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Student FM provides 5-star accommodation in the United Kingdom for students from all over the world. With a presence in major cities, they offer a diverse range of high-end, modern and top-quality student housing properties. Their beautiful apartments are the ideal choice whether you’re an international or domestic student. Renting a Student FM accommodation is the easiest choice and more sophisticated than traditional halls with completely equipped amenities for a superb standard of living.

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Best Cities For Student FM Accommodations!


Preston was named the best place to live in the UK. It offers a number of options, world-class education and lively nightlife for every student who visits the city. With a vibrant student body of more than 32,000, The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) ranks among the top 4% of all universities in the world. With that being said, many students move to this city for higher education. Here is the best property in the city:

  • Warehouse Apartments

Warehouse Apartments is a modern sophisticated accommodation that is ideal for UCLan students, providing everything you could want and everything you need. UCLan is only a few minutes away by foot which makes it the perfect location to live at. You can choose from four, six, or seven-bedroom ensuite apartments or studios; ideal for sharing a living space but having your own private bedroom and study space. These options are divided into standard, premium or studio room types.


Sheffield is a unique, lively, inclusive and sustainable city with a lot to offer individuals who choose to live there, work there, study there or simply visit. For students looking for a gritty northern city with inexpensive lodging options as well as dining, shopping and entertainment, Sheffield is a popular alternative. Below is one of the popular accommodation options to enjoy everything the city has to offer:

  • Aspect 3

Student FM offers Aspect 3 student accommodation in Sheffield’s city centre near The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. With rooms starting at low prices, you can live in luxury and style without breaking the bank or blowing your student loan! The student accommodation in Sheffield includes ensuite, fully furnished and well-equipped apartments with standard and premium options for students who want to live alone, as a couple or in a house with friends.


Manchester is also known as the “original modern metropolis.” This booming, student-friendly northern city stands out from other cities in the UK for its bustling streets. The city is full of young energy, vibrant streets and a diverse population that welcomes people from all over the world. This makes it an excellent option for both students and locals. Here is the most well-known accommodation by Student FM:

  • Q3

There are numerous student housing options in Manchester, so make sure you select the best! Q3 apartments provide the ideal balance of top-quality student living and affordability. Choosing Q3 will give you the coolest luxury living experience in a student-friendly neighbourhood. Q3 provides all-inclusive living options for students studying at The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University or The Royal Northern College of Music.


Chester is a timeless, modern city brimming with popular attractions, 2000 years of history, amazing shopping areas and international cuisines to suit all tastes and prices. Horse racing in Chester is a fantastic experience for everyone. Due to its unique attractions, many students are drawn to the city for their higher education every year. Below is a list of some of the famous student accommodations in Chester:

  • Northgate Point
  • Northgate Studios

Northgate Point and Northgate Studios are the best Chester student housing options. Both accommodations offer luxurious living at reasonable prices. They are conveniently located near Chester University and busy city life. Their modern ambience contributes to the stylish finish, which is very similar to a luxury hotel. However, when such comforts are included, it’s difficult to beat the lifestyle that Northgate accommodations provide.

Newcastle Upon Lyme

Newcastle Upon Lyme is a historic city. It has a mediaeval heritage and thrilling culture with sporting activities in every nook and corner. The city has something to suit every taste, whether you like sports, visiting museums and art galleries, strolling through the well-known Newcastle market or just stopping by your neighbourhood. With its multicultural student population, the city is an excellent opportunity to meet both British and international friends. Here’s the top student accommodation in Newcastle Upon Lyme:

  • The Metropolis

The Metropolis provides a wide range of Newcastle Upon Lyme student rooms, in the form of smart and contemporary studios ideal for students attending Keele University, the University of Staffordshire, or the Royal Stoke University Hospital. Offering everything you could possibly need and want in terms of student housing! Only a few minutes’ walk from the universities!

Student FM Reviews

Student FM options are not only in excellent locations, but they are also close to bus and train stations, so public transport is never an issue for students. More specifically, the staff are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet; they’re always eager to chat and genuinely care about the students. The student apartments are very nice and well worth the money; they have everything you need in a lovely serene part of town. They have been highly recommended by students who plan to study in the United Kingdom.

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