Everything You Need To Know about Blended Learning

what is blended learning

With the advent of technology, the educational environment has drastically changed in the last decade. Students no longer memorise facts and put pen to paper. Today, technology is being used by innovative educators who use both technology-assisted learnings along the face to face interactions to form a hybrid learning system which is called blended learning. 

Before Understanding What Is Blended Learning Approaches, Let Us First See The Key Knowledge On What Is Blended Learning From The Following:

  1. In this form of learning, partially the student has control over the timeline and pace at which they wish to engage with the provided content
  2. A part of the learning process takes place in an instructor-led classroom
  3. Both ways of learning are complementary, they form a truly unified learning environment. 

The Main Aim Of A Hybrid Learning Method Is To Improve The Student Experience. 

Now let us see what hybrid learning means and its various benefits for learners:

  • Blended learning provides you with a flexible learning pattern along with convenience. Learners have the ability to control their schedule, wake up early and study, maintain a systematic timeline and learn remotely. 
  • It gives the learners a more all inclusive understanding of the course material.
  • Social learning is promoted in blended learning. It allows the students to interact with the teacher as well as fellow peers

Here We See What Is Blended Learning In Organizations And How They Benefit From The Same:

  • Blended learning is cost-effective for organizations. The agency no longer spends money on travel, accommodation or face to face training. They no longer print the training material. 
  • Employees can take advantage of virtual sessions for gamification and webinars to engage more with their peers. 
  • Because of its efficiency and cost-effectiveness, this form of learning can give organizations faster and greater returns on investments.
  • It also helps the employer to track exactly who has and has not completed the training. 

Today, many universities are establishing a hybrid learning pattern with specialised blended learning courses. Now you may think, what is a blended course? Let us see some of the degrees that are designed as a hybrid course. 

Blended courses or programs have a fixed number of classes that the student has to attend at their university. They may look like distance education courses but the two are not the same. Blended courses differ from traditional and distance education. These are on-campus classes or attending a company where they can either involve themselves in internships or research works. There are major universities worldwide that offer this type of course. 

Here Is The List Of The Things That Are Included In The Face To Face Learning:

Classrooms, laboratories, lecture halls and other physical environment settings where you work directly with the instructor for better and personalised interaction and learning experience.

Here Is The List Of The Things That Are Included In Online Learning:

The content is available on the internet for you to access whenever you like. A wide range of strategies and tools that make online content interactive and fun to do. Teachers use online tools that make their course material rich and high quality such as:

  • Video captured presentations and talks by professionals and industry experts
  • Groups and rooms to collaborate with your classmates
  • Activities that provide feedback throughout the session
  • Online quizzes to stimulate interest
  • Practical demonstrations
  • And much more 

When asked, what is blended learning? The above two factors combine to create blended learning! This way of learning amplifies the exam successes of a student.

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Here Are The Top 4 Takeaways From Blended Learning:

Convenience: Access your course anytime and anywhere from your mobile, laptops, tablets and PCs. The content is readily available.

Quality: When the best of both worlds combine, the quality of the course is rich and institutes that understand it right provides the perfect learning experience to their learners. 

Formative: A personalized and modified schedule that is flexible for every learner. 

Get an edge: When you use technology regularly, you get an edge over your peers with the tech-savviness and right skill set required in today’s workplaces. 

To be successful in a blended learning environment, one must have access to the computer and internet. You must spend time on activities and course materials that happen both online as well as offline. A right mindset with the correct push to improvise their studying style. Time management is essential to balance the course hours. 

Final Verdict:

Now that you know what is blended learning, you may wonder if this form of learning is effective or not. Well, it is subjective to every individual. We know that it is almost impossible to escape the online world today. Every business and industry is present online and is heavily dependent on the cloud and network-driven technology to collect and churn data/information. It will only make sense to prepare the young graduates for the market and how to participate with the correct knowledge. 

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what is blended learning

Everything You Need To Know about Blended Learning

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