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Easiest Medical Schools To Get Into In The UK – 2023

Easiest Medical Schools To Get Into In The UK

Medicine is such a competitive university course to be accepted into, and there are so many hurdles to jump through, such as work experience, high grades, volunteering and extra exams. You need to put a lot of time and effort into trying to secure a place. Let’s talk about the easiest medical schools to get into in the UK and which of them are statistically least competitive. Don’t forget that the ease of your application shouldn’t be the only thing that guides your university choice. Although clearly, don’t apply to a university that requires A-level Maths if you haven’t done it. Make sure you think about other things, too, like location, teaching styles, course content, early placements and university life too. 

Applicants Per Interview

Interviews at the easiest medical schools to get into in the UK work in different ways based on the number of applicants. In terms of the number of applicants per available interview, Lancaster University has the highest number, with 4 applicants per interview space, making it the most competitive for an interview. If you’re worried about some of the contents of your application but confident you can smash it at an interview, then apply to a university that has less competition to get an interview. At the other end, the least competitive medical school to get an interview at, is tied between the University of East Anglia and the University of Plymouth, both of which only have 1 applicant per interview space, the odds there are really in your favour for getting an interview! How you interpret or use this information depends on how likely you think it is you will reach an interview. If you’re confident you have a really strong application, don’t be scared to go for a university with a higher number of applicants per interview spot. However, if you’re worried one area of your application might be a little bit weaker, you may want to boost your chances by going for a university with less applicants per interview place. 

The Most Competitive Medical Schools In The UK

Along with the easiest medical schools to get into in the UK, it is essential to know the competitive medical schools too. The University of Bristol, Imperial College London and the University of Birmingham can all be viewed as the most competitive because they have the highest number of applicants. However, the University of Lincoln is the medical school with the least number of places available (but good if you don’t do as well in your UCAT) so could also be viewed as competitive. 

Rate Of Offers Given

Below are the percentage rates of the easiest medical schools to get into in the UK. Universities with the lowest rate of university offers for the number of applicants are Cardiff University, the University of Oxford and the University of Leeds. These percentages range from 9.1-15.9%, showing that the vast majority of applicants are rejected. At the other end of this, there are other universities which have much higher rates of offers for the number of applicants. For example, Queen Mary University of London is one of the medical schools with highest acceptance rates, they accept almost 60% of their applicants. This drops to 50.79% for Hull York Medical School and then 44.61% for the University of Sheffield. 

Lowest Number Of Applicants

If you’re really scared about the competition from other candidates, the universities which seem the least popular usually are the easiest medical schools to get into in the UK. Like the University of St Andrews, then Aston University and then Lancaster University. The reason why the University of St Andrews may be less competitive is that you can’t complete your whole degree at St Andrew’s. Only the preclinical years, after which you receive a BSc and are transferred to another university to complete clinical years. All of this information can seem really overwhelming so take your time to go through it slowly, and again remember you decide how much weight you want to place on this and which other factors are important to you. 

Some other reminders before you apply to a medical school are as follows:

UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) Vs. BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test) Requirements 

Make the right choice! All medical schools including the easiest UK medical school to get into, require your UCAT or BMAT scores. If you hate writing essays, maybe don’t go for the BMAT. If your UCAT score isn’t so strong, be sure to apply to universities that don’t care so much about it. Equally, if you do really well in your UCAT scores, be sure to use this to your advantage. We have a whole separate article on this if you want to find out more.


Interview Process

If you think you can shine at interviews, then make sure to apply to a university that runs them. Make sure to read up about the different interview styles, if the multiple small interviews set up sounds really daunting to you, and you think you’re going to freeze…avoid it!  If you thrive in a fast-paced situation, then consider MMI Medical Schools. Multiple mini-interviews might really work to your advantage and help you to secure your place at medical school.

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Academic Requirements 

This might sound really obvious, but don’t waste a precious application spot on a university where you don’t meet the academic requirements. Double-check GCSE requirements. Some universities calculate scores to determine cut-offs, so make sure you take the time to calculate these. Also make sure you’ve got the right A-levels, some universities require Maths or Physics. Some only need Biology or Chemistry so it can really vary. 

List Of Medical Schools In The UK

  1. Queen’s University Belfast School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences
  2. Hull York Medical School
  3. Durham University School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health
  4. School of Medicine at University of St Andrews
  5. Medical School at the University of Birmingham

Best Ranked Medical Schools In The UK

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College London
  • University College London (UCL)
  • University of Edinburgh
  • King’s College London
  • University of Manchester
  • University of Warwick
  • University of Bristol
  • University of Glasgow

PS: If there’s anything more you’d like us to know about. Add it to the comments section!


1.What are the lowest entry requirements for medicine in the UK?

Entry requirements for medicine in the UK can vary among universities, but generally, they are competitive, and students are expected to have excellent academic records, including high grades in science subjects and a strong performance in the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) or BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT).

2.What are some easiest medical schools to get into UK?

The ease of getting into medical schools can change from year to year and can be subjective. However, some medical schools in the UK are known to have slightly lower entry requirements compared to others are Manchester Medical School , Newcastle University Medical School and Norwich Medical School.

3.How many medical schools in the UK?

As of 2023, there are around 45+ medical schools in the UK.

4.What is medical school acceptance rates in the UK?

Medical school acceptance rates can fluctuate each year and depend on factors such as the number of applicants and available seats. Generally, in the UK, admission rates for medical schools typically hover around 30%.

5.What are some least competitive medical schools in the UK?

The competitiveness of medical schools can vary, but some medical schools in the UK are often considered less competitive due to slightly lower entry requirements, which may make them more accessible to certain applicants. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that admission to any medical school is still competitive, and meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance.

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Easiest Medical Schools To Get Into In The UK

Easiest Medical Schools To Get Into In The UK – 2023