 2022! By doing so, we have further solidified our place as a global leader in the student accommodation marketplace. 

Being a premium student housing platform, founded in November 2019; establishing itself as one of the leading businesses in the study abroad industry amidst the pandemic was a challenge. Nonetheless, the determination persisted and here’s our journey to 1 Million Users within the span of 3 years!

The Initial Set-off in 2020

Starting a business that caters to student housing abroad in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic was a valiant decision. However, with sheer conviction and hard work, we took a quantum leap and kick-started this journey with 7 employees. It wasn’t easy; with unceasing changes due to border restrictions and COVID protocols, there were multiple challenges faced by the company.

The year was critical and the team worked endlessly with high-calibre, razor-sharp focus, and a strong business model that delivered results. Our progress was a beam of hope in the obscurity of the pandemic.

  • 59K students visited our platform in a month
  • 23K enquiries were placed by students
  • Assisted 1.3K students to book accommodation

Where these students come from

The Year Of Immense Growth – 2021

It was time to fill the gap from 2020 that emerged from COVID restrictions & regulations. As the countries started opening borders, our prompt measures ushered to retaining students from last year & helping them revive their study abroad dream by providing premium student accommodation at affordable cost. A sister extension was established known as UniCreds which specialises in dollar loans & provides a seamless loan experience.

The launch of UniCreds worked in our favour and we were able to cater to students who needed financial assistance and further applied to secure accommodation in the respected country.

With a goal in mind and aspirations in our hearts, the team was expanding with fresh talent helping the growth of the company. This year, we witnessed whopping progress and a revenue boost of 5X. What started as a dream of solely making the student study abroad experience as seamless as possible was now on its way to becoming a successful startup with the right minds and a mission to accomplish!

  • We connected with 266K students in a month
  • 74K students across the globe made an enquiry
  • Successfully booked accommodations for 5K students

We believe in diversity

A Year Full Of Milestones – 2022

As we grew bigger, a new pedestal was set. The UK was established as our primary target market. With the UK’s launch of post-study work visas, there was an influx of students going abroad. We took this as an opportunity to help enlarge the volume of students flying abroad. This year witnessed a maximum number of Indian-origin students flying to the UK. With a strong workforce and a larger goal in mind, we had 200+ employees working evermore.

This year, we expanded beyond the UK and stepped into Ireland, Australia, and Europe at large. The growth is largely driven by the hard work and patent trust that the users put in us. We got a leg-up when our final product which is an end-to-end solution for students launched; known as UniScholars. It further helped students from the very start to get complete study abroad assistance. With UniScholars as the starting point, UniCreds as the financial assistant and UniAcco as the student accommodation provider; the ecosystem was complete. 

Now the three pillars were ever strong & running abreast; we were able to successfully raise $5M funding in May 2022. This milestone is the latest indication of our continued growth!

As we deployed all strategies, our revenue grew by 3X and saw another golden year for our performance.

  • The users saw a meteoric growth & we hit our 1st million in August 2022
  • 210K students placed an enquiry for their accommodation 
  • And we successfully booked safe & secure homes for 15K students!

We connected with students from these countries

There’s a change afoot and a revolution in the way where we aim to emplace our brands & cater to million more users in the coming years. With all three brands now holding a strong position in the market; we look forward to making further advances in the abroad education space & work towards fulfilling every student’s study abroad mission. 

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1 million users

Road To 1 Million Users

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