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Brighton strikes a perfect balance between a bustling city and a quaint town with serene spots. Quality student accommodation in Brighton and other student-friendly activities makes Brighton one of the top spots for university seeing a yearly intake of more than 30,000 students each year. Brighton is home to among the most reputable and popular universities in the United Kingdom like the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex among others.

Brighton’s history, fast-paced city life, multi-cultural people, diverse art scene, wonderful community spaces, and beautiful natural scenery make it a delight for students. Situated on the coast, the city is ranked as Trip Advisor’s Traveller’s Choice ‘Top Destinations on the Rise’ and even houses a very special building – The Royal Pavilion, which functioned as an 18th Century Royal Palace.

There are a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable variety of student properties in Brighton owing to the rising student population in the city. Strategically located student houses in Brighton make university, daily amenities, and social activities easily accessible.

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Student Accommodation In Brighton

Birghton Student Accommodation

Brighton is a treasure trove of its sort in terms of architecture, arts, museums, sports, eccentricity, casuals, and not to mention its very own university. From nightfall to dawn, the city is bustling with activity. Brighton is one of England's busiest cities, thanks to the University of Brighton, which is one of the country's greatest universities. There is student accommodation in Brighton for everyone. Whether you choose private ensuite rooms or studio flats, you will find accommodation near your university as per your preference. Usually, students choose off-campus accommodation as it provides them with more feasible and caters to their needs properly. UniAcco has a wide range of student houses in Brighton that serves all your needs.

About Brighton

Brighton is well-known for being a destination where you can always get escape. It's never been the same. It's a city with a bit of a swagger to it. Freethinkers, entrepreneurs, eccentrics, and entertainers call this place home. The city is vibrant, bohemian, and full of creativity. It has 20,000 students, including both local students and international students.

Apart from the captivating beauty, student accommodation in Brighton offers en suite and studio rooms with all the living amenities you require, as well as benefits such as a community gym, social hub with various amenities such as a pool table, piano, and a variety of other social events that take place on a regular basis. The beach and the Lanes are also within walking distance. 

Student Houses in Brighton

The city of Brighton is bustling all day, with varied colours blooming from dusk to dawn. The Vogue Studios, Abacus House, and The Stoneworks are among the city's most popular destinations where students prefer to stay. Student rooms in Brighton are easy to find with UniAcco as we have a wide range of student housing available. You will be presented with options that include flats, studios, ensuites, and more. You can compare from the broad spectrum on our platform based on 80+ parameters and choose the one that fits your preferences. All our accommodation is near prime universities with top-notch amenities. Student flats in Brighton are also available for viewing, so if you choose to come around, get in touch with our expert and they will arrange it for you!

Best Places To Stay In Brighton

Some of the best places to stay in Brighton are definitely iQ Sawmills, Stoneworks, iQ Abacus House, and Hollingbury House. Brighton has a temperate climate, with pleasant summers and frigid winters, as well as frequent gloomy and rainy periods: a beautiful day to roam in Brighton is every day. The Royal Pavilion, St. Nicholas Church, and Brighton Clock Tower are just a few of the attractions worth seeing. It also boasts sandy beaches where you can go on a date with your buddies. There are movie theatres, theatres, and art galleries to see. There are a plethora of cafes and restaurants, such as Caf Coho, Billie's, and Coffeetzer, where you can get anything from a cup of unique coffee to exotic cuisine at a student-friendly cost.

UniAcco offers a broad variety of student lettings in Brighton in the aforementioned locations and beyond. At UniAcco, student accommodation in Brighton has multiple options and amenities that suit your preferences. 

Let’s see some of the most popular student accommodation in Brighton provided by UniAcco: 

iQ Abacus House: Abacus house is a property in Brighton that you might be interested in. It's the ideal match for all of your student accommodation in Brighton needs, and it guarantees a fantastic student experience. Taking a train from Brighton train station, which is just a few minutes away, will get you to the lodging property in about 6 minutes. The University of Sussex or the University of Brighton, Falmer Campus are two of the most well-known universities in the area.

iQ Sawmills: Sawmills is a small student housing property in Brighton that provides rooms and apartments just a short walk from the University of Brighton. Sawmills is one of our smaller accommodations, but it still has a variety of en suite rooms and apartments to choose from. It's great for people who enjoy a close-knit student community, and it's conveniently located near the city centre and local amenities. Bike storage, laundry, and free WiFi are among the amenities available on site.

Hollingbury House: Hollingbury House is an obvious choice for students settling down in Brighton, combining the best in contemporary student living with a fantastic location and top on-site facilities. We also provide the most affordable en-suite rooms in the private Brighton student accommodation sector. Hollingbury House offers a variety of options to suit a variety of budgets, whether you want an en-suite room in a cluster flat or the privacy of a studio.

Cost Of Living In Brighton

According to the University of Sussex, below is a breakdown of living and accommodation costs in Brighton.


  Expense  Monthly Cost (GBP) 
  Off-Campus Accommodation   452
  On-Campus Accommodation   400
  Food (60 meals)     870
  Utilities  200
  Entertainment  85
  Transportation  80
  Groceries  62
  Clothes  38


Brighton Transportation

It is essential to travel when you live in such an exquisite city, a city awash in colour, in order to fully appreciate the city. There's no need to be concerned; the city boasts many railways, numerous bus routes, coach services, and taxis. The majority of the transportation links are connected to the student residences we have in Brighton, ensuring that your stay and travel are hassle-free. The travel rates are also quite reasonable, so make your stay as low-cost as possible.

Bus: In Brighton, the normal bus fare is 2.70 for a single journey.

Railway: A single person's daily train cost is between $15 and $20.

Brighton Attractions

The lockdown is lifting, and the beachfront city of Brighton is reopening. This seaside destination is the place to be if you enjoy shopping for interesting vintage clothes, sipping single-origin coffee, or going to the beach for a group adventure.

  1. Brighton Palace Pier

The pier at Brighton Palace is a hardy old crow. This Grade II-listed pier has stood for well over a century, surviving two world wars, regular storms (one of which nearly destroyed it before it opened in 1899), and millions of annual tourists. Make a pilgrimage to the arcade games, carnival attractions, and chippy vans with the masses.

  1. Undercliff Path

This path runs just outside Brighton Marina, beneath the chalk cliffs that run east of the city until Eastbourne. Cycling from the Palace Pier to Saltdean takes about half an hour. The city-wide BTN BikeShare scheme makes it simple and inexpensive to move around on two wheels in Brighton.

  1. The Lanes

The Lanes, like much of Brighton, exudes character and cool, but they are unquestionably at the forefront. These little alleyways are lined with fantastic independent cafés, record stores, vintage emporiums, bookshops, and art places, all of which are situated in charming sixteenth-century structures. It's a great way to spend a day wandering through this maze of passages.

  1. Vintage Furniture at Era

There are numerous wonderful second-hand furniture stores in Brighton. From mid-century sideboards to elegant armchairs, the men at Era have an eye for the best and nicest pieces. Their Trafalgar Street shop is nirvana for interiors fans, and they can deliver anywhere in the UK.

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