Student Roost’s Limited-Period Mega Offer

Student Roost’s Limited-Period Mega Offer

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Last updated Feb 17, 2021

Student Roost is an award winning student accommodation management company that has a wide range of PBSAs in the UK. Being one of our trusted accommodation partners, Student Roost is committed to ensuring that students have the most pleasant experience while living abroad. Whether its Liverpool, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Glasgow, Newcastle, Sheffield or Nottingham, you can expect these four things from Student Roost properties – 

  • Great locations
  • Hotel-like amenities 
  • Premium service

As you can probably tell, we’re particularly excited about Student Roost’s offers. These offers are a part of their endeavour to ensure students have a pleasant stay at their properties. Student Roost promises spacious rooms, a great selection of communal amenities, value for money accommodation and flexible tenancy dates. Personal bias aside, we can assure you that the periodic offers run by Student Roost are unbelievable and deserve your attention. 

Don’t believe us? Well, take a look yourself.

Student Roost’s Limited-Period Mega Offer

Student Roost offers students massive discounts up to £350, free early arrival from 1st June 2021 onwards and no deposit requirements! Let’s take a closer look at these limited-time offers.   

Discounts – If you wish to avail this offer, all you need to do is book a Student Roost accommodation via UniAcco and enjoy a massive discount of £150 to £350 off your rent. With these savings, you choose to  save up or indulge in a guilt-free shopping spree! The choice is yours! 

Offer applicable on select properties – St Davids, Mealmarket Exchange, Great Patrick Street, Dobbie’s Point, Capital Gate, Mannequin House, Nottingham Two, The Oaks, and more.

Free Early Arrivals – Most properties ask you to pay extra if you land up at your accommodation sooner than your arrival date. But not Student Roost! In fact, Student Roost is allowing students to check in (at no extra charge) as early as 1st June. This offer gives students ample time to explore their new city, all while not paying a fortune on rent! 

Offer applicable on select properties – Pittodrie Street, Little Patrick Street, Swanston House, The Heights, St Mungo’s, Capital Gate, Newcastle 1, St James’ Point, Hydrogen, Hollis Croft, Snowdon Hall, and more.  

No Deposit Requirements – This is another game changing offer by Student Roost. There is a huge selection of Student Roost properties that do not ask for a deposit from students. Yes, you read that right! You can simply get started with paying monthly rents, and not worry about paying hefty deposits for your student accommodation. 

Student Roost’s Limited-Period Mega Offer

Offer applicable on select properties – Sheffield 3, Vincent Place, CornerHouse, The Railyard, Myrtle Court, Apollo Court, Buchanan View, Tramways, The Towpath, The Old Fire Station and more. 

Do note that these offers are valid only until 26th March, 2021. If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to reach out to our experienced property consultancy team in the UK – +44 808 501 5198 or India – 000 800 040 3523, or simply drop us an email on –

Apart from these awesome offers, you can enjoy the following benefits offered by Student Roost – 

Flexible payments: You can now book a Student Roost accommodation with a flexible payment plan. Say goodbye to paying huge sums upfront, even before you’ve settled into your new student accommodation. UniAcco has made it possible for you to pay your rent in monthly installments.

No need for a UK-based guarantor: Unlike any other property management company, Student Roost does not ask its residents for a UK based guarantor. Your guarantor can be living in any part of the world and this enables you to make monthly rent payments. 

Safe & secure: All the properties of Student Roost are covered by heavy surveillance. So sleep easy, knowing that there is a 24/7 security staff, an electronic key fob entry system and a CCTV security system protecting you and your belongings at all times. 

All-inclusive utility bills: Since living costs are one of the major expenses of a student, it makes sense to capitalize on any deal that minimizes this expense. With Student Roost, all the cost of utilities like electricity, gas, water, etc, is included in your rent. This means no more hidden additional costs! 

Award-winning properties: Student Roost properties have won several awards based on their value for money and amenities. Students can find amazing amenities like a fully-equipped on-site gym, a variety of vending machines, beautiful courtyards and much more at their properties. 

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