Living In Perth As A Student

Living In Perth As A Student

Written by Pierre Noronha

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December 21, 2020

Perth, the “world’s sunniest capital”, is located in the sunny state of Western Australia (WA). Living in Perth gives students an authentic Australian experience, owing to its long days of sunshine, spotless blue skies and brilliant white beaches. What’s more, this city has gained global recognition for its record low unemployment rate, booming economy and advanced developments in science and technology.

How Many People Live In Perth?

As of 2020, the population of Perth is 2,042,000, making it Australia’s fourth most populous city. Perth is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia and is home to 4 of the 5 most advantaged suburbs in the country. There are scores of people living in Perth, Australia. It has a long history of ethnic complexity, with an influx of European immigrants from Greece, Italy, Germany and other areas moving here during the early 50’s. It also has a small Jewish community. Perth has a long tradition of welcoming international students. In any given year, Perth attracts over 42,000 student enrolments from over 140 countries. 

The Cost Of Living In Perth |Living In Perth As A Student|

What does the cost of living in Perth, Australia entail? Although Perth offers a lower cost of living compared with other Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne, it’s still recommended you set up your finances to get the best experience out of your time as a student living in Perth. Like any major city in Australia, the cost of living in the city centre is much more expensive than living in the outskirts of the city. This is why off-campus accommodation is much cheaper than on-campus at a university. UniAcco, the leading student accommodation provider in Australia, provides students with fully furnished accommodation at unbeatable prices. The cost will vary depending on the location and room type, but the average weekly cost of living in Perth as a student is around $195 – $500.

Here are some of the best international student accommodation in Perth – 

Murdoch University Village

Room types – 

2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8-Bed Apartments

Accommodation Amenities – 

This international student accommodation in Perth has a laundry room, all-inclusive utility bills, CCTV security, parcel receipt service, a lounge area, a communal area, a study area, 24/7 dedicated support and social events. 

Price range – 

$157 – $410/week

Unilodge at Curtin University, Erica Underwood

Room types – 

6 Bed Apartments

Accommodation Amenities – 

A communal area, 24/7 dedicated service, a garden, specially abled access, electronic key fob entry system, bike storage, a lounge, a games room, a BBQ area, car parking and an on-site gym.

Price range – 

$174 – $226/week

UniLodge at Curtin University – Vickery House

Room types – 

6 and 8 Bed Apartments

Accommodation Amenities – 

All-inclusive utility bills, 24/7 dedicated support, car parking, vending machines, a communal area, a study area, social events, CCTV security, an on-site gym, a BBQ area and bike storage. 

Price range –

$171 – $226/week

The transport system in Perth is a revelation. Not only is the public transport network very well connected, all Central Area Transit (CAT) buses within the Perth, Fremantle and Joondalup zones are free for everyone. For all trips outside of this free zone, international students are entitled to a 40% discount.

Coming to food, budgeting can be tricky. With the rise of MenuLog and UberEats in Perth, it gets difficult to save cash and cook or prepare meals at home. That being said, meal prepping is the most cost-efficient method. By cooking your own meals, you can expect to spend $2 a day for breakfast, $5 a day for lunch and $11 a day for dinner. If you choose to eat out, be ready to reach deep into your pockets as it costs around $15 for breakfast, $18 for lunch and $30 per meal at dinner. 

Entertainment is another expense you will want to factor in while you are in Perth. Your options include watching a movie, going to the gym, taking a trip to the beach or enjoying a comedy show. Here are some typical entertainment options – 

  • Movies (student night): $7 – $9
  • Fitness: $15 – $30
  • Shows (comedy, plays etc): $50 

If you’re an international student in search of student accommodation, all you have to do is fill the form in this blog.

What Is It Like To Live In Perth, Australia | Living In Perth As A Student

Perth was ranked the world’s fourth “most liveable city” by The Economist and one of the world’s “top ten future cities” by Lonely Planet. Here are some of the reasons why students choose Perth as their preferred study destination –

World-Class Education 

All your education qualifications that you receive in Perth are recognised globally. Perth is home to five world-class universities that provide quality assured education with flexible study pathways. These universities are –

  • The University of Western Australia
  • Curtin University
  • Murdoch University
  • University of Notre Dame
  • Edith Cowan University

If you are looking for safe and reliable education loans to Australia, head over to UniCreds today.

Unbelievable Lifestyle 

The great thing about living in Perth is that it offers one of the highest standards of living in the world, and yet, is more affordable than many other study destinations. Moreover, the Mediterranean climate, less crowded population and less traffic congestion have resulted in perfect blue skies and a pollution-free environment make it the perfect place to kickstart your overseas education. International students receive a 40% discount on all public transport and buses within Perth’s city centre are free for everyone. 

An Environment Conducive To Innovation

The State’s five universities are at the forefront of science and technology, which makes it the perfect place for aspiring scientists. By living in Perth, you get an opportunity to work on life-changing projects such as the development of new vaccines, clean water production and ways to combat climate change.

Most Multicultural State In Australia

Perth is truly a melting pot of culture, with students coming in from more than 200 different countries. More than 170 languages are spoken and more than 100 religions are practised, so no matter where you’re from, you’ll always feel at home here in Perth. Many nationalities have formed cultural groups for local and international members to socialise and connect with other people with similar interests and backgrounds.

Plenty Of Part-Time Opportunities 

As a student, you’ll always want a little extra cash. Perth is just the place for this as there are opportunities to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week. This allows you to earn some spending money and become an active member of the community. There are many jobs available in areas of administration, communications, hospitality, house-keeping, retail and tourism. If extra cash is not a concern, you can volunteer at one of Perth’s numerous charitable organisations or community programs.

The Natural Beauty Of Perth

Perth is a city to see and experience the breathtaking natural environment of WA. With over 12,500 kilometres of pristine coastline and vast diverse landscapes, there is an adventure for everyone. There’s no shortage of things to do as a student living in Perth. You can swim with dolphins at Monkey Mia, surf the waves at Margaret River, dive with the largest fish in the world (the whale shark) at Ningaloo Reef, trek the 350-million-year-old Bungle Bungle range, try your luck at finding gold in Kalgoorlie, climb the towering Karri forests of the South West… the list goes on!

Best Places To Live In Perth

Perth is known for being smaller and more isolated than other major Australian cities. But what it lacks in size and accessibility, it more than makes up for in liveability, friendly people and unbeatable value. Finding an accommodation in Perth that meets the paper-thin budgets of students can be a challenge, which is why suburbs are one of the best places to live in Perth. East Perth was named the most lifestyle-friendly suburb not only in Perth, but all of Western Australia. This is thanks to its close proximity to the city, waterfront dining scene and impressive position on the Swan River. Here are the top 10 suburbs that are the best places to live in Perth – 

Churchlands –Close proximity to the beach, wide streets and great public transport.
Dalkeith –Big homes, impressive architecture and stunning views of the Swan River.
Salter Point –Quiet streets and cleanliness.
Shelley –Surrounded by playgrounds and parklands.
Attadale –Perfect for families. 
Floreat –A perfect blend of old and new homes with abundant parkland and access to nature.
Rossmoyne –Balanced lifestyle and focus on fitness.
Swanbourne –Beach lifestyle and golf course.
Menora –Local Jewish community and nearby beautiful parkland.
Mount Claremont –

Regular farmer’s market, parks and spacious homes.

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