Insider’s Guide to Living in sydney as a Student: Tips and Tricks

Everything About Living In Sydney As A Student

Home to over 5.3 million people, Sydney is Australia’s largest city. Sydney is a diverse and multicultural city, that is famous for its iconic landmarks the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, but has a lot more to offer. Sydney remains Australia’s most expensive city to live in, so living in Sydney as a student can be challenging. This is why we recommend planning ahead, setting financial habits and choosing realistic living options will set you up for success.

Where To Live In Sydney As A Student?

When it comes to living in Sydney as a student, UniAcco is one of the leading student accommodation providers in New South Wales, Australia. Here are some of our properties that guarantee a care-free living experience in the bustling city of Sydney – 

1. Macquarie University Village

Macquarie University Village

About Macquarie University Village

Macquarie University Village is a charming student accommodation that provides students with a wide range of fully furnished apartments. Students can choose from 1, 2 and 5-bed apartments that come with a private room, a TV, a wardrobe and a study desk & chair. Students are in for an entertaining stay at Macquarie University Village, as this property has fun amenities like a resident’s lounge, a communal area and a study area. 


122 Culloden Rd, Marsfield NSW 2122, Australia

Room types –

  • 1, 2 and 5-Bed Apartments

Accommodation Amenities – 

A fridge, a laundry room, all-inclusive utility bills, a microwave, WiFi, an electric stove, CCTV security, 24/7 dedicated support, a lounge area, a communal area and a study area.

Price range –

$207 – $452/week

2. Western Sydney University Village Bankstown Campus

Western Sydney University Village Bankstown Campus

About Western Sydney University Village Bankstown Campus

Western Sydney University Village Bankstown Campus is located a fair distance away from the Sydney city centre, but still offers the high-quality living experience associated with UniAcco. Students can expect fully furnished studio rooms and apartments at tantalising prices. There is a 24/7 on-site team that is committed to helping students settle into their new home, in the most seamless way possible.


Building 14/2 Bullecourt Ave, Milperra NSW 2214, Australia

Room types –

  • 3, 4 and 5-Bed Apartments
  • Studio Room
  • Studio Superior Room

Accommodation Amenities – 

All-inclusive utility bills, a laundry room, WiFi, a microwave, a fridge, an electric stove, 24/7 dedicated support, social events, a communal area, a study area, a lounge area and CCTV security.

Price range –

$187 – $340/week

3. Sydney University Village

Sydney University Village

About Sydney University Village

As the name suggests, Sydney University Village is located very close to the University of Sydney. In fact, the University of Sydney is just 2-minutes away from Sydney University Village. Students can find many popular restaurants nearby like Joe Black Cafe and Skittle Lane. What’s more, being located in such an exciting part of Sydney, students have easy access to theatres, pubs, clubs, supermarkets, tourist attractions and much more. 


90 Carillon Ave, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia

Room types –

  • 1, 2, 4 and 5-Bed Apartments
  • Studio Apartment
  • Studio with Kitchenette

Accommodation Amenities – 

A microwave, an eclectic stove, a laundry room, a fridge, all-inclusive utility bills, WiFi, CCTV security, social events, a communal area, a study area, 24/7 dedicated support and a parcel receipt system. 

Price range –

$338 – $612/week

Best Places To Live In Sydney As A Student

It can be daunting to move to a new city for higher studies, particularly when you’re not too familiar with the city and don’t know the best places to live. One of the main reasons that determine where you should be living in Sydney as a student is the cost of accommodation. 

It’s a universal fact that living in the city centre is more expensive than living further away from it. Compared with other university cities, the costs of studying and living in Sydney are relatively high. All of this makes the suburbs of Sydney, which are located far from the city centre, one of the best places to live in Sydney as a student. These areas offer students many affordable living options that still have the charm and lively atmosphere of the city centre. Here are some of the best suburbs in Sydney to live in as a student –

SuburbFamous For
DarlingtonCafes, restaurants and Farmer’s markets.
MarrickvilleIts large Vietnamese and Greek community.
RandwickIts access to some of Australia’s best beaches, including Coogee, Bondi, Clovelly and Bronte.
Homebush/Olympic ParkHosting sporting matches and live concerts. 
WaterlooShopping districts like the East Village Shopping Centre and Danks Street.
ParramattaThe Tropfest film festival that is held every year.

