The Ultimate Student’s Guide To Oxford

Student’s Guide To Oxford

Studying in a world-class university like Oxford can be challenging for which a student’s guide to oxford will help them take this big leap with confidence. And if you are an international student then this is a huge step and much more demanding for you. Oxford holds 45% of international students in their total student body. Whether you are a new undergraduate studying at Oxford University or kickstarting your journey at Oxford School of Drama, you have achieved something outstanding! 

This is a guide to Oxford in a pandemic where you need to know how it will have an impact on your life in Oxford. Well, there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel with the lockdown restrictions steadily easing but with necessary precautions. This is our handy guide that will get you started for an Oxford student life!

The Oxford Student’s Guide

1. The Acclimatization Phase | Guide To Oxford

This is a settling phase, where you might stay in a college dorm or a host family or a rented accommodation. Regardless, we are here to help you settle at your own pace. Start with the space you live in, i.e maybe your room. Decorate it with things that make you feel at home. Head along to the pot plant sale at the Oxford Brookes or buy posters at Oxford Union. There are art stores for artistic minds on Broad Street. Plenty of things that will make you feel comfortable to get you started. Make sure you check with your house rules first.

2. The Student Year 

This is especially a fresher’s guide to Oxford that starts with your student year and also where you are studying. There are three terms at Oxford University with eight weeks each. Trinity in the summer, Hilary in the spring, and Michaelmas in the autumn. Depending on your course, the schedules will change. The place Oxford runs on the University’s system, where you will hear this a lot from people referring to the “8th week” or the “3rd week” at your time here. While you stay there, you will slowly understand what people mean when they invite you on a Wednesday of the 3rd week. 

3. Eating Out and Grocery Shopping

The Oxford students’ life is special no doubt but you also have ample responsibilities to deal with along with your academics. You need to manage your expenses on food and groceries, and being a student of Oxford, you are presented with several student discounts given by local shops and restaurants in the city. There is also a variety of cuisines for international students for example; Chinese restaurants in Headington. This is a student’s guide to oxford that is for everyone, people with special diets also have plenty of options with vegan dishes and gluten-free options around. 


4. Your Daily Commute And Getting Around

Oxford is not a massive city where you will get lost. It is quite easy to find your way around in this historic place. Below I will help you with a quick overview.

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On Foot

Being a small city, no matter where you are living, it is quite easy to walk everywhere you need to go. For students living in Marston or Headington, it is still possible for them to walk to the city centre. Walking will help you understand short routes to lectures and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the city. You can go out and explore the city by walking on your days off. 

On Bike

You will see an armada of cyclists all around the city. It is probably one of the most popular forms of travel and commute, cheap, dependable, and quite efficient. There are a considerable number of bike shops where you can always go and fix if there is an issue. A bike is most preferable as it saves you from being stuck in traffic and you can have your easy way around the city.

On Car 

For a student city guide to Oxford, having a car can be a little challenging in this city as there is limited parking space and that too is quite expensive. Unless you have a friend who is a native and helps you with their visitors permit, it is mostly advisable to use public transport.

On Bus

A form of public transport that is most preferred by students in Oxford. In this student city guide to oxford, it is wise to travel by bus. You can get a smart card and use the buses that run all over the city. Brookes students avail themselves of a Brookes keycard additional to their first-year accommodation, and for the rest of the people, you can purchase one from Oxford Bus Company. If nothing else, then just hop on a bus and pay as you travel! Especially now with the COVID 19 outbreak, most buses accept a contactless payment method. 

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5. The Nightlife | The Oxford Student’s Guide

Oxford might not be very famous for its nightlife but it will be a little unfair to say that the nights are not exciting because Oxford offers you a variety of quality places to have a great night out with your friends. Oxford has a good number of pubs where you can have fun and enjoy live music and open mics. A special student’s guide to oxford where you can even visit some of the museums at night if you like it a little differently. 

Starting university is life-changing, especially in a place like Oxford where there are endless opportunities and experiences. There are countless student societies that you can be a part of, especially this is a freshers guide to Oxford who wishes to see the city and make the best out of their time in this prestigious college. There are societies where people from all cultural backgrounds are welcomed and student unions which you can be a part of. Oxford has special welfare support for students finding it difficult to adjust. 

Remember that this is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, make friends, explore places, study well, get the best experiences so that you must make the most of it. 

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Student’s Guide To Oxford

The Ultimate Student’s Guide To Oxford

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