A Student’s Guide To How To Get A Job At A Uni

As a student, you may find yourself wondering whether you are in a position to get a part-time job. They are a great way to earn some extra money to finance your uni lifestyle, while also improving your skills and gaining valuable work experience, helping your future applications. Read on to find out how to get a.

Before committing to a job, you will need to ensure that you can still maintain a positive work balance, with time to party and socialise as well as prioritising your degree. Let’s cover some of the most important steps in finding a job at uni! 

A Student’s Guide to Finding a Job While at Uni

How To Get Jobs While At Uni?

As you are at uni to study, you need to find a job that meets your schedule requirements. After receiving your timetable, figure out the possible hours that you could work. Most unis recommend working a maximum of 10 hours a week; however, this is subjective to your degree and what suits you. After working out when you have free time, you can then start searching for the right job! After all, you don’t want to find that you have spent all your time applying to roles that clash entirely with your lectures! This makes it easier to find jobs whilst at uni.

Also, if you are finding how to get a job as a uni student, you should start by looking for a role where you have to commit a lot of your time, take this into account with your schedule. 

If you get through to the interview stage, then congratulations! During this stage, it may be worth discussing with your potential employer your commitments with the university. This will work in your favour later in your employment if you find yourself struggling with deadlines and need to cut back uni hours. Getting jobs while at uni can be difficult, but not impossible. Here’s how you go about doing it. 

How To Find A Student Job At University?

Now that you have decided how many hours you can work, you need to find that perfect job! You may find plenty of other students searching for jobs; however, there are plenty of platforms such as StudentJob that can help you find the perfect job for yourself, by searching for local jobs using your postcode.

A recommendation is to start your uni jobs search ahead of others. If you are thinking about getting a job for the start of the next academic year, then get your job application in early! It is best to apply before freshers’ week to avoid the rush when everyone realises that unfortunately, the maintenance loan may not be able to fund every takeaway evening. 

Most unis also put on job fairs so that students can find local employers. This is a great opportunity to make the most of it, as employers are on the lookout for students like yourself. This means they are looking for young talent and are far more understanding of your uni commitments. Job fairs are also great as you can speak directly to the companies, asking any potential queries before you start your job application. Social media is also the perfect tool when searching for jobs. Tools such as LinkedIn are designed for you to reach out to potential companies, so this is another platform that you can use. 

Still, wondering how to find a job as a student? If you are unable to find a job which suits you, then why not look at volunteering? Volunteering offers plenty of experience and skills to add to your CV and is often fully flexible, as, after all, you are giving up your time to help others. Extracurricular activities are also a fun way to meet new people and are a great addition to your CV, highlighting your character. 

Working Whilst At Uni – What Does It Look Like?

A Student’s Guide to Finding a Job While at Uni

It’s everyone’s dream to land a well-paying job, but to do this, you need to begin from the start. The first step to getting a job is sprucing up your CV to make sure it catches the eyes of recruiters. You can give your CV a few refreshing touches by including your most recent and relevant work experience while highlighting your key skills and abilities. In order to ensure you how to write a CV, it makes sense to ask your most grammatically gifted friend to run their eyes over it before you begin circulating it to local businesses. 

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The moment you are happy with your CV, and the chances of that happening are high if you are working whilst at uni. It’s time to circulate it among the top employers on your list. Walk around the main streets of nearby suburbs, the local shopping centre, or your university campus to personally deliver your CV to companies who are recruiting. In case the hiring manager is busy with work, try and engage them in a brief introductory chat if they have the time. Do not shy away from handing your CV anywhere and everywhere. You never know what opportunities may pop up when you take a chance.   

If your job hunt efforts lead to an interview, make sure you practice your professional conversation skills with a trusted friend or family member. Consider going over the most commonly-asked interview questions to ensure that you will be able to respond in a confident and friendly manner. This is how to find a job as a student.

How To Find A Student Job?

Of course, retail and restaurants are great options for students when finding a part-time job; however, there are plenty of other jobs out there! Here are a few to look out for! 

Campus Jobs

Jobs on campus are obviously a great choice for students. They are made by the students, for the students! This is one of the most popular jobs whilst at uni.

Campus recruiters will work for students all year round, meaning they understand student life and are far more understanding of university deadlines and holidays seasons. Campus jobs are also far from limited. From working at the uni library to one of the many coffee shops, or even as a tour guide. The best part is that in the morning you can be in lectures and go straight to work, making it the perfect job for people who don’t want to travel far. 


When thinking of the best jobs for students, tutoring naturally comes to mind. If you like helping others and have a passion for your university degree, then why not teach it to others? You could either work for yourself or a tutoring company, and either way, your hours will be sufficiently flexible, meaning you can choose where and when you work. Nowadays, tutoring can be done via an online video chat, meaning you can even work from the comfort of your own home! This is how to get a job at uni.

Event Staff 

If you aren’t sure about your university commitments or just want to change up your routine, then temporary event staffing could be the right job for you. There are many agencies in most university areas that look for students to work part-time at events. These agencies provide staff for businesses who need extra help for events, meaning you can then pick which event you would like to help out with. One thing to note, however, is that they are usually zero-hour contracts. 

how to find a job as a student

Work-Study Jobs

Work-Study jobs are components of federal financial aid that are provided by the U.S. Department of Education. These jobs provide undergraduate students and postgraduate students with part-time jobs within the university. This allows students to earn money to help pay off their education loans

Work-Study Jobs are great because they have flexible work hours that allow students to attend their daily class schedules. There are also certain limits to how many hours they can work each week so they’ll have time for studying and school activities. Work-Study jobs are the best jobs for uni students.

So with these tips in mind, happy job searching

Written by Rebecca Hart (Online Marketer at StudentJob UK)

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A Student’s Guide To How To Get A Job At A Uni

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