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MS Abroad: A Complete Guide

MS Abroad: A Complete Guide

It seems as though every international student in the world is looking to study MS abroad; and why not. The weight that an MS degree carries on your resume, is the reason why MS is one of the most popular courses for international students. All the top universities in the world have stellar MS programs that are attended by the brightest minds in the world. But this fact only makes it difficult for students to select their ideal university. Thatā€™s why weā€™ve written this ā€œMS Abroad: A Complete Guideā€ to help students with their MS in abroad endeavors. 

How To Do MS In Abroad

We start off this MS study abroad: A Complete Guide by answering a glaring question asked by so many students – How to do MS study abroad? or How to do MS in foreign universities? If you wish to pursue MS abroad, then you need to know about the different steps involved in the entire application process. Hereā€™s a walkthrough of how you can achieve your dream of doing MS abroad.

Applying To A University 

  • Once you have shortlisted your preferred MS in foreign universities, you need to start filling the application forms. These forms can be complicated and lengthy, so consider yourself warned. We recommend you start with drafting your Statements of Purpose, as it is one of the most important elements of your application process. In order to maximize your chances of getting into a university abroad for MS, try obtaining Letters of Recommendation from the professors in your college.
  • Donā€™t be afraid to take help of experts, as the application process greatly affects your chances of admission. Moreover, the experts can help you in resolving issues quickly and decisively, which will save you a lot of time and energy. 
  • Research work/papers/projects in your preferred field of study can help you in sealing your admission. Pre-final year students should make efforts to build their profile as soon as possible. Indian students are at a disadvantage, as research papers/ projects are not an integral part of undergraduate courses. We recommend Indian students to take at least a year to work on their profiles before they have to send in their applications. 

Taking The GRE

MS Abroad: A Complete Guide

  • In order to pursue MS abroad, you will need to take the GRE. The moment you decide you want to pursue MS abroad, start preparing for GRE. It generally takes around 4 – 12 weeks to prepare well for the GRE.
  • Plan your exams well. Apart from GRE, you will need to appear for ETS exams like TOEFL or IELTS. Spread out the dates of these exams, so that you have sufficient time to prepare well for all of them. Consider taking the GRE and TOFEL in the summer, and the TSE in September, if required.
  • You are eligible to take the GRE Subject Test in October or November of your second or third year of college.

Documents That Need To Be Kept Handy 

This is not an exhaustive list of documents, as every university has its own admission process. The following are the documents we deem to be the most important during the MS admission process –

  • A copy of the online application form.
  • Photocopy of the test scores (GRE, TOEFL, TSE).
  • 10th Grade Transcripts & Certificate.
  • 12th Grade Transcripts & Certificate.
  • Diploma Transcripts & Certificate (if available).
  • Other Diplomas/Certificates (if available).
  • Resume.
  • Financial documents (if required).
  • Letters of Recommendation.
  • Statement of purpose (SOP).
  • Certificates, Papers, etc. (if required)

Cost To Study MS Abroad

This is one of the main components of our MS abroad: a complete guide. Studying MS abroad seems to be one of the most favourite things to do for international students, especially those from India. We bet that almost all the MS aspirants have wondered – How much does it cost to study MS abroad? This question and many more questions related to student finance will be answered in this section. 

So first off, how much does it cost to study MS abroad. The exact amount depends on the country you choose to pursue MS in, but on an average, the cost to study MS abroad is around $45,000 (30 lakh rupees) for 2 years.

The aforementioned figure does not take into account MS entrance exam costs, MS application fees and student airfare costs. These overheads will cost you $280 (~INR 25,500), $1,220 (~INR 80,000) and $950 (~INR70,000) respectively. 

With high costs like these, studying MS abroad can be an expensive proposition. One might resort to applying for scholarships, however, securing them is a huge question mark. The best thing you can do to finance your MS abroad is to get an education loan.

