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Pros and Cons Of Private Student Accommodation

Getting set to head off to university is among the most exhilarating experiences in a student’s life. There is so much to plan and do before you take that final step and land at your dream destination that will give you the most memorable experience of a lifetime. While there are a number of things you can get around to executing, most students face a bit of a roadblock when it comes to choosing either private student accommodation or university halls for themselves. After all, the choice you make is going to be your new home, your private corner in a foreign place you can get home to after a gruelling day.

So what is this battle of the accommodations and what can help you make an informed choice? Let us take a look at the pros and cons of private accommodation as opposed to university student halls and discuss them at length to help you get a better idea of what might suit your needs better. 

Pros Of Private Student Accommodation

  • Affordability: The main plus point of picking a private-run student housing facility is that it is much easier on the pocket as compared to university-run student halls. Coupled with all their other benefits, it makes for an inexpensive and convenient package for students staying with them. University-run facilities are known to have hefty rents with way fewer amenities at their properties. 

  • Top Location: Private-run accommodations trump their university-run counterparts with regard to location. There’s no doubt that university housing facilities are just a hop, skip and jump away from your campus but private-run facilities are not only located within close proximity to your university campus but are also a stone’s throw from the city centre. This strategic location makes for an easy commute to any part of the city, easy access to restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, shopping malls and other entertainment and leisure hubs, as well as much-needed amenities in the form of a hospital, pharmacy or mechanic also within easy reach. 

  • Socialising Made Easy: Private student accommodation properties are known to have excellent spaces for socialising among residents which include a number of communal areas with games, a television, and even outdoor and courtyard spaces. This makes for a great place to blow off some steam after a hectic day and even gives residents an opportunity to get to know each other and make friends among themselves. Many private facilities also have a gym which makes it easy for students to get in a workout without having to leave their premises. Many facilities even organise get-togethers and parties to help students mingle with each other. 

  • 24×7 Security: A cause for relief for the majority of the students’ parents, private student housing facilities follow strict protocol when it comes to safety and security. With hands-on and 24×7 available maintenance services and security, students do not have to worry about unsafe premises at any hour of the day or night. Safety does not only apply to security threats but also extends to an approachable staff that students can reach out to in time of need. They are more than helpful and cooperative and strive to make the lives of their residents pleasant and comfortable. 

  • Have A Roommate Or Not: While you can choose to have a roommate or not at a private housing facility, you might not be awarded the same luxury at accommodations on campus. You have to more than often settle for cramped spaces with a person or two sharing your space with you. At private properties, you can choose from a variety of living spaces which include rooms with private or shared spaces based on your needs. 

Cons Of Private Accommodation

  • Miss Out On Campus Life: If you are somebody who loves to be in the eye of things and immerse yourself in the grand university experience, you might be at a disadvantage if you are picking a private-run student accommodation. University life equals events, shows, programmes and much more happening right in the heart of campus. Staying at a private facility will place you away from campus and devoid you of all the fun experiences you could have. So, if you fancy participating in all that university life has to offer, let university student halls be your pick. 

  • Unruly Crowd: The general appeal of choosing a private-run student accommodation is that it gives you quite some leeway when it comes to inviting people, throwing parties and letting loose. While this might pose a superb advantage to many, several students are looking for quiet, clean and cultured quarters in their accommodation. If you are not all that about loud parties and wild crowds, then you might be wise to settle for student accommodation on campus. The latter is very strict when it comes to order and rules at their premises. 

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Pros and Cons Of Private Student Accommodation