40 GAP Year Ideas That Will Look Great On Your Resume

Gap Year Ideas

Written by Aaliya Shaikh

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June 2, 2022

Interactive travel, immersive travel, and seamless travel planning are among the important travel trends of 2022. As a result, now is an excellent time to travel. Travelling around the world has never been easier because of technology and mobile advancements. And, with the ‘travel experience’ being more powerful than anything else this year, you’ll have plenty of tales to share when you return home. Gap years are fantastic for broadening your experiences, gaining confidence, and allowing for personal growth — and, of course, gap year travel gives you an advantage on your resume. So here we present you with GAP year ideas that are unique & trendy!

Here are some places & things you can start with!

GAP Year Ideas

  1. Volunteering Programmes
  2. Teaching English in Non-Native English Speaking Countries
  3. Peace Corps – A 2-year commitment that will transform your life in all aspects.
  4. Workaway
  5. WWOOF – A Working Weekends on Organic Farms; an opportunity that helps you learn new skills. 
  6. Learn Spanish & Social Justice in Central America; a three-month process that will let you work along with the local community projects. 
  7. Live with a host family in Japan & learn their language. Immerse & learn about the beautiful Japanese culture. 
  8. Learn Portuguese while volunteering & living in Brazil.
  9. One of the gap year ideas is to try your hands in conservation projects in Chile. 
  10. Marine Conservation Projects in Thailand are another great gap year idea. 
  11. Working & helping elephants in Namibia because elephant conservation is a great initiative if you are looking for wildlife conservation projects. 
  12. From our favourite gap year ideas in saving the turtles in Costa Rica. 
  13. Become a cool zoo assistant in Malaysia – The famous Melaka Zoo offers gap year internships in Ayer Keroh for someone who loves to work with animals. 
  14. Teach the Buddhist Monks based in Laos; one of the best gap year ideas is working with monks as it affects & improves your language skills. And what a great way to work in an offbeat environment.
  15. Volunteer with beautiful kids in South African towns & neighbourhoods. 
  16. Discover the magic of India by working with locals in cafes & bars.
  17. Learn SCUBA Dive in places like Fiji, Australia, and Mexico. 
  18. Trek and Trail to famous Peru’s Machu Pichhu. 
  19. Learn & teach football coaching in Brazil.
  20. Train as a Boxing Coach in the great city of Africa aka Ghana!
  21. Exploring North America to practice cultural care in the USA is one of the coolest gap year ideas for students. 
  22. Conquer some of the biggest & mightiest mountains like Mount Kilimanjaro, Patagonia, and The American West. 
  23. For a Pacific Discovery, go ahead and get spiritual in the far east of Tibet, Nepal, and Thailand. 
  24. Designed specifically for students who are looking for gap year ideas are the Medical Internships in Romania. 
  25. There are also great Veterinary Internships offered in South Africa where you will come across an interesting mix of animals. 
  26. Roam & learn the archaeology of the Ancient temples in deeper parts of Southeast Asia. 
  27. For the outdoorsy enthusiasts, go and explore while learning farming in the Australian Outback to get a taste of what it is like to be in a traditional Aussie ranch. 
  28. In Southern Chile, you can kayak amongst the mighty & clear glacial waters of Patagonia. 
  29. Visit countries like Argentina & India to contribute to the Women’s Empowerment movements. 
  30. Especially for childcare graduates, go ahead and get an Au Pair gap year on Cruise Ships. 
  31. You can choose to work in the exciting Canadian outdoors and get hospitality training in the Rockies. There are some of the best hotels & resorts you can choose to work in.
  32. For thrillophilia, try base jumping in great Australia. Well to do so you need to have good experience in skydiving (almost 200 skydives under your belt)
  33. Do you enjoy Skiing? Well, then why not become a Ski instructor on the beautiful slopes of Canada. 
  34. Does a Campervan Tour of Australia excite you? Go around the landscapes of this extreme nature-filled continent & have one of the best times. Isn’t it one of the great gap year ideas on the list? 
  35. A European Tour – It will teach you so many things in the gap year. New places, new people, and seeing the most beautiful cities in the world. You can even choose to work on beaches & bars. 
  36. A Foodie Tour in South East Asia sounds so good for people who enjoy and cherish different cuisines and cultures. Here you have Vietnam, China, India, Laos, and Thailand to enjoy the authentic foods & learn dialects along the way!
  37. Thailand is known for its Islands, so why not hop from one island to another and learn surfing and other water sports while you are at it!
  38. Trekking the great Himalayan mountains will be one of the most mind-blowing experiences when you sit and enjoy the “Roof of the world”.
  39. Trek & see the Great Wall of China
  40. Help protect and conserve the Rhinos in Africa. 

We hope this gap year planning guide gave you ample options you can choose from and great gap year ideas that will help you pick & go ahead with your destination! Make sure while learning something new, you have a lot of fun! 

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