UniCreds is an online education loan marketplace, where you can get safe and reliable education loans from the comfort of your own home. You can browse their website and find quality education loans that cover 100% of your cost to study MS abroad. Keep reading our MS abroad: a complete guide to know more about the different types of education loans available. 

Student loans are primarily of two types – 

  • Secured Foreign Student Loans
  • Unsecured Foreign Student Loans

Secured Foreign Education Loans for MS Abroad

This type of education loan asks for an asset as a guarantee in exchange for a loan. The asset can be an FD, property, land, LIC Insurance, etc. These assets act as security for the bank, in case the student fails to repay the loan. Here are some of the main features of secured education loans for MS abroad –

  • Lower interest rates
  • Higher sanction amount
  • Longer repayment time
  • No repayment during the study period
  • Easier to get than unsecured loans

Unsecured Foreign Education Loans for MS Abroad

Unlike secured foreign education loans, unsecured loans do not ask for an asset as security. They are given to students after thoroughly going through their academic records, the university theyā€™re going to, parents financial history and other supporting documents. The only downside of this type of loan is that the maximum amount offered by nationalised banks is INR 7.5 Lakhs, which is not enough to bear the full cost of studying MS abroad. Here are the highlights of unsecured loans – 

  • High processing Fee
  • High rates of interest
  • Partial payments during the repayment period

Best Countries To Study MS Abroad

Our MS abroad: a complete guide would be incomplete without naming the best countries to study MS abroad. With so many MS in foreign universities offering high-quality MS programs, it can get a bit tricky to decide which country you wish to go to. Bear in mind that the kind of school and MS program you attend will have an impact on your professional work life. So, it is important to take this decision wisely. The quality of education, cost, reputation, reviews and rate of investment (ROI) should be the criteria for choosing an MS university abroad.

United States

MS Abroad: A Complete Guide

The United States has always been the best country to study MS for thousands of aspirants. The USA overshadows other countries because of its academic excellence, generous funding, flexible curricula, a wide variety of educational options, extensive support services for international students and OPT and CPT which provide hands-on training. Moreover, most of the top MS in foreign universities in the world for MS can be found here.

Here are some of the best universities in the USA that offer MS – 


Canada has seen a gradual increase in the number of students coming to the country to pursue higher education. The higher education system in Canada is characterized by its portfolio of programs and specialized courses, institutions and history. Moreover, Canada has a generous 3 year stay back period after completion of your MS degree. Another factor that appeals to international students is the fact that the cost of living is relatively low in Canada. The average tuition fee for MS in Canada can be anywhere between CDN $10,000 – $30,000 every year. Living expenses in Canada will cost you around CDN $10,000 – $12,000 annually. This makes Canada the best country to study MS.

Here are some of the best universities in Canada that offer MS – 


MS Abroad: A Complete Guide

Australia is the new up and coming higher education destination that has already seen a growth of 11% in the number of incoming students. The universities in Australia offer students globally recognized degrees that are valued by employers worldwide. In order to study in Australia, students need to fulfil certain financial requirements set by The Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The average cost of doing MS in Australia is around INR 17.30 lakhs.

Here are some of the best universities in Australia that offer MS – 


Undoubtedly UK is the also the best country to study MS. One of the great things about doing MS in the UK is that the courses are shorter and more intensive than in other countries. This means you will graduate sooner (=more savings) without compromising on the quality of your education. The UK has some of the oldest universities in the world that have gone on to become globally leading education institutions. International students pursuing MS in the UK can expect to pay around Ā£10,000 – Ā£38,000 towards tuition fees. Contingencies need to be made for living expenses, as the cost of living in the UK is high, especially in London

Here are some of the best universities in the UK that offer MS –

With that we come to end of this blog on: MS abroad: A Complete Guide.

We hope this MS abroad: a complete guide has given you some insights on how you can pursue your MS abroad. Do approach UniAcco and UniCreds for your accommodation and student loan needs respectively. If you have any content to contribute to this guide, then you can write to us on contact@ 

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MS Abroad: A Complete Guide

MS Abroad: A Complete Guide