List Of Best Music Colleges In London

Music colleges in London

London has become a hub for music, with more than 100 universities and colleges offering degrees in the subject. There are many music colleges in London, and choosing the best college can be tough, but it’s important to do your research! 

Here are some things you should consider when choosing a school: What kind of programmes do they offer? What majors are available? When thinking about these things, keep in mind what subjects you like best and what subjects you think would attract other students as well. Also, consider how flexible your chosen major will be as far as course options go—some schools only offer one or two types of courses while others offer many different ones. You can also check their placement record. An internship or job placement from this school might help you get hired after graduation, so check into that! Here is a little about the best music colleges in London

Royal College Of Music

Founded in 1822, the Royal College of Music is an independent conservatoire (music school) that offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The college is part of the University of London, so it’s a great place to study with access to research facilities and mentors from all over the world, accounting for it to be among the prestigious music colleges in London. 

Its reputation for excellence extends beyond its students; over 50% of recent graduates are employed within six months after graduation thus making this college one of the best music colleges in London. Eliza Rickman who won Britain’s Got Talent, studied at this music college before becoming one of Britain’s top opera singers!

Trinity Laban Conservatoire Of Music And Dance

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance is a music and dance conservatoire based in southeast London, England. It is the UK’s largest specialist music and dance conservatoire and the largest conservatoire in Europe. The college was founded in 1857 as Trinity Hall Institute of Musicians by Charles Villiers Stanford who also founded his own college at University College London (currently known as University College London)

It is a constituent college of the University of Greenwich which provides postgraduate education through its five academic schools: Bachelor of Music degrees; Bachelor programmes & diplomas; Master’s degrees & diplomas (including MScs); Doctoral research programmes.

Guildhall School Of Music And Drama

Music colleges in London

Guildhall School of Music and Drama is a music conservatoire in London, England, and a constituent college of the University of London. The School was founded in 1880 and moved to its current premises in 1915.

The school’s main building is located in The City of London’s Barbican Estate (near Bank junction), with other buildings spread around Shoreditch High Street. It attracts students from all over the world because it offers an excellent range of courses for musicians from beginners to professionals such as conducting, performance practice and composition courses, thus, also making it one of the best music colleges in London. 

The Royal Academy Of Music

The Royal Academy of Music (RAM) is a conservatoire and associated university in London, England. It was founded in 1822 by George Grove, who also founded Trinity College of Music. Its alumni include several notable composers and performers such as Frederick Delius and Sir Edward Elgar (composer), Sir Thomas Beecham (conductor), Ralph Vaughan Williams (composer) and Dame Myra Hess OBE (pianist). In addition to its classical music curriculum, it has an active jazz department which offers classes for students interested in playing this style of music professionally after graduating from the RAM.

The school attracts some 5,000 applicants each year from 100+ countries around the world making it one of the best music colleges in London for studying music performance or composition at any level. The college has undergraduate, postgraduate studies, and master’s courses with full scholarships available for international students. 

London College Of Music, University Of West London

The London College of Music (LCM) was founded in 1887 and offers a wide range of music courses. The LCM has campuses in Ealing and Wembley, plus additional learning centres at both schools. Students can choose from over 40 different degree programmes across all disciplines including performance, composition and education studies.

Westminster Kingsway College

Westminster Kingsway College is a college of further education in central London. The college is regarded as one of the best music colleges in London. It has been rated Good by Ofsted for the last five years running and was also awarded an Excellent grade by the Government agency Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) for student satisfaction survey results published on 21 March 2008. It is one of the largest further education colleges in London, with five stunning centres across Camden and Westminster.

Tech Music School (TMS)

If you’re looking for an affordable music school that offers a wide range of courses, then Tech Music School (TMS) is your best option. TMS is based in central London and has been providing quality training for over 20 years making it one of the best music colleges in London. The school’s mission is to provide students with the tools they need to pursue their musical interests by offering a variety of courses from beginner levels to professional levels.

The staff at TMS are experienced musicians who work hard to ensure that every student receives optimal instruction from the outset. Each lesson includes practical exercises along with lectures on theory and history so that students can learn as much as possible while still having fun!


We hope that you found this guide to the best music colleges in London helpful. The list has some of the most promising options for students looking to get into music education programmes in London. All the mentioned colleges have at least one unique thing in their programmes that makes it attractive for students interested in pursuing careers as musicians or songwriters. 

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Music colleges in London

List Of Best Music Colleges In London

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