Attend The Best MBA Programmes In Germany

Best MBA Programmes In Germany

Do you wish to attend the best MBA programmes in Germany that will have an international dimension to your portfolio? Well, Germany is a place full of world-class technology, astounding architecture, and baffling history. But there is so much more to Germany than the world-known facts. The country is one of the top nations in the world to offer free education for EU & Non-EU students. And the education quality is never compromised in this pioneering nation. Fields like science and technology have always been at the forefront of German education. Hence, the country is always being ahead of time juxtaposed to the rest of the world. 

Before we dive into the best MBA Degrees in Germany let us first understand the eligibility criteria in detail.

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Eligibility Criteria To Study MBA Programmes In Germany

Universities are made of public and private institutions. Both consist of their particular eligibility criteria. Universities allow students with no experience to pursue MBA programmes in Germany, unlike other countries where experience is mandatory. Let us see generalized criteria for attempting the best MBA programmes in Germany. 

  • A Bachelor’s degree in relevant subjects that is equivalent to a German Bachelor’s programme. It can be either a 3-year long degree with 1-year masters or a 4-year degree. Few universities also allow a 3 year Bachelor degree holder to pursue MBA in the country. 
  • A valid score in IELTS/GRE/GMAT/TOEFL. Every university in the country accepts scores from these exams. Although most look out for TOEFL scores, it is possible to skip the GMAT when applying for an MBA in Germany. 
  • Basic German proficiency. Even though many MBA universities offer an MBA programme in English, some require you to know German. 
  • A good academic record. Now, this is also subjective to different universities. You must have a top academic record if you wish to apply to high ranking universities. 
  • Few institutes conduct an entrance exam for the students who wish to pursue MBA in their school.

Top MBA Programmes In Germany

Here are the 5 recommended colleges for top MBA programmes in Germany. Further divided into public and private institutions. 

Public Universities | Free MBA In Germany

  • University Of Cologne
  • University Of Mannheim Business School
  • Ludwig Maximilian University Munich
  • RWTH Aachen University
  • Technical University Of Munich

Private Universities

  • GISMA School of Business
  • HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management
  • European School of Management and Technology
  • WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management
  • BSBI – Berlin School of Business and Innovation

MBA Institutes In Germany That Require No Work Experience

As I mentioned above in the eligibility criteria, some universities do not require any kind of prior experience to admit students in their MBA programmes. That being said, below I am mentioning a few that require no work experience.

  • University of Kiel
  • Ludwig Maximilian University Munich
  • Technical University of Munich
  • University of Ulm
  • University of Tubingen


  • Business Administration (MBA)
  • Engineering Management (MBA)
  • Executive MBA
  • Executive MBA Compliance & Corporate Governance
  • Leadership & Supply Chain Management
  • Executive MBA in Innovation and Business Creation
  • Executive MBA in Business & IT

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The Cost Of MBA In Germany

When you compare the MBA programme cost with the rest of the world, it is comparatively cheaper and the education quality is rich. Thanks to its outstanding education system. There is a huge scope for students to work once they graduate from German colleges. The cost is affordable for students from any part of the world. If you choose to study in public universities then it is fully tuition-free and the cost is only from living expenses. But if you choose to study in private schools, then it can be around 40,000 EUR annually. 

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Scholarships To Attend The Best MBA Programmes In Germany

The German Academic Exchange Service also known as DAAD is a support organisation that can help you with several scholarships to pursue an MBA in Germany. A few notable scholarships are mentioned below.

  1. Global Study Awards: Awarded by Study Portals, British Council, or ISIC.
  2. Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship: Rewarded by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.
  3. E-fellows MBA Scholarship
  4. Bundeswehr Scholarship
  5. Alumni Network Fellowship – Non-Profit Sector
  6. Net Impact Sustainability Scholarship
  7. Erasmus Scholarship

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Studying in Germany is a privilege and once in a lifetime experience. Make sure you make the best out of it and learn from the world-class faculty and add value to your career ahead. Good luck!

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Best MBA Programmes In Germany

Attend The Best MBA Programmes In Germany

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