Cost Of Living In Sydney

We’ll break down the cost of living in Sydney into 6 parts – Student accommodation, transport, food and drinks, stationery, health and entertainment. 

Student Accommodation

The average cost of living in Sydney ranges between $665 – $1000 per week. This relates to the cost of living on campus. The cost of living off-campus can turn out to be cheaper, and there’s no better off-campus accommodation provider than UniAcco. UniAcco is the leading cross border student accommodation platform that provides high-quality accommodation near top universities. A studio room in the heart of the Sydney city centre costs around $420/week. Make sure you browse through the UniAcco website to get your hands on similar bargain deals on student accommodation.  


Residents in Sydney usually prefer to travel around by trains, light rail, ferries, and buses. As a student, you may be eligible for travel concessions. On average a student Opal user, that is a Sydney transport payment card, will spend about $1,250 a year travelling 6 days a week compared with $2,000 for an adult.

Food and Drinks

This cost depends entirely on whether you prefer cooking your own meals or eating out. Due to the rising popularity of UberEats and MenuLog, students prefer eating out. However, buying groceries and meal prepping is always considered the most cost-efficient method. Here’s how much eating out at a nice cafe or restaurant will cost you – 

Meal Cost


Considering you will be using a laptop or iPad from home, you will just need to worry about your stationery costs. Kmart and Officeworks will be your best friends for budget-friendly stationery. You can get a range of great notebooks and yearly dairies ranging from $3 – $50 and fancy stationery accessories from $1 – $10.


This covers health insurance, which is essential for every international student. Health insurance covers everything related to doctors’ appointments, hospital costs, emergency, ambulance, and prescription medicine. The lowest cost of minimum cover is $500 for 12 months of singles cover.


This part contains all your expenses related to the gym, watching a movie, taking a trip to the beach, or enjoying a comedy show or a live event. Student movie nights range from $7 – $9, fitness costs such as gym memberships from $15 – $30, and a ticket to a usual comedy show would cost around $50. 

Best Universities in Sydney

Being one of the biggest student cities in Australia, Sydney is home to a number of world-class universities. Students often prefer Sydney as their preferred education destination as this city is vibrant, multicultural and full of beaches! Here are some of the best universities in Sydney you should be studying while living in Sydney as a student based on the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021. 

1. The University of Sydney

Everything About Living In Sydney As A Student

The University of Sydney was founded in 1850, which makes it Australia’s oldest university and is one of the world’s leading teaching and research institutions. It was also one of the first

universities in the world to accept students based on academic merit and open its admissions to women in the same way as it did to men. 

  • Sydney Rank 2021 – 1
  • World University Rank 2021 – 51

2. UNSW Sydney

UNSW Sydney is a premier university in Sydney that focuses on scientific, technological and professional disciplines. This university has nine faculties through which it offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.

  • Sydney Rank 2021 – 2
  • World University Rank 2021 – 67

3. University of Technology Sydney

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is globally renowned for its practice-oriented teaching programmes, focus on high-impact research, and strong partnerships with industry and the professions. This university has approximately 46,000 students, including 33,000 undergraduate and 13,000 postgraduate students.

  • Sydney Rank 2021 – 3
  • World University Rank 2021 – 160

4. Macquarie University

Macquarie University is known for its expertise in areas like business, health and medical sciences. This university offers a wide range of exceptional undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree research degrees that are recognised globally. Macquarie University has a student population of over 40,000 students. 

  • Sydney Rank 2021 – 4
  • World University Rank 2021 – 195 

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Everything About Living In Sydney As A Student

Insider’s Guide to Living in sydney as a Student: Tips and Tricks

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