Famous People From Oxford – A List Of Notable Alumni

Famous People From Oxford

Written by Aaliya Shaikh

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Last updated Sep 4, 2021

The world’s most famous and renowned university – Oxford! Every student’s dream and simply “the best university in the world” as they like to say it. The university stands to its reputation but offering top-class learning resources and the best education you could ever find. This has attracted a number of students from all over the world to come and study at this beautiful university. It is quite safe to say that Oxford has set the bar and created a high-quality standard for education all over the globe. Today Oxford University not only boasts about its education but also the famous people from Oxford who are now mastering their field of study. 

Also known as the famous “Oxonians”, the university counts 50 Nobel Prize Winners, 26 British Prime Ministers, and dozens of foreign heads of state among its long list of alumni. With its heritage and tradition, oxford has followed a legacy and is made up of a total of 38 colleges. Let’s check out the list of oxford university’s notable alumni below!

Emma Watson

A talented woman who started very young and made a big name purely out of her flair and skills. Emma Watson – or popularly known as Hermoine from her film series Harry Potter. She started her career when she was just 11 years old and although her skills were phenomenal and there was active involvement in the media industry, Emma chose to pursue her studies alongside. The English actress, model, and activist attended Worcester College for an academic year and graduated from Brown University with an English Literature degree.

Oscar Wilde | Famous People From Oxford

The popular and renowned novelist in London – Oscar Wilde is known for his notable work of The Picture of Dorian Gray. An Irish wit, poet, and dramatist who was known for his art in the late 19th Century. His brilliance and talent brought him a Trinity College of Dublin scholarship. He later pursued and entered a “demyship” competition at Magdalen College in Oxford and specialised in Literaw Humaniores (Greats) and Classical Moderations. He successfully graduated with a double first. 

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Indira Gandhi

Amongst the famous faces who studied at Oxford, the first female prime minister and the third one of the country – Indira Gandhi studied at this famed university. This powerful lady of India travelled all the way to the United Kingdom from India to visit her ailing mother. While she was living in the country, she decided that it’s time to continue her tertiary education and chose to be a part of Oxford University. She had to give the entrance exam twice due to her lack of knowledge in the Latin language that failed her first attempt. She was an active student in college. It is also said that she was a part of a lot of university activities, some being Oxford Majlis Asian Society. 

Benazir Bhutto | Famous People From Oxford

The first female prime minister of Pakistan –  Benazir Bhutto attended Oxford University and is listed as one of the famous people from oxford. A woman of talent, power, and immense knowledge, Benazir Bhutto completed her first degree from Harvard University. She then decided to complete her second Litaraw Humaniores degree from Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford. She stayed another year at the university for her postgraduate education at St. Catherine’s College. She was a woman of excellence and the first Asian woman who got elected as the President of the Oxford Union Debating Society. 

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Dr Seuss

Theodor Seuss Geisel, also famously known as Dr Seuss, was an American Artist, Children Author, Political Cartoonist, Filmmaker, and Animator. He has more than 60 books under his pen name. His works include the most popular children’s books that are even read to this date. Selling over 600 million copies worldwide after his death. Dr Seuss attended Dartmouth college and became the editor-in-chief of the humour magazine of the college called Jack-O-Lantern. His excellence in writing inspired him to register and attend Lincoln College, Oxford as he planned to complete PhD in English Literature. Due to unfortunate circumstances, he had to drop out of college and go back to America. 

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These were just a few names in the long list of famous people from oxford who studied at this world-class university. It doesn’t stop here. There are great scholars, politicians, scientists, activists, and oh 120 Olympic medalists who were a part of Oxford Colleges. As one of the world’s most prestigious universities, the university has been hosting people since the 13th Century. It is undoubtedly a pleasure to be a part of this college. 

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