Solving The Disability Factor Through UniAcco

UniAcco Case study

UniAcco, the most popular student accommodation website, has helped over 1,00,000 students discover their ideal student home in the United Kingdom. We won the coveted title of Best Cross-Border Student Housing Provider for the year 2020 at the 4th annual Greater London Enterprise Awards, hosted by SME News. This was bagged because of our innovative tools and data-driven approach to assisting students in locating and securing housing.  

We’ve created a blog series called “UniAcco Case Studies” to show the world that UniAcco not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. Here, we analyse the most intriguing and, at times, complex issues that our professional housing consultants deal with. Through this testimonial, we present to you one of the most challenging UniAcco case studies of 2021 – “Solving The Disability Factor Through UniAcco” 


The property consultants at UniAcco have assisted numerous students with their accommodation needs and have solved every possible issue a student might face. This case study, which is rather sensitive, was handled by Ayush, one of UniAcco’s property consultant experts, who was able to find the perfect solution for a differently-abled student at AXO Sherbourne Student Village

Case Scenario 

After looking for a student accommodation since September, that has wheelchair access and is fit for a handicapped individual, a student who was flying to the UK from China, for the first time, found her safe place with UniAcco. The student tried her luck for 2 months, unable to find a student accommodation that fits her requirements. The student was on wheelchair support and required a property that is close to the university grounds. This is when the student got in touch with UniAcco’s expert property consultant, Ayush, who was able to figure out the perfect solution and offer the best deal to the student. 


The student came to Ayush with 2 pressing challenges – 

  • The student could only stay at a property that offered disability access.
  • The property should be in close proximity to the transportation services such as trains and bus stops. 


When the student inquired about potential student housing in Coventry, Ayush got straight to work and promptly suggested the most suitable student accommodations next to the student’s university. The student, who flew all the way from China, was unable to find a property with wheelchair access and even if she did, most of the ones she liked were not situated close to the university grounds. Furthermore, even if she could afford the accommodation costs, none of the properties of her liking had easy access to transport services. The student was impressed with the array of accommodations offered by UniAcco that met her criteria and solved the main challenges she faced while finding the accommodation of her liking.

When the student was assigned to our expert consultant, she explained the situation she was facing since September. The student confessed that she did not have much time to shift in and had only encountered properties which catered to disabled students but were not in close proximity to the transport services such as trains and bus stations. That being said, she was committed to booking her accommodation as soon as possible, without compromising on the quality of the student housing. 

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To make matters worse, the UK’s travel restrictions threw in even more uncertainty to the student’s situation. Most of the UK’s transport services came to a halt and the student insisted that the property needs to be close to a bus stop or a train station. But all this uncertainty and conjecture didn’t hinder Ayush from doing his job. He shortlisted a couple of properties in Coventry that allowed disability access and perfectly fit the student’s budget and showed it to the student. 

UniAcco Case study

After the student picked her choice of accommodation, Ayush made sure that the student not only is allowed wheelchair access but also has easy access to transport services for diabled individuals. AXO Sherbourne Student Village made it possible for the international student to get all the support she required for a comfortable stay at the student property after Ayush explained the entire situation to the property managers. Ayush managed to deliver in time and this was only possible because he kept UniAcco’s core values in mind while catering to the interests of the international student. 


This property not only allowed wheelchair access but was situated in a friendly neighbourhood.The only thing that was a cherry on top was that this property was spacious and she then recommended UniAcco to many of her friends. In addition to that, the student was highly impressed with the promptness of Ayush in getting things done and delivering value to the student. 

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UniAcco Case study

Solving The Disability Factor Through UniAcco

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