Factors To Keep In Mind While Shortlisting Universities In The UK

Shortlisting Universities In The UK

Uk hosts millions of international students every year. The reason is quite simple, it is one of the best countries to study in the world. World’s top universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Queen’s, and UCL reside in this country. Shortlisting universities in the UK can be daunting and depending on the course you wish to pursue, there are various factors to keep in mind. To narrow down your options and learn all the aspects in-depth, read on!

1. Learn About The Course Structure

Your course structure will give you details about how things will be taught and assessed. There is a lot of course content like exams, essays, or group projects that you must learn about. Once you learn about the course structure you will have a better understanding of how to manage your time and create a schedule. Some modules in universities are taught and tested differently. Some universities offer placements while some do not offer the same on certain modules. Evaluate everything closely. Because if you don’t, you will be stuck with your decision for a year and two. Try looking for courses that allow you hands-on experience rather than a theory-based programme. This decision will directly or indirectly affect your other factors listed below!

2. Choose Your Preferred Location

Your location matters a lot even though you might not think so. Review your university campus location. See if you like the central or suburbs. Do you wish to study in Glasgow, Wales, Cambridge, London, or other parts of the UK? Consider what a certain city has to offer. Some of them are listed below.

  • Job Opportunities
  • Access to a good student/public library
  • Study environment
  • Social life
  • Cost of living (London is quite expensive)
  • Safety
  • Weather
  • Transportation
  • Industrial Link

By keeping all these factors in mind, choose a location that fits your needs. If you are not much of a big busy city person, then I suggest you choose a suburban area, away from any kind of distraction.

3. Ranking And Reputation | Shortlisting Universities In The UK

A good ranking indicates student satisfaction and teaching quality. The ranking and reputation of the university affect how you will ace in your career ahead. For instance, if you are alumni of Oxford University, the chances of you landing a great job in your home country is high because of the reputation it entails. 

However, this should not be considered as a prime measuring criterion because sometimes you miss out on other factors that may not work out for you. Instead, talk to your friends or alumni of that university and see if it matches with the reputation it displays. Remember, even a top-ranking university may not have the best to offer in your chosen course or programme.


4. Life After Lectures | Shortlisting Universities In The UK

Your time at university is more likely to be at least 3 years or even more, you will have to look beyond lectures to see what there is to offer besides the curriculum. Universities have student societies and other kinds of clubs. See where your interest flourishes. Some universities have a theatre society while some have the best rugby team. Although if a university does not have a club that you want, you can always establish your own and this does not have to be the defining factor. In the end, it all depends on how you prefer it and as per your priorities so look beyond your daily academics and see what you can do in your spare time to increase productivity.  

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5. Ask Questions | Shortlisting Universities In The UK

You can never know everything about a university through online research and course understanding. Keep asking questions, no matter how minimal they seem. Keep asking the college staff, your friends who are studying there, and especially the fresh graduates who will narrate their experiences to you. You must learn how the university operates to feel comfortable there. Also, if possible, go visit the campus once or twice to see around. You can observe everything and ask questions if required. 

6. Learn About Student Accommodation

Your student accommodation is like your home for the next few years. Some are campus-based just like at the University of Nottingham, whereas others are close to the campus and you can commute easily. There are numerous student accommodations all around the country. You must choose one as per your needs, sometimes students like to be in a catered hall rather than a self-catered one. 

Whether you choose a campus-based accommodation or a non-campus one, both have their pros and cons. Campus-based ones feel more like a community whereas non-campus-based accommodations give you freedom. Check it out and which one gives you a more “homely” feeling. 

Final Thoughts

Well, we have gone through some of the logical and essential points in this blog. Making this decision will become a little easy for you. Do your research and get it right. Also, university years are a different kind of experience, make sure you make it wholesome and memorable. Good luck! 

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Shortlisting Universities In The UK

Factors To Keep In Mind While Shortlisting Universities In The UK

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