Distance from University of Edinburgh
  • 30 mins
  • 16 mins
  • 8 mins

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This student accommodation provides studio and en-suite rooms. Irrespective of your room choice, you can enjoy a Wi-Fi connection, CCTV security and a lounge. There is a 24/7 on-site staff available at the beck and call of students.


The University of Edinburgh is a 13-minute walk away. There is no dearth of eateries in this area with the nearest one The Table, a chic compact casual British restaurant. The nearest train station is York Place which is 20-minutes away on foot and the nearest bus stop is Brunswick Road which is 2-minutes away on foot. The Hospital Group is one of the well-established hospitals in this area being a 13-minute drive away.

Additional amenities offered include residents' lounge, onsite laundry facilities, cycle storage, games room, cinema room, common room and gym.

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Booking Deposit(2021/2022): £100 to confirm your Booking (Adjustable in rent).
Booking Deposit(2020/2021): £250 to confirm your Booking (Refundable at the end of your tenancy).
Installment Plan: Full payment (1.5% discount available), 4 installments.
Guarantor: UK based guarantor, International guarantor
Mode of Payment: Mastercard and Visa debit and credit card and Western Union.

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£160.2 - £238 /week

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