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Cost of Living in Perth for Students [Updated 2023]

Cost of Living in Perth for Students

Perth has outstanding hubs for shopping and recreation, libraries, beaches, nature parks, festivals, and activities. Perth offers you plenty of chances to mix studying with your beloved hobbies with more sunlight than any other Australian capital. A significant part of making the best of your time in Perth is organizing your budget and finances. What is the cost of living in Perth Australia? Depending on your personal preferences, student accommodation in Perth & budget, your living costs in Australia can vary. Overall, living in Perth as an international student can be a great experience, with a good balance of academic opportunities, diverse