A complete list of best student friendly part time jobs in London

part time jobs in London?

There are several ways to make money as a student. Also, with the rising cost of university, it’s no wonder part-time jobs in London for students are the only way to fund the cost of living lavishly (and midnight cheesy chip habits). But these options are not just limited to bar work, waitressing, or babysitting: flexible part-time jobs that pay well could be tutoring, market research, or even completing the most random tasks that people need doing.

Below is a list of some part-time jobs in London that actually pay well and are as flexible as you need them to be.

  1. Brand representatives

Student brand representatives are evolving more and more continuously and can associate the likes of Lucozade, Boohoo, Bumble, and more. Getting prepared to team up with students, who will plan events on campus, giveaways, PR stunts, and several activities within the university grounds. Though competitive, this is a great CV boost as well as fun work experience to set up around your studies. Also, the pay isn’t bad either, it’s around £8 per hour.

  1. Mystery Shopper

Any job that involves shopping isn’t pretty much a dream job? Apps such as MarketForce offer part-time work in the shape of an anonymous restaurant and shop reviews: they’ll allocate you a random shop or restaurant, and you’ll need to buy a certain thing or ask staff a certain question (like ‘What are the ingredients for making this pasta?’ or ‘Do you sell orange juice?’), and report back on your findings. You’ll then be compensated for any money you spent, and receive a shopper payment. Free lunch with a tidy part-time job? Start it right away!

  1. Market Research

Offering you one of the part-time jobs in London that can be done from the sofa in your favorite pajamas. Also, with a hangover. You can’t say anymore that a perfect job doesn’t exist! Students can make money from market research jobs by filling online surveys, offering comments on questionnaires, or undergoing interviews. It can sometimes also involve trying out products and offering honest responses. The hourly pay of this job is mixed depending on how many surveys you do, but actually doing the work couldn’t be easier.

part time jobs in London
  1. Events and Hospitality

One of the most flexible ways to make money on the side of studying can be by associating with events and hospitality agencies that supply staff to different events at any given time. This means you can opt-in or opt-out of particular events such as weddings, sports fixtures, etc depending on your availability, and while it might sometimes mean traveling around your local area a little more, it signifies you can make as much money as you need each month. Wages can vary depending on your level of expertise, but £7.50 an hour seems to be the standard charge.

  1. Part-time Tutor

Working as a part-time tutor is also a great way of making some money while you are at the university. You can share the knowledge and skills you’ve learned with other students. Study Sessions can be scheduled one-on-one or over Skype that suits both your timetables and can cover anything and everything from essay structure to specific topics or modules you may have done already. Also, the pay can be great – depending on what level you’re tutoring at, you can also go through an agency, the pay can be around £50 per hour. 

  1. Delivery Executive

You might ignore the humble delivery driver job initially, but not when you study the food discounts, free petrol, keeping 100% of your tips, and a chance to earn around £16 per hour. If you’ve got a scooter or a bike, you can sign up for part-time, flexible work with the likes of Deliveroo by logging in or logging out of the delivery driver app according to how it suits you without disturbing your work schedule.

  1. Doing random tasks

JobRunners and Airtasker are some online marketplaces and apps that connect local people to get errands & small jobs done. Anyone can enter any task they need doing, it can be scouring the kitchen tiles or stitching up the holes in their clothes and how much they’re willing to pay for it, and people who want to work can reply offering up their skills. This is a superb way to pick up odd jobs as and when they need doing, as and when you need the money. Also, you can barter how much you charge per task.

  1. Babysitting or helping out the elderly

Offer your services at either end of the age spectrum by babysitting or helping out the elderly with responsibilities they are not able to do anymore, it can be carrying the shopping, mowing the lawn, or even helping them how to use their mobile phones. Nannying or babysitting can also give great pay, though it won’t be a constant income unless you’re willing to commit to a certain schedule each week, while helping out the elderly with their tasks may not be as convenient as other flexible hours.

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part time jobs in London?

A complete list of best student friendly part time jobs in London

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