How To Find Your Perfect Student Accommodation

How To Find Your Perfect Student Accommodation

Written by Pierre Noronha

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Last updated May 24, 2021

Now comes the last part of your study abroad journey – Student accommodation. By now, you must have selected your university, secured an education loan and applied for a bunch of scholarships. Now it’s time to find your perfect student accommodation. I won’t sugarcoat it. Finding a student accommodation can be a tricky task if you are doing it all on your own. So, let me help you. I’ve listed down some of the main factors that will make your student accommodation the perfect fit for you. Let’s get started! 

Start Searching Early

Remember, you are not the only person looking for student accommodation. Competition for quality accommodation in major student cities can become intense very quickly. You need to start your accommodation search early or else, your ideal properties will be snapped up in a jiffy! Seek the advice of qualified and experienced student accommodation professionals while searching for student accommodation. 

Location Is Key

One of the most important factors in selecting a student accommodation is location. While selecting an accommodation ask yourself these questions – can I walk everywhere? Am I near to both university facilities and the local shops and nightlife? Is public transport easily accessible from here? You might be tempted to take up cheaper student accommodation that is not in a central location. However, when you factor in transport costs, it almost always works out to be more expensive.

Safety Must Be A Priority 

You can live in a magnificent penthouse that has all the luxuries you could ever dream of, but you won’t sleep well at night if you don’t feel safe in your student accommodation. 73% of students claimed that the security of their accommodation was very important to their student experience. Make it a point to ask your accommodation provider about the security systems and whether there will be staff around to make you feel safe. Insist on burglar systems, fire alarms, key fob access system and 24/7 security staff.  

Quality Matters

If you thought that the days of stuffy, old accommodations were behind us, think again. I’m here to tell you that these kinds of properties still exist. Make it a point to check out the property, either in person or virtually. There are a lot of high quality student accommodations that are priced reasonably. Moreover, these properties provide a variety of services like rooms clean ups, laundry services, on-site maintenance and much more.

Staying Connected

The importance of the internet cannot be underestimated. The onset of the pandemic has forced many top universities in the world to shift to online learning. Moreover, most students prefer to study from the comfort of their own room. This is why it is essential that your student accommodation is equipped with a speedy internet connection. 

Communal Facilities Are A Must

Most international students are of the opinion that Communal Facilities are an important part of their student experience. There are quite a number of student accommodations that have  a communal area, a common room, a gym, cinema room, a karaoke room, etc. This is a great way to make new friends. You can also choose to unwind by using these facilities after a hard day at university. 

Think About The Bills

You may come across an advertisement for a student accommodation at £500 a month in London and think you’ve landed the deal of a lifetime. But if you have massive heating, shared water, broadband, electricity, phone and gas usage you will need to cough up a lot more than just £500 a month for your accommodation. Ensure that your accommodation comes with all-inclusive utility bills so that you don’t have to shell out more money for utilities. The cost will be included in your rent itself.


We keep hearing stories of students falling into the trap of entering rental agreements that aren’t legally-binding and that give them no protection if anything goes wrong. Be wary of landlords who rush you into signing bogus contracts. Do not rush into putting pen to paper. Have a good read through all the terms and have someone you trust check it out for you too. If you’re uncomfortable with any of the terms, or have a sense that something isn’t quite right, you should probably go with your gut.


Following all the aforementioned points is crucial if you want to find your perfect accommodation. Fortunately, you have UniAcco that aggregates highly-secure student accommodations that are located within walking distance from top universities in the world. You can seek expert advice from trained property consultants without paying a single penny. You can also find a wide range of rooms and come with all the latest facilities and amenities like WiFi, gyms, study areas, swimming pools, theatres, all-inclusive utility bills and much more. Begin your accommodation search today by calling on 000 800 040 3523 or simply writing an email to

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