11 Brilliant Ways To Get Involved On Campus

11 Brilliant Ways To Get Involved On Campus

College isn’t just about good grades and getting a degree. A college is a place where you actually get a gist of the real world. These precious years should be a holistic experience. I am a student who will be graduating in a few months and having lived my college life in the most memorable way. This is why I think I can help you to a good extent in exploring ways to get involved on campus.

Getting out of your comfort zone and taking up challenging tasks is important. You can think of college as a mock practice of what the next 40-50 years of work-life will be like. So don’t just stay indoors and binge shows on Netflix but thoroughly enjoy college life. Now you may ask, how to get involved on campus? I have listed down various ways which can help you get started. 

Join A Student Organisation (Or Start One)

All the colleges have numerous student-run bodies. The options for you may range from academic, cultural and religious groups to outdoor, climate and environment groups. There are student media, LGBTQ+ communities and improv theatre groups. You may also find clubs for martial arts. On my campus, there was even a Maths Enthusiasts group named ‘Emfinity’. Whether you are a die-hard fan of FRIENDS, Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Harry Potter or Shawshank Redemption, you’re likely to find groups on a few of them if not all. Let’s say if you notice that your likes or passions reside in something different that is not yet represented then you always have the option of starting a body. 


Joining these student bodies has countless perks. They help you connect with new people (of which some are sure to be like-minded), boost your resume and help you learn management skills. Plus if you end up meeting some of your seniors then your college life ahead will go extremely smooth. They can help you out with internal assessments, projects, electives and pretty much everything else. Joining a student organisation is one of the best ways to get involved in college. Make sure you enjoy your experience and don’t overextend yourself by trying to join all of them. 

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Attend Campus Events

For the students. By the students. Campus events are organised by students themselves keeping in mind the likes of other students. Social events such as dances, movie nights, crafting and more, provide safer alternatives to wild college parties. Even here you have the opportunity to network and make a lot of new friends. You might even discover that you would want to be on the organising side and not the audience side. In such cases, you could join the organising committee and keep yourself engaged on the campus. 


You can find details regarding such social events on the social media handles of your websites. So make sure you follow them to stay updated. Attending such events is one of the great ways to get involved on campus.

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Participate In The Student Government / Student Council

Are you inclined towards politics? If yes, the student government body is the place for you. What would be a better place than having a seat at the table where you are the voice of the student community. Being a student leader you will have the opportunity to convey the ground reality and interests of students to the campus faculty and the administration. 

This place allows you to be in a position where you make things happen. It prepares you very well for your future life. This is one of the top-notch ways on how to get involved in college.

Work For The Campus Paper Or Social Media Sites

Another good way on how to get involved on campus is by handling the social media handles of your college. No institution is left untouched by social media. It is more like a need today. You could contact your administration or the admissions team to volunteer for the job. This will not only keep you engaged but also help you understand various other aspects of your college. 

Become A Teaching Assistant 

If socialising isn’t your cup of tea then you could put the knowledge you gain to work. Colleges have lots of laboratories that require lab assistants and teaching assistants. You could nominate yourself for such jobs and meet more students and faculty along the way. Chances are that you may also earn in this way out of all the other ways to get involved on campus.

Try Research

I agree that the primary responsibility as a student is academics. But what if I say that the answer to the question: How to be involved in college, lies in that as well! You could consider diving deep into your major subject itself. Contact your professors for participating in a survey or thesis writing to stay occupied. 

Get An On-Campus Job

If your curriculum allows you to take up a part-time job then you must take advantage of it. You could serve coffee in the union or pancakes at the diner. 

Join A Pre-Professional Organisation

Groups like the Computer Society of India and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers provide activities of interest to students planning on entering a specific profession. You can learn from experts in the field, attend conferences and apply for organisation-specific scholarships.

Be A Part Of Intramural Sports Team 

Intramurals and club sports are a great way to get involved in campus sports. You don’t need to be a varsity athlete – you probably don’t even have to be an athlete at all. Just enjoy your time, make friends and you’ll figure out what’s best for you.

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Serving your campus community often requires you to serve the greater community too. You could volunteer for beach cleanups or for educating the underprivileged. If you are a pet lover you may also volunteer at animal shelters on the campus. Check out your student activities office or volunteer office for opportunities.

Pay Attention To The Mails

There must be a way via which the college communicates with you. Mostly it would be emails. Keep reading all these emails because if you didn’t find a suitable way to get involved on campus above then that’s the place you can find it. 

With that, I have covered all the points. Remember that you may walk into the college as an introvert but may come out of it as an extrovert. That’s how life-changing experience college can be. So step out of your room and socialise as much as you can. Cheers!

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11 Brilliant Ways To Get Involved On Campus

11 Brilliant Ways To Get Involved On Campus

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