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With expertise earned over 30 years, Downing has cemented its position on the list of the top providers of student accommodation in the United Kingdom. With a presence in the country’s top student cities, it aims to cater to a diverse population of students from the world over. Downing delivers on its motto of “making a home away from home” by ensuring that the meets of students are met and they have a safe, pleasant and enjoyable university experience. 

Downing Student Accommodation Cities

Downing is spread out in eight major across the UK and provides thousands of beds in student accommodation properties in these cities. Some of the top cities in its portfolio are:

Edinburgh – Scotland’s capital is a thriving city with parts of it still stuck in centuries bygone with historical monuments and artefacts peppered throughout the city. A bustling city with stunning scenery, it has huge tourist traffic around the year. The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier University and Heriot-Watt University are some of the age-old prestigious universities in the city. With a diverse student population, Edinburgh houses over 60,000 students with the number increasing with each passing year. It is also culturally vibrant with varied traditions that have stood the test of time. 

With a high influx of students, Downing has New Park Edinburgh situated right in the heart of Edinburgh. Close to major university campuses, flanked by restaurants, shopping arcades, museums, galleries and much more, this student accommodation centre provides an array of shared and studio apartments. 

Cambridge – Home to the legendary University of Cambridge, it is among the most famous cities not only in the UK but also around the world. With a strong flair for British culture, Cambridge boasts exceptional education renowned all over the globe. It is a city that students, tourists and residents alike naturally gravitate towards due to its rich heritage and history and lush greenery year-round. 

In terms of costs in this expensive city, Downing provides affordable student accommodation at The Railyard. This property has a variety of living spaces to meet the needs of a diverse selection of students. From en-suites in shared spaces for students wanting to live with their friends to independent studios for total comfort and privacy. Located in the heart of student living, Downing student accommodation in Cambridge is not only close to the university but also ensures the much-coveted student experience.

Liverpool – Renowned for its maritime history, Liverpool is also home to The Beatles and the famous Royal Albert Dock. It is a city where thriving nightlife converges with a rich history spanning centuries and that makes Liverpool perfect for people with a wide array of interests. 

Downing has three student accommodation properties in the city owing to the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Hope University, and The City of Liverpool College among other reputed educational institutions calling the city home. With economical rates and proximity to the city’s major universities, Downing ensures that students in the city have a pleasant, safe and enjoyable stay while at university in Liverpool. 

London – We usually fall short of words when it comes to describing the essence and expanse of London. A truly global city and a melting pot of cultures from over the globe, it is a dream destination for thousands of students. London boasts some of the best and most prestigious universities in the world including University College London, Imperial College London, University of London and London Metropolitan University to name a few. 

Downing provides three student accommodation facilities in London that personify modern living. They provide a variety of living spaces including en-suites in shared apartments, studios and one and two-bedroom apartments with top-notch facilities, closeness to the city’s major university campuses and in the heart of the world’s top-most metropolises. 

Coventry – A city with a fascinating history, folklore and architecture, Coventry is steadily climbing the ladder to become among the top study destinations in the United Kingdom. The infectious vibe of the city has caused it to become among the top cities to put down roots in the UK. Coventry University and Warwick University have made the city home to over 50,000 students with that number rising every year. 

Downing has City Village in Coventry that provides a range of shared apartments and studio apartments that are just a 15-minute walk away from both university campuses and are located right in the city centre which makes eateries, shopping and other entertainment and leisure hubs just around the corner from the property. 


Downing’s student housing facilities are highly rated on Student Crowd, a site students who are looking for student accommodation visit first. Other websites like Student-It and HallBookers have given Downing’s properties glowing reviews right from their high-standard facilities to their stellar management. 


1. Why choose Downing?

After more than 30 years in the business, Downing promises a student experience that is pleasant and enjoyable like no other. Present in some of the top cities in the United Kingdom, its services and support reach out to students outside of their accommodation too.

2. What cities is Downing in?

You can find Downing in the top bustling university cities in the United Kingdom. From Edinburgh to Liverpool, Coventry to London, they have an extensive reach with regard to student accommodation across the country.

3. What are the top features that Downing provides?

Downing is always praised for the indoor and outdoor facilities it provides for its residents. It has a great range of outdoor and communal spaces at all its properties where residents can relax and mingle among themselves.

4. What are the room types Downing provides?

From en-suites in shared apartments to studios apartments and one and two-bedroom apartments, students can find exactly what they are looking for at Downing. Their living spaces are tailored to meet the requirements of a diverse student population.

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