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Top Universities In Coventry: Best Colleges & Universities In Coventry | UniAcco

Complete Details On The Best Universities In Coventry

Coventry is a charming city in the West Midlands of England located 85 miles away from London. While it’s no surprise to know that London enjoys a greater time in the limelight, universities near Coventry might just surprise you with all its offerings. For instance, you can find the only  automotive design course in the UK here. Oh also, universities near Coventry gets a strong rating from graduate employers, thanks to the strong reputation of its universities as well as the city’s long history of leadership in manufacturing and design. All of this down to the best universities in Coventry, namely Coventry University and the University of Warwick. We’ll take a closer look at these two universities in the remainder of this blog. 

Here’s a quick snapshot of how Coventry Universities ranking fares as per TopUniversity – 

Number of universities ranked by QS2
Highest-ranked institutionUniversity of Warwick (62nd)
Average international feesUS$26,600
Desirability rank77th
Employer Activity rank44th
Affordability rank104th
Student View rank57th

As mentioned earlier, the top public universities in Coventry are Coventry University and the University of Warwick. Their combined student population is around 8.1 percent of the total population of Coventry and international students make up around 42 percent of enrolments, giving it a high score for the student mix indicator in the country (third out of 100 cities).

The Coventry universities ranking by all esteemed annual publication of university rankings will tell you that the best Coventry universities are Coventry University and the University of Warwick. Both these universities offer world-class education along with degrees that are recognised by employers all over the world. 

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Coventry Universities Ranking And Review

Coventry University

Complete Details On The Best Universities In Coventry

Source: Coventry University

Coventry University is the number one university in Coventry, admitting more than 13,000 international and EU students. This university offers students well over 700 programmes, including a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as foundation, top-up and pre-sessional English options. So, if you wish to study literally anything, there’s a good chance that Coventry University will have a course for you. This makes Coventry University one of the best public Coventry universities.


Priory St, Coventry CV1 5FB, United Kingdom

Established – 

1992  – Coventry University (gained university status)

No of Students – 

34,985 (2018/19)

Most Popular Courses – 

Master of Science [M.Sc] Computer Science

Fees – £16,600

Score Requirements –  IELTS of 6.5 overall

Master of Science [M.Sc] Software Development

Fees – £16,600

Score Requirements –  IELTS of 6.5 overall

Master Business Administration

Fees – £17,550

Score Requirements –  IELTS 6.5 if English is not the applicant’s first language

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Student Reviews – 

“Coventry University is undoubtedly one of the best universities in Coventry. This year has been tough for everyone due to the pandemic but apart from that it was excellent. As it’s my first year it will be tough because I am still adapting to the university learning and other facets. However, I thoroughly enjoy the courses and lecturers, and can’t wait to actually be on campus”. 

-A student enrolled in Biomedical Science BSc (Hons) at Coventry University. 

“Overall I have had a great experience at Coventry University. The staff have facilitated and supported my learning well. They are open to feedback on the course at any time and suggestions for future improvements are welcomed. The facilities are more than adequate and reflect that of an industry standard environment. I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing university”.

-A student enrolled in Music Technology BSc (Hons)

University of Warwick

Complete Details On The Best Universities In Coventry

The University of Warwick houses over 9,500 students from 147 nations. The university offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees across 3 faculties of Arts; Science, Engineering & Medicine; Social Sciences, including 33 schools. This is one of the best universities in Coventry and is the most targeted institution by recruiters. The University of Warwick has maintained an impressive international stance as it partners with over 200 leading institutions across 40 countries, to tackle global challenges through collaborative research and provides admissions to a broad range of courses.



Coventry CV4 7AL, United Kingdom

Established – 


No of Students – 

27,278 (2018/19)

Most Popular Courses – 

M.Sc Computer Science

Fees – £28,154

M.Sc Advanced Mechanical Engineering

Fees – £28,154

Executive M.B.A

Fees – £22,746

Student Reviews – 

“The University of Warwick it’s a fantastic place that allowed me to grow both academically and personally! Truly, one of the best universities in Coventry. Also, I was lucky to get the best Coventry student accommodation with friendly staff and a peaceful environment. The location is very convenient as well”. 

-A student at the University of Warwick

“The overall experience is really good. It could have been better if the pandemic and online classes were not there but it’s still amazing. I feel at home in Warwick and the experience of being a part of such a big community is great. Moreover, the cost of living in Coventry is something that really drew me to this city. This is for sure one of the best universities in Coventry and I am glad to be a part of it”. 

-A student enrolled in Marketing and Strategy (MSc)

Some FAQs by students

Is Coventry a good university?

Coventry University is one of the best universities in Coventry as it was ranked 50th nationally in The Times and The Sunday Times University rankings 2020, and 6th across the West Midlands, ranking highly across student surveys, teaching, student experience and graduate prospects, and maintaining our status as a high performing institution.

What is Coventry University known for?

Coventry University is one of the few universities to offer a course dedicated to automotive design. Moreover, being located in such a vibrant and lively city adds to the allure of Coventry University. Coventry has several other theaters and art galleries, and there are a number of large venues in and around the city which are used for both music concerts and major sports events.

What is Coventry University ranking in the world?

As per the latest Guardian University league tables, Coventry is ranked 13th. It is ranked 44th by The Times and Sunday Times University Guide 2019 and 53rd by The Complete University Guide 2020. Internationally, Coventry is ranked within the top 531–540 universities in the world by the 2020 QS World University Rankings.

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Complete Details On The Best Universities In Coventry

Top Universities In Coventry: Best Colleges & Universities In Coventry | UniAcco