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Did You Know These Iconic Films And Television Shows Filmed In The UK Cities?

Did You Know These Iconic Films And Television Shows Filmed In The UK Cities?

Let me start the article with a question. Would there be a single person on this planet who wouldn’t have watched at least a few movies in their entire lifetime? I believe the answer would be a big NO. Now that’s how deep-rooted movies and television shows are in our lives. When we need a break from our hectic work, all we do is turn towards Netflix to save us. You may be a person who has watched countless movies but halt for a second. Could you identify some of the scenes in movies that were depicted to be of a location other than where they originally are? Let me shift your attention to such places. This blog has a list of the places in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire where some blockbuster films and telly shows were filmed. Read this blog: ‘Did You Know These Iconic Films And Television Shows Were Filmed At Nottingham And Derbyshire Locations?’ till the end to be truly amazed.

Can you name every one of these iconic films? Let’s check it out. 

Did You Know These Iconic Films And Television Shows Were Filmed At Nottinghamshire Locations?

As mentioned earlier, most of us boast about having watched the best evergreen hit movies but do you remember these iconic films and television shows that were filmed in Nottinghamshire locations

Welbeck Alley

Welbeck Alley

Welbeck Alley is classified as one of the county’s most popular filming locations. Popular movies including Bronson (2008), Macbeth (2015) and Testament of Youth (2014) all had scenes filmed right here. The Abbey also hosted the first series of Bakeoff – The Professionals (2016). Did you know these iconic films and television shows?

Sherwood Forest

This place is home to the unforgettable legendary Robin Hood. Not many movies about the famed outlaw have ever been filmed entirely in Sherwood Forest itself, but scenes from Bronson (2008), starring Tom Hardy, were filmed here. Also, an episode of a popular 1980s TV show called Boon, starring the late Michael Elphick, was also filmed at this exact location. 

Creswell Crags

Located close to the Worksop, this location served as the filming area for scenes from the forthcoming Brigantia. 

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Wollaton Hall

Wollaton Hall

Wollaton Hall was doubled as Wayne Manor in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman movie – The Dark Knight Rises. We all have seen this movie but were you aware of this location where a particular scene was filmed?

This Is England

Shane Meadows cult 2006 film was shot at locations around Nottingham before being relocated to Sheffield for its three follow-up TV series.

Beesthorpe Hall

Beesthorpe Hall is a stately home, located at Caunton, Nottinghamshire. It was once used to film scenes from the popular 1980s TV show Auf Wiedersehen and Pet. 


Nottingham was doubled as Manchester for scenes in the 2007 biopic about Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis. 

Lace Market

Nottingham’s iconic Lace Market area was once used long back to film scenes for popular BBC soap called Eastenders. 

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Lady Bay Bridge

This was a former train bridge, located close to both Notts County and Nottingham Forest football grounds. It was once doubled as a Berlin checkpoint in the closing scenes of the 1982 spy drama named Smiley’s People. This movie starred Sir Alec Guinness.

These were some of the blockbuster films and television shows that were filmed in areas of Nottingham. Did you know these iconic films that have been mentioned so far?

Did You Know These Iconic Films And Television Shows Were Filmed At Derbyshire Locations?

After completing all the locations of Nottinghamshire, it is now time to glance through the locations of Derbyshire. Are you ready to be amazed? Let’s get started. 

Haddon Hall

Haddon Hall, located near Derbyshire, was the principal filming location for the 2019 movie – Mary and the 2018 movie – Queen of Scots.

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Stanage Edge

This place which is located near Hathersage, Kiera Knightly can be seen in a ponderous mood in the most popular and talked-about film. Can you guess the film? Try and recall for a moment. The answer is 2005’s Pride and Prejudice. This movie remains one of the most evergreen movies of all time.

Hardwick Hall

Yet again a hall after talking about Haddon Hall. One interesting fact about these two halls located in Derbyshire is that they were used in the same films that were released in consecutive years. Can you guess the movie names? Yes, we are talking about Mary and the Queen of Scots. Scenes from the 2019 historical drama – Mary and the 2018 film – Queen of Scots, were also filmed at Hardwick Hall.

Derwent Valley

The Derwent Valley is one of the most picturesque places in the whole of Derbyshire. It was used to film the 1955 war epic – The Dambusters and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (2015). Did you know these iconic films and television shows?


The iconic stepping stones at Dovedale are famous worldwide, aren’t they? They were used as a filming location in The Other Boleyn Girl in 2008 and Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood in 2010.


This North Derbyshire town was doubled as Royston Vasey in one of the oldest films – The League of Gentlemen (1960). 

Creswell Crags

Creswell Crags

Creswell Crags is included both in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire because of its location. This prehistoric location will be featured in the forthcoming Brigantia – a new historical mystery that is due for release in the coming year.

Have you seen these iconic movies? We have truly covered too many movies and television shows. Let us know in the comments section below whether you were able to recall or not the exact scenes where these locations were present. 

Thank you for reading this blog – Did you know these iconic films and television shows? If you enjoyed reading this blog then the following blogs may interest you.

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Did You Know These Iconic Films And Television Shows Filmed In The UK Cities?

Did You Know These Iconic Films And Television Shows Filmed In The UK Cities?