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CRM Student formerly Corporate Residential Management Limited, is the largest independent student housing provider in the United Kingdom, with approximately 23,000 beds. From London to Edinburgh, there are numerous student housing options. CRM Student Accommodation has a 15-year reputation for managing assets for corporate, university, and institutional investors.

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Popular Cities With CRM Student Accommodation Options


London is England’s capital and one of the most exciting cities globally. Whether you enjoy bars and pubs, theatres, shopping, culture, or partying until the sun comes up, London has it all. With a student population of 350,000, it’s easy to see why so many students, particularly international students, prefer London. London is a world’s leading city with strengths in the arts, commerce, fashion, finance, healthcare, and media, all of which contribute to its prominence.

CRM Students provides a diverse range of student accommodations in London to suit all budgets. They have a room for you in each of their London properties, whether it’s a cluster flat to share with a group of friends or a studio for that extra privacy. Each property is perfectly located in the most popular areas of London and provides a comfortable environment with a friendly community, making it ideal for all types of students to study and interact socially. All are close to major transportation lines and train stations, making it easy for you to get around London.

1. The Valentine

The Valentine

2. The Cube – Greenwich

The Cube - Greenwich 

3. Westcombe House

Westcombe House 

4. The Cube – Ealing

The Cube - Ealing 

5. Louise House

Louise House

6. Great Court

Great Court 


If you come to “Steel City,” also known as Sheffield, for your university years, you will not be bored. It is also one of the top ten most affordable university towns, so it will not break the bank. Visiting one of the city’s many live music venues or heading to the city centre for some exciting nightlife can be fun. If you do want to spend some money, you can head over to Meadow Hall shopping centre, which has plenty of shops and places to eat.

Sheffield is not the number one destination for nature lovers for no reason. With an abundance of public gardens, England’s greenest city, and the only UK city surrounded by a national park. For even more nature exploration, the Peak District is only a half-hour drive away.

CRM Students provides a diverse range of student housing in Sheffield to suit all budgets. They have a room for you whether you want to share a flat with friends or have your own studio. You will find a friendly community to share your student experience with, as it is perfectly located in the town centre near universities, local shops, and restaurants. 

1. Fusion Sheffield – Cosmos

Fusion Sheffield - Cosmos

2. Electric Press

Electric Press

3. Portobello Point

Portobello Point 


You will find a friendly community to share your student experience with, as it is perfectly located in the town centre near universities, local shops, and restaurants. Find the ideal Leicester student accommodation right now. Leicester is home to two universities, the University of Leicester and De Montfort University, and it’s no surprise that the city welcomes students with open arms. This Midlands city on the banks of the River Soar is one of the UK’s oldest cities, dating back to Roman times. The Leicester Cathedral is also the resting place of King Richard III.

The city is one of the most diverse and multi-cultural in the United Kingdom, making it a hub for many internationally-inspired festivals and events, such as theatre and comedy at the renowned Curve Theatre. The Hindu celebrations of Navratri and Diwali, the festival of lights, take place on Belgrave’s Golden Mile, which must be seen to be believed. CRM Students provides a wide range of affordable student housing in Leicester.



2. Lumis – Leicester

Lumis - Leicester

3. The Zip Building

The Zip Building 

CRM Student Accommodation Reviews

CRM Student accommodation has a 3.1 star on Trustpilot. As a first-year student, this is the best possible place for students to stay. CRM Student student accommodation options are not only at great locations, but they are also very close to buses and train stations, so transportation is never an issue. More importantly, the staff are some of the nicest people; they are always willing to chat and they truly care about the students. The student flats are very nice and worth the money you pay; it has everything you’d need in a lovely quiet part of the city. Students highly recommend CRM for students who plan on studying in the UK. 


1. What do CRM students stand for?

CRM Students was previously known as Corporate Residential Management Limited (CRM), but after a management buy-out in 2004, it became independent and is now the UK’s largest independent student accommodation management brand.

2. How do CRM Students pay for student accommodation?

You can pay with a recurring credit card, a direct debit, or a bank transfer. Cash and checks are not accepted and will be refused if presented on-site. Recurring Card payments can be made at the time of booking, and Direct Debit payments can be made via the student online portal.

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