A Guide To Get A UK Student Visa From India

UK student visa from india

The UK, as we all know, is one of the most preferred education destinations for international students. Every year, the country is swamped with thousands of students from all over the world. With some of the highest-ranking universities in the world, the UK attracts 600,000 international students. If you’re a prospective student looking forward to studying in the UK, it is advisable to research the entry requirements for foreign students. In this article below, we’ve elaborated on how to get a UK student visa from India, the documents required, what are the fees,  how to apply, and other do’s and don’t’s.

UK Student Visa Requirements For Indian Students

If you are 16 or above and meet the following criteria, you can apply for a UK student visa from India:

  • You must have an offer for a place on a programme by a certified student sponsor 
  • You must have sufficient funds to maintain yourself and pay for your study (the amount will differ depending on your personal lifestyle and circumstances)
  • You should be able to speak, read, write, and understand English – have parental approval if you are 16 or 17, for which you will need proof when you apply

Eligible Courses

In order to get a UK student visa from India, you must receive an unconditional offer from a certified student sponsor to enrol in a course. Once you’ve been accepted onto the programme, your education provider will issue you a reference number (called a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)) to confirm it. Before you can apply for a visa, you must first obtain a CAS.

Courses that you can take –

  • a full-time course leading to a lower-level qualification (RQF level 3, 4, or 5) with at least 15 hours of organised daytime study each week
  • a full-time programme leading to a degree or higher qualification (RQF level 6, 7 or 8)
  • a full-time degree-level or higher (RQF level 6,7, or 8) course that is offered as part of a lengthier term overseas and is equal to a UK higher education programme
  • a part-time study resulting in a higher-level certificate than a bachelor’s degree (RQF level 7 or above)
  • a recognised postgraduate foundation programme for physicians or dentists

Documents Required For The UK Student Visa From India

When applying for a student visa, you must give the following information using the following documents:

  • A valid passport or another kind of travel authorization
  • A course provider’s Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
  • Proof that you have adequate money to sustain yourself and pay for your education – this will depend on your situation.
  • If your course and nationality demand it, you’ll need a valid ATAS certificate.
  • Evidence of your relationship to your parent or guardian if you’re under 18 Your TB test results written approval for your application from your financial sponsor if you’ve received sponsorship for your course tuition and living costs in the past 12 months

UK student visa from India

When To Apply For A UK Student Visa From India?

Whether you are applying from within or outside the UK determines when you may apply for a UK student visa from India –

For International Applicants –

  1. You have six months from the start of your education to apply for a visa.
  2. Within three weeks, you should receive a visa approval.

For students In The UK –

  1. You must apply three months prior to the commencement of your course.
  2. Before your existing visa expires, you must apply. Your new course must commence within 28 days of the expiration of your existing visa.
  3. A decision is typically made within 8 weeks.

When Can You Travel To The UK?

You are advised to arrive ahead of your course commencement. You must take into account the following considerations in order to obtain a UK student visa from India:

  1. If your course is 6 months or less, up to 1 week before; if your course is more than 6 months, up to 1 month before
  2. No matter when your course begins, you must not go to the UK before the commencement date on your visa.

Student Visa Fees For The UK From India

It costs:

  • A student visa application from outside the UK costs £363.
  • From within the UK, it costs £490 to renew or convert to a Student visa.
  • You must pay the visa cost for each additional person travelling with you.
  • Surcharge for healthcare – As part of your application, you’ll also have to pay a healthcare premium. The length of your visa determines the amount you pay.

Do’s & Don’t’s

You can –

  • Study
  • Be employed as a Student Union sabbatical officer
  • You can work part-time or full-time, depending on your studies and whether you work during or outside of term time

You cannot –

  • Seek government perks and pensions or claim public funds
  • Work in specific vocations, such as as a professional athlete or coach, be self-employed or attend an academy or a publicly financed school 
  • If your application is approved, you will be informed of your rights and responsibilities while on a Student visa

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UK student visa from india

A Guide To Get A UK Student Visa From India

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