The Ultimate List of Easiest Countries to Find a Job

Find the list of finest countries to work in abroad!

Working in foreign lands with high standards of living and ease of life along with a good work-life balance is a dream for many. However, this is a dream that is fully attainable as there are many foreign countries to find jobs easily for freshers as well as experienced professionals. Every country may have a different professional area in which there is a dearth of labour, which makes the country open its doors to immigrant workers. The best country for your job may be subjective, but there are a few countries that are almost globally considered to be the best countries to live and work in. We have hand-picked a few of the best countries to work abroad, the easiest countries to get a work visa, and countries having easy job opportunities for you in this list:- 

List of Easiest Countries to Find a Job

Easiest Countries To Find A Job

Across all globally curated lists of the best countries to live and work in, New Zealand always makes it to the top, and for good reasons. It has easy work visa processes, the natives and citizens are warm and welcoming, the job opportunities are higher in number due to low population density, the governance is efficient and the standard of living is higher in general. Currently, nursing, programming, retailers, engineering, etc. are the jobs most in-demand in New Zealand, making it one of the best countries to find jobs easily in.


Australia and New Zealand are neighbouring countries with similar work environments, ethos, and culture, and thus, needless to say, Australia is also an excellent country to live and work in, alongside being one of the best countries to find jobs easily in. The GDP of the country is booming and the economy is developing rapidly. Jobs are aplenty in the media, health, hospitality, and marketing. The locals are friendly and welcoming, with a large percentage of Indians and people from various other nationalities. The typical workday ends before 5 pm, giving you more opportunities to unwind and have a better life experience. 


Canada is one of the most, if not the most preferred and popular countries in the world for immigrant workers, and for good reason. Because of its low population density, it usually always is in need of skilled immigrant workers and thus has a flexible and easy process to give out work visas. It is virtually one of the foremost countries to find jobs easily in. It houses people from all over the world and is thus rich in culture and liberal and free as a nation which gives an individual a lot of personal autonomy. The harsh cold weather may be a drawback, but once you get accustomed to it, it won’t bother you nearly as much. Overall, the ease of working factor here remains very high. You will, without a doubt, find Canada to be a country having easy job opportunities.

The Scandinavian Countries

You cannot make a list of countries with easy job opportunities without listing the Scandinavian countries i.e Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.  In these countries to find jobs easily one must be competent and qualified. These European countries are safe, and liberal and provide a secure, solid working environment apart from their strong educational infrastructure. The healthcare facilities and all other infrastructures are excellent, social security levels are strong and high and the people are reserved yet friendly and welcoming. Jobs come with insurance and security and are available for everyone with skills and expertise. 


Singapore is a happening financial hub and has lots of job opportunities, with one-third of its population being foreigners in various jobs, from labourers to professionals! It is a lively city with hip nightlife and a high standard of living. Though expensive, once you find the right job with good pay you might never want to leave! The job opportunities are especially great for professionals with higher educational qualifications. The prominent jobs are in the technology, business and finance sectors. Singapore is one of the best countries to live & work in.


The process of getting a work permit and work visa in Cambodia is among the simplest across the globe. A long-term business visa, once obtained, can be renewed easily for an indefinite period of time. Cambodia is thus one of the easiest countries to get a work visa in. It is one of the fastest-growing ASEAN countries and has promising job opportunities, a peaceful environment, and friendly citizens. Cambodia is one of the easiest countries to get jobs and work permits.

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Thailand has a low cost of living, clean and pollution-free environments, freer working environments, and a diverse and rich culture. It has promising job opportunities in the fields of software development, digital marketing, business, medicine, and tourism. It is a country having easy job opportunities for promising professionals.


Another European nation, the Netherlands with its high standards of living, good public transportation, and efficient infrastructure facilities makes it on the list of the best countries to work in. Healthcare, tax, managerial jobs, technology, education and IT sectors are some of the areas in which there are promising job offers in this country. It offers comfortable working conditions and a great work-life balance. 


1. Which country is the easiest to find a job in?

Apart from the aforementioned countries, Luxembourg is regarded as one of the best places for students to find work. Obtaining a work visa in Luxembourg is quite simple, and the nation provides a variety of choices ranging from short-term to long-term. Despite its tiny size, Luxembourg has achieved Europe’s highest minimum wage and the lowest unemployment rate for the past 40 years.

2. Which country gives jobs to foreigners easily?

Singapore is another nation that grants Indians simple work visas, regardless of whether they are graduates or self-employed.

3. Which country has the highest demand for jobs?

According to World Rankings, some of the top countries that have the highest job prospects and scored well on their Opportunity Index include Singapore, Hong Kong, the UAE, Australia, and more.

4. Which country pays the highest salary?

Switzerland, Singapore, the USA, and Australia are the top countries that pay good salaries to their employees.

We hope you enjoyed this blog on the best countries to find jobs easily, and the best countries to live and work in abroad. If you are interested to read more, do check out these blogs:- 

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Find the list of finest countries to work in abroad!

The Ultimate List of Easiest Countries to Find a Job

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