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Cost Of Living in UK For International Students 2023 [Latest Info]

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We don’t want our students to resume their trip with a head full of questions about living expenses in the UK for international students. So to provide you with a good view of the cost of living in the UK for international students we’ve prepared this guide. During your stay there, let’s sketch the outline of your monthly budget. And we have broken down the living expenses in the UK for international students into six groups here:

  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Fooding
  • Entertainment
  • Connectivity
  • Miscellaneous

Living Expenses In The UK For International Students

There are various factors that add up to your overall expenditures when living in the UK. It is necessary to have an estimate of your monthly expenditures in order to set a budget. The average living cost in the UK for international students ranges between £1,154 to £1,218 per month. According to your lifestyle, your monthly budget will vary and will depend on how much you socialise and this will thus decide part of your cost of living in the UK. Below is a monthly breakdown of the individual living expenditures that students come across –

ParticularsExpenses (Per Month)
Off-Campus Accommodation£408
On-Campus Accommodation£472
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation£1,154
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation£1,218

Undergraduate tuition rates for foreign students are about £ 10,000 – £ 30,000 a year for full-time courses. The estimated tuition fees for foreign students for full-time programs range from £ 10,000 – £ 13,000 a year for postgraduate degrees. Average annual payments remain at £ 14,000 for laboratory and research-based services.

UK Visa and Immigration requires that you have a budget of £ 1,265 per month to study in London. This amount is in addition to the payments for tuition. To get a visa to study in London, this is the minimum number you need to prove. These living expenses in the UK for international students would be smaller than in other areas in the UK. As requested by UK Visa and Immigration, you will need a minimum payment of £ 1,015 per month if you study at colleges outside London.

Housing Charges in the UK

The cost of living in the UK for international students also includes housing charges. You are granted the option to live on-campus by most universities in the UK. These halls of residence are within walking distance of the campus and will help you save on travel. You may opt to live with a roommate or occupy an en-suite bathroom in a private home. Other benefits of on-campus living are that food and utility costs are always included in the cost. This ensures that you are spared from the worries of shopping for food, heating, and paying bills for electricity, gas, and water.

Private housing is the right choice for you if you want to experience freedom in its true sense. There is another aspect that demands your attention: the tax on the council. Fortunately, as a council tax, students would pay only a nominal fee. Therefore, don’t hesitate to call the city authority and ask for reduced rates.

Here are the average living expenses in the UK for international students when it comes to UK student accommodation in cities:-

Average monthly cost of living in the UK for studentsLondonOther Cities
University Residence£ 727 £ 515
Private Housing£ 848 £ 505 
Utility Bills£ 45 £ 40 

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iQ Stephenson House

iQ Stephenson House

Pricing: £73 – £188 /week

St James’ House

living expenses in the UK for international students

Pricing: £189 – £239 /week

iQ Collingwood

iQ Collingwood

Pricing: £125 – £238 /week

Transportation Charges

You would pay the second-largest amount under the category of living costs in England for international students on the cost of transportation. City transport typically provides concessions for students and lowers the average cost of living in the UK for international students. You can start getting a rail card. As taxis are very pricey, hiring cabs will screw up your budget. When flying around or inside towns, we will recommend foreign students use travel cards.

CityAverage Monthly Costs (in £)

Food Prices

Although staying on campus protects you from food costs, the cost of food must be considered by students living in private rentals. You can enjoy dining out once in a while, but the best bet for saving costs is to cook your meals at home. The approximate average prices are as follows for some popular grocery products:

ItemQuantityPrice (in £)
Bread1 pack0.71
Rice1 kg1.51

Entertainment Charges

Certainly, academic life is not just about books, exams, and evaluations.  The cost of living for international students in the UK also includes entertainment charges. You will make a social circle, and you will need money to spend on your leisure time as well. We have some popular ideas and how much it would cost you in the list below, based on when and how you plan to party:

ActivityPrice (in £)
Movie Tickets10.12
Restaurant Table for Two40.46

Mobile and Internet Charges

The next important aspects of living expenses in the UK for international students are mobile and internet prices. The need to be in contact with family and friends is stronger than ever when studying abroad. Foreign students will need to invest in a SIM card with a call and data plan, Wi-Fi, and TV payments, bearing in mind the growing demand for social media. For savings deals and the cheapest suppliers of telecom networks, look out. Before purchasing a Wi-Fi connection, compare the costs.

ActivityPrice (in £)
Prepaid SIM Package10.12
TV + Wifi package50.54
Call Costs0.15-0.46

Miscellaneous Living Expenses for UK Students

And though you narrowly adhere to a schedule, you’ll be shocked to see the amount you’ll spend on the “extra stuff.” Therefore these miscellaneous goods are also important and should be included in the living cost in the UK for international students. 

ItemsOnce Off Cost (in £) 
Household Items30.34


1. What is the monthly cost of living for students in the UK?

The average student cost of living in UK for international students is between £900 and £1300 per month. However, living expenses may vary based on the city, way of life, university, etc. 

2. Is the UK safe for Indian students? 

Yes, it is!  The UK is one of the safest countries for Indian students. Most universities and colleges use private security firms to patrol their campuses. 

3. How much money do you need to live comfortably in the UK as a student?

It is suggested to have a budget of between £10,000 to £15,000 per year for living comfortably in the UK. This includes housing, food, transportation, study materials, and other personal expenses for students. Depending on a person’s circumstances and tastes, this can change.

4. Is living in the UK expensive for Indian students?

Compared to the cost of living in India, living in the UK can be expensive for Indian students. To efficiently manage expenses, it is crucial to take into account variables, including scholarships, opportunities for part-time work, and personal budgeting.

5. What is the salary of a part-time job in the UK?

According to UK talent.com, In the UK, part-time workers make an average of £25,568 per year annually.

6. How much does it cost to live in the UK as an international student?

Students in UK universities, on the other hand, spend around four times as much as their European counterparts, with annual fees at the typical university spending £9,250 for an undergraduate course.

7. Is the UK cheap for international students?

It might be costly to study in the United Kingdom. International students must spend on travel, tuition, textbooks, and housing, not to mention the visa application. Of course, international students living expenditures in the UK might vary based on their lifestyle and where they live.

8. How much does it cost an international student to live in London?

Students should budget £1,100-£1,300 per month with all living expenditures, including housing, travel, food, washing, study fees, and other expenses. This will differ based on your lifestyles and requirements, so do your own study.

9. How much can international students earn in the UK?

The National Minimum Wage for International Students in the UK is £6.15 per hour for those between the ages of 18 and 20. The NMW is £7.70 per hour for people aged 21 and up.

We hope you enjoyed this blog. To know more about related fields, do check out our other blogs.

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average cost of living in uk for international students, cost of living in UK for students, living expenses for uk students

Cost Of Living in UK For International Students 2023 [Latest Info]