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University events for school and college students

student events

Life at university isn’t only about academics, and that’s the best part of being a passionate student. Aside from studies, there are dozens of extracurricular activities, numerous places to visit, refreshing activities and things to do, and, most importantly, a list of events for students to attend while at university. Every day, there is a plethora of student events to select from on university campuses. Students are actively seeking to get more from their university activities and gain new experiences. This might range from mentorship and city tours to life skills like quick lunch ideas for university students or legal guidance.

Must-Attend Student Events In University 

Campus programming courses include lectures, study groups, and career fairs. How can you make university life more fun and exciting? Use these innovative and inclusive ideas to make your student event experience stand out –

student events

#1 Popular ‘How To Adult’ Events 

We all love griping that “adulting is hard” on social media, whether we’re 18 or 38, nearly as much as we love to #humblebrag about things we’re doing for ourselves. Instagram has 2.9 million tags with the hashtag #adulting. If you hear of live workshops where you can acquire life skills such as cooking or budgeting as university students, don’t miss out on them. These student events are a perfect mix of excellent learning opportunities and entertaining activities.

#2 Club-Mashup Events To Break The Ice

There are several student clubs with specific interests. The term “club mashups” refers to the fact that students join groups of two or more to produce “mashup” university club events in which they promote their interests to one another and stage fun hybrid events. These club mashup events help students connect, especially when their shared musical tastes are piqued and they bond through the same musicality.

#3 ‘Get To Know Your City’ Events

Students benefit from city tours of sites and venues, as well as virtual excursions. There are many things to do with these student events like visiting local businesses and marketplaces, thrift shops, supermarkets, sites of interest, famous restaurants, cafés, and clubs. Most of these city tours start with a place in close proximity to the university campus which makes it feasible for students to tour around the city.

#4 Alumni Interaction Student Events

After a period of social isolation, returning to in-person sessions is an ideal moment to meet university graduates who can share their experiences in the “real world.” Don’t simply look to people who have gotten great jobs; look for people who are doing unconventional things with their qualifications, such as startup entrepreneurs, artists, activists, and social-change pioneers. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and expand your network. Alumni can also provide advice on how to make the most of your university experience.

#5 Community-Service Events

Several fundraising and community service activities seek student volunteers who may lend a helping hand to a social cause. It is important for these student events to occur so that people meet in person to promote positive change. You may promote and attend a meaningful community event by visiting such non-profit organisations outside of college. For example, a university sports team could be enthusiastic about forming teams for a charity fun run.

student events

#6 Motivational Tedx Talk Events

The renowned idea-sharing platform in 2009, TEDx began as a campus event at USC. The platform now invites universities to establish their own digitally evolving lecture series. This allows students to acquire their daily dosage of motivation, ensuring a seamless transition to university life. Taking videos to capture such talks makes for strong – and perhaps viral – social media. Creating a live feed of your university TEDx has the potential to even reach a worldwide audience.

#7 Crawl Events

Bar crawls are something we’ve all heard about. A  group boards a bus and travels throughout the city, stopping at small pubs and indulging.  Well, not every “crawl” has to involve drinking! Museum event crawls, garden crawls, market crawls, and even food crawls are all available through a variety of local transportation services. This aids students in better understanding the new city and getting a good idea of the culture while also expanding their network.

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student events

University events for school and college students