What Is A Rent Guarantor- Why Tenants May Need One

What Is A Rent Guarantor

What is a rent guarantor? The concept is pretty straightforward. It is a person acting as a guarantee that the rent gets paid on time when the tenant is unable to meet their obligations of paying rent. The guarantor holds the same responsibility as the person who is paying the rent. It is essential that everyone understands and acknowledges the terms before signing or committing. Your guarantor can be any person who can help you pay the rent when you are unable to do so, be a friend, parent, or relative. They do not have to be home-owners to be a guarantor. 

The most important thing here is that everyone must be aware of all the terms and conditions because if they are not on the same page then things can get really messy on missed payments.

What Is A Guarantor On A Lease?

Now you may wonder what is a guarantor on a lease? It is no different, a lease guarantor will co-sign an apartment lease in company with the tenant. This guarantees that the payment will be done if the tenant fails to do so. It can be anyone who is legally responsible for paying the rent. 

What Does A Guarantor Need To Provide For Renting?

A guarantor or a co-signer will need to provide more information and has strict requirements as compared to the lease signers. For instance, In New York City, the guarantors must be making at least 80 to 100 times the monthly payment if they wish to sign. Another thing is, wherever you reside, landlords require guarantors or co-signers to have an outstanding credit history that convinces their financial responsibility as well as stability. 

Some landlords will make it pretty clear on what kind of financial guarantee they expect from a lease but if not then read all the legal papers of the lease thoroughly and ask as many questions as you can so that there are no misunderstandings later. 

What Do You Need To Be A Guarantor For Renting?

Co-signers or guarantors are not your casual acquaintances, younger friends, roommates, or flatmates who do not have financial stability and have just started their careers. These are people who are your confidants, like your family member, a really close friend, or probably a really understanding employer with a heart of gold and a great credit score who will guarantee your lease. 

But if your dad asks, “What is a rent guarantor, anyway?” Before signing the papers, make sure you tell him all the details and the kind of commitment he is about to make. Because that is a huge responsibility, you should be sure of it because a lot of times young people in their 20s rent a house then fail to pay the rent.  

These are some of the factors that must be kept in mind apart from the finances before tapping on the role of a guarantor or a co-signer. 

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What Is The Role Of A Guarantor For A Tenant?

A guarantor’s role is pretty clear, they provide you and your landlord with a level of financial reassurance along with security. The role of a guarantor is quite beneficial for the tenant. You have the peace of mind that if you fail to meet the commitment at the end of the month, your guarantor is there to help you and your landlord will not be left empty pocket. 

What Is A Guarantor For A Lease And Do I Need One If I’m Self Employed?

Well, the main job of a guarantor is to be your backbone at the end of the month, but what if you are self-employed with money and wish to do this on your own? 

(Note that being self-employed includes investment or rental properties that you may possess) 

Then you will be asked to provide

  • At least 6 months of bank statements that are in your name
  • At least 1 month of business bank statements
  • If you are in the UK then an SA302 form
  • Your Accountants confirmation of your income

Remember that these are the basic requirements and may differ from place to place and different landlords. 

What Is a Rent Guarantor And How Long Do They Last?

Usually, a guarantee agreement that is signed by all the parties is open-ended, and that the guarantor may be liable after the fixed period of the tenancy. If it is not open-ended then the papers should specify when the guarantor’s liability begins and ends. And if there are any specific changes then the guarantor must be made aware of the same. 

Renting a property is a responsible task for an individual. Whether you have a guarantor or not, it is a commitment that you must take after thinking of all the aspects, especially the financial factors. 


1. Who is eligible for a guarantor?

A financially sound person, frequently a family member or close friend, must agree to assume responsibility for a tenant’s rent payments if they cannot do so. This person is required to qualify as a guarantor.

2. Is a guarantor good?

For those who might not be able to satisfy the rental requirements on their own, a guarantor can be useful since it gives landlords more assurance and raises the possibility that a rental agreement will be successful.

3. Can a guarantor be retired?

A guarantor may retire if they have a reliable source of income or sizable funds to cover any potential financial commitments.

4. What is a rent guarantor?

A person who guarantees rent payments on behalf of a tenant, pledging to pay the rent if the renter cannot do so, is known as a rent guarantor.

5. What are the duties of a guarantor?

A guarantor’s duties often include seeing to it that the rent is paid on time, paying for any unpaid rent or damages that arise in the event that the tenant fails, and abiding by the conditions of the rental agreement as stated in the guarantor agreement.

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What Is A Rent Guarantor

What Is A Rent Guarantor- Why Tenants May Need One

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