11 Tips For Exam Success Every Student Should Know

Tips For exam Success

Chills…Literal chills! With exams around the corner, the only thing you can feel at the moment is the nervousness creeping into your system and messing around with your head. There’s so much to prepare, probably tonnes of PDFs to devour, and theories to prove, but procrastination seems to be getting the better of us, like always. The question is…how do we fight this out and ‘come out in flying colours’? It’s a mind game, to be honest, and if you master it, you’ve nailed it. As simple as that! To help you ace your exams like a pro, we’ve suggested some tips for exam success that we think will be useful for you. Do give it a read and implement them if you’d like to experience the taste of success!

11 Tips For Exam Success You Should Know

Tips For exam Success

1. Find The Answer To Your Why

Understanding why you’re learning a particular subject gives you a sense of direction. When you open your big fat books and begin to read, but your little distracted mind seems to wander away, ask yourself these following questions:

  • Why am I reading this?
  • What is this subject designed to teach me?
  • How will learning this benefit me now, as well as, in the long run?
  • Will I get a study abroad scholarship if I ace my exams with good grades?

Once you have your answers ready, you won’t be lost. You’ll know your purpose and that should motivate you to get started.

2. Create A Daily Tracker

Now that you have your purpose ready, a daily tracker is what you’ll need to check in with your progress. To make it interesting, you can make it creative, set up reminders (and snoozes), and even set targets that you’d like to achieve. Hint: Breaks and naps are a must!

3. Have You Heard Of The ‘Yet’ Game Yet?

Constantly saying that you’re not good at a particular subject is not going to magically increase your knowledge on the same. Instead, saying “I’m not good at math…yet” implies that you’re throwing a challenge at yourself and that should help you out in trying to figure out what you can do in order to get a hold on the subject.

4. Plan Bs To The Rescue

Feeling a little too overwhelmed with your current plan or schedule? That is precisely why Plan Bs exist. You can execute your Plan B once you understand how you’d like your routine to be and what timings make you most productive.

5. Finish It Now

When preparing for your exam, there’s an “I’ll finish this after 5 minutes” tendency that pops up every now and then. Don’t let that take over you. Finish your task at that particular moment and you won’t have anything left for later.

6. Break Down Those Long Essays

Studying often comes down to big projects: big tests to study for in school or college, big essays, and assignments. So if you’re procrastinating on a big project, you break it down into parts, tiny bits that you read and revise and move ahead. That’ll give an order and structure to your learning process.

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7. Enjoy Your Breaks

Taking breaks is one thing, enjoying them is important. Quality breaks are like a refreshment to your mind. For every long passage that you read/learn, reward yourself with a small break. Be it meme-watching time, or keeping up with an episode from your favourite show, or probably just a nap, make sure you enjoy it well. Do not let your exam stress overshadow enjoyment.

8. Your Study Atmosphere Makes A Difference

If you’re going to be laying on your bed, tucked beneath your cosy blanket, and expect for yourself to complete your portion, it’s not going to happen especially if you’re a distracted sleepy-head. No! Sitting on your sofa with a popcorn box in front of your TV is not a great idea either. What you can do is, you can set up a nice study environment for yourself with study calendars and to-do lists that’ll inspire you to study. Even better, you can definitely make use of music that helps you study.

Tips For exam Success

9. Hydration Sets You On Track

You may wonder how this works but sipping water every now and then works just fine. Make it a habit and keep your water bottle by your study desk so every time your gaze falls on it, you’re reminded to take a sip. You’ll habitually start sipping from it, you’ll be more hydrated, and your performance and concentration will improve. 

10. What’s Your Sleep Schedule Like?

If the only thing you have energy for is TV or playing on your phone, ask yourself whether you’re getting enough sleep! Regular sleep is important for reducing stress, improving your health, and even boosting your memory!

11. Being Familiar Doesn’t Mean You Know

Don’t confuse being familiar with what you’re studying with actually knowing it! Just because something looks familiar when you read it doesn’t mean you can actually reproduce it from memory. So the next time you think you’re familiar with something, give it another read, and then another so that you’re thorough with it.

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Tips For exam Success

11 Tips For Exam Success Every Student Should Know

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