Top Best Student Card Discounts In Ireland

Student Card Discounts In Ireland

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September 7, 2021

Student card discounts in Ireland are very beneficial and can contribute largely to your day to day expenses. It is not easy being a student, especially with the COVID-19 effects on your curriculum and university life. With the increased cost of everything, student cards can limit your spending and help you save money.

Before we help you with the best student card discounts in Ireland let us first see the advantages of the same. 

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Advantages Of Student Discount Cards In Ireland

  • Apart from the exciting benefits that it comes with, the one special advantage of having a student card is that it proves your identity as a student in Ireland as it contains your personal information. 
  • They are mostly nationally accepted. 
  • They can be used while shopping
  • You can avail discounts when dining out and different eateries that accept student cards
  • You can even buy educational resources from your student discount card such as textbooks, stationery, papers, etc. 

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Other specific advantages are listed down below

  • Travel
  • Fitness Clubs
  • Books & Stationery
  • Technology & Gadgets
  • Health & Beauty
  • Driving Lessons
  • Car Breakdown Cover Cost

Oh and also pizza! These were just some of the advantages of student discount cards in Ireland. You can find out more when you start exploring new places.

List of Best Student Discount Card Ireland

Let us check out some of the best student discount cards in Ireland.

  • ISIC Ireland
  • Student Leap Card
  • ISSU

Now that we know the advantages of student discount cards and have the knowledge of the best student discount cards in Ireland. Let us now learn what are the different types of discounts that you can avail of from different industries.

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Student Clothing Discounts | Student Card Discounts In Ireland

Student clothing discount is a must because why not? To be up and ready for the next fashion trend is something every student wants to do! So let us check out some hot deals and discounts on clothing.

  • Gymshark – 10% off with StudentBeans
  • Lifestyle Sports – 10% off with UNiDAYS
  • ASOS student discount – 10%, only for university students.
  • Missguided – 10% off StudentBeans & UNiDAYS
  • Boohoo student discount – 10% off StudentBeans & UNiDAYS
  • JD Sports – 10% off with UNiDAYS
  • River Island – 10% off online with UNiDAYS or StudentBeans and 10% off in-store with valid Student Photo ID
  • New Look – 10% off with UNiDAYS
  • Office – 10% off in-store and online with UNiDAYS
  • Nike – 10% off with UNiDAYS
  • Urban Outfitters – 10% off in-store or online through UNiDAYS
  • Schuh student discount – 10% off with a student card (uni and secondary)
  • Pretty Little Thing student discount – 10% off with StudentBeans
  • Pull & Bear – 10% off with UNiDAYS

Student Entertainment Discounts

Student Entertainment contributes to your extracurricular study and adds value to your university experience. Let’s check out some discounts for the same!

  • Spotify – The premium membership is available for half-price provided the student is a part of an accredited institute in higher education.
  • Financial Times – 50% off digital subscription for students in universities, colleges, & schools.
  • Students get a free Irish Times digital access
  • Apple Music – Discounted monthly rate for university students.
  • Easons – 10% discount in-store with valid student ID (second and third level)
Student Travel Discounts | Student Card Discounts In Ireland

This one is for all the travel enthusiasts and just students who wish to travel and save cash alongside. Let’s check out some discounts!

  • Student Leap – The national student travel and discount card
  • Irish Rail – Lower prices with a valid form of student ID (university level & second level)
Student Technical & Electronic Gadget Discounts

With the advent of technology and how the world is advancing towards e-learning, having the right gadgets has become inevitable. Therefore, to help students with this expense, below are some useful discounts that you can use!

  • Microsoft Store – up to 10% off on selected gadgets & get Office 365 for free for higher education students
  • Dell – up to 20% off with a valid third level email address and student ID
  • Apple student discount 
  • Lenovo – Up to 20% off with UNiDAYS or StudentBeans
  • Sennheiser – 20% off with UNiDAYS
  • Software4Students – student discounts and deals. Eligibility varies by brand/provider
  • Sonos – 15% off with UNiDAYS
Student Health & Beauty Discounts | Student Card Discounts In Ireland

For every student health and beauty is a priority. Especially when you are living abroad, the lifestyle can affect your health and well beauty is an add on! Let’s check out some amazing discounts just for you!

  • Look Fantastic – 20% off with UNiDAYS or StudentBeans
  • The Perfume Shop – 10% off with StudentBeans
  • Boots student discount – 10% off but must have a Boots Advantage card or with a Student Leap
  • GHD – 10% off with UNiDAYS

Make sure you make good use of these amazing discounts and cut loads of money on your everyday expenses. Happy Shopping!

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