List Of Supply Chain Management Careers

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Supply chains are complex systems that depend on people to work well. That’s why supply chain management careers include a variety of career options. Supply chain management is the broad range of activities required to plan, control and execute the flow of a product from its initial sourcing and creation through distribution. Supply chain professionals whose ranks also include logistics management professionals have jobs related to everything from inventory management to sales. This means supply chain management careers can take individuals in many directions as trends develop and change.

Supply Chain Management Careers

Why Choose A Supply Chain Management Career Path?

Although the rate of growth for these occupations is average overall, many new job opportunities are expected to be added over the next eight years. It is because so many types of supply chain and logistics jobs exist at every level, those interested in supply chain management careers have a huge amount of opportunities to break into the profession, particularly if they keep their options open.

When it comes to specific supply chain management careers, individuals can opt to specialize or generalize, work in planning, operations or even a supporting function, such as sales or finance. But no matter the initial path taken, over time they are likely to gain the knowledge necessary to make lateral moves or earn promotions into different areas of the supply chain. There are career opportunities in every link in the supply chain and in managing that supply chain career path.

Top Supply Chain Management Jobs By Salary

Chief Supply Chain Management Officer 

Average Salary: $243,550

Supply chain roles require that an individual possess an understanding of the business and has acquired the leadership experience to become a division head. To achieve this role, a candidate has to demonstrate skills in their career in supply chain like management ideas, practices and procedures. This role generally reports to the company’s top management.

Main duties of a chief supply chain management officer:

  • Oversee the enterprise’s inventory, warehousing, distribution and transportation functions.
  • Plan and direct all facets of the company’s supply chain policies, goals and initiatives.

Educational Background: Typically, this position requires a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration, management or a related field. Some organizations may require a Master’s degree in business administration, procurement, social sciences, purchasing, commerce, economics or a related field.

Vice President, Supply Chain Management 

Average Salary: $166,440

A vice president of supply chain management manages all the key aspects of the supply chain processes in the organization. Here are more specifics of the role:

  • Develop supply chain management strategies in areas such as inventory control, systems integration and optimization and demand planning that meet the business’s performance objectives as well as customer expectations.
  • Interact with suppliers and vendors.
  • Find innovative ways to solve supply chain problems and report on progress to the company’s supply chain management leader.
  • Maintain industry and regulatory compliance and minimize organizational environment, health and safety risk.

Educational Background: A Bachelor’s degree in supply chain management, business administration, logistics or a related field is required for this job.

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Purchasing Manager 

Average Salary: $116,243

A purchasing manager is involved in every facet of an organization’s operations from product development to comparing supplier costs to strategic planning to production. Here are some specific duties of the purchasing manager role:

  • Create strategic purchasing processes and procedures and manage purchasing.
  • Manage all the vendor and supplier relationships and negotiate major purchase contracts.
  • Evaluate and analyze purchasing and pricing trends to forecast demand and reduce purchasing costs.

Educational Background: Organizations usually require a Bachelor’s degree in business, economics or engineering, although larger enterprises may require a Master’s degree.

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Logistics Manager 

Average Salary: $112,209

A logistics manager plans and oversees logistics policies, goals and initiatives. Here are some specific duties of a logistics manager:

  • Develop procedures for logistics management to enhance product workflow and reduce costs.
  • Select and negotiate shipping and supplier costs as well as distribution, transportation and inventory control.
  • Supervise materials movement, distribution and storage along with controlling flow of incoming materials and outgoing finished goods.
  • Ensure customers get their products on time.
  • Hire, train and supervise warehouse, inventory control, material handling, customer service, transportation and planning employees.
  • Typically, a logistics manager needs a Bachelor’s degree in supply chain management, logistics or business administration.

Supply Chain Manager 

Average Salary: $111,424

A supply chain manager, who generally reports to a senior manager, oversees and manages the company’s overall supply chain and logistics operations, with the goal of increasing efficiency and productivity as well as reducing to affordable costs. Here are some specific duties of the supply chain manager role:

  • Work with managers from across the company to plan and execute its supply chain strategy.
  • Manage and monitor the qualifications and performance of the company’s vendors and suppliers to ensure they meet the organization’s requirements.
  • Manage the day-to-day activities of subordinate staff members.

Educational Background: A supply chain manager typically holds at least a Bachelor’s degree in supply chain management, sales, logistics or business administration.

Production Manager 

Average Salary: $103,581

A production manager is responsible for planning production schedules and ensuring that the production process is accomplished on budget and on time. Duties related to the production manager role may include:

  • Plan and create work schedules.
  • Develop staffing requirements and production cycles to enhance productivity;
  • Analyze production processes and recommend strategies to improve those processes.
  • Ensure that equipment is working correctly and that employees are adhering to health and safety guidelines.
  • Provide monthly reports in the areas of quality control, production numbers and safety, for example.

Educational Background: Most employers require candidates to hold a Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering or business administration. However, some employers prefer individuals with a master’s degree in industrial management or business administration.

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List Of Supply Chain Management Careers

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