At Home? Here Are Gadgets That You Should Definitely Have!

At Home? Here Are Gadgets That You Should Definitely Have!

No matter how much you like to go out and party, you will spend a considerable amount of time at home. Especially now that social distancing is becoming the new normal! 

To make this time at home as comfortable as possible, here’s a list of the best gadgets for home for students. 

Portable Air Conditioner

Where you live may not be permanent but the changing climate will be! Make sure you get your hands on a cost-efficient yet durable portable air conditioner and purifier. ‘Portable’ because you will change houses. If everything you own goes with you, then why not your air conditioner! A little research will make several portable air conditioners available to you and you can pick as per your need. 

Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

You may or may not be a morning person but you can definitely make your mornings that much brighter with a wake up light alarm. This light alarm creates a simulated sunrise because waking up to dawn is clinically proven to enhance your sleep quality and your overall mood during the day. The light alarm clock even plays the radio, light music or white noise to help you wake up. This is sure to become a highlight in your ‘high-tech gadgets for home’ list!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

At Home? Here Are Gadgets That You Should Definitely Have!

We. Cannot. Stress. This. Enough.

Noise cancelling headphones have the potential to become your best friend throughout your university days. These headphones will come handy no matter where you are – a library that just isn’t as quiet, by the lake when you’re looking to relax or simply at home when your roommate decides to karaoke all night. 

In study, in revision, in relaxation – name the activity and you will realise the importance of a good pair of noise cancelling headphones. Definitely a must-have in useful gadgets for home!

Smart Notebook

Wondering whether you should take notes by typing or writing? Why not both! 

A smart notebook is essentially a reusable notebook with specially digitised pages. It can easily store your notes on a cloud. No more forgetting your notebook in commute and losing a year’s worth of notes. Plus, nature-friendly! Think about all the paper you’ll save while also looking cool!

Personal Coffee Maker

At Home? Here Are Gadgets That You Should Definitely Have!

The relationship between coffee and university is a love story of old!

Whether it is a cuppa for focus and concentration before an exam or your usual go-to in the morning, coffee is essential. Period. 

But all the trips to the local barista can become heavy on your pocket. 

That’s when a personal coffee maker will be your saving grace. An added bonus? A little digging around will help you find a coffee maker with a travel mug included. Win-win!

Portable Hard-Drive

If you sit to hear horror stories of lost data, assignments and classwork, you may lose sleep. There have been endless instances of students losing years’ worth of data because of a crashed or stolen laptop. If you want to keep them safe and sleep at night, a portable hard-drive is your friend. Store all your important documents and data and keep it tucked away safe in our room. This will definitely make the useful-gadgets-for-home list. 

Foldable Keyboard

Living in the future doesn’t mean you need to be reborn!

One of the most high-tech gadgets for home is a foldable keyboard. Your university days come with endless typing. Be it for exams or note-taking! You want to make yourself comfortable then. How about a cool foldable keyboard? Get your hands on one and see how easy your life becomes!

University days are not always as fun. Sometimes they can be stressful but you can make life a little easy with some cool gadgets for your home. Especially now more than anything else!

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At Home? Here Are Gadgets That You Should Definitely Have!

At Home? Here Are Gadgets That You Should Definitely Have!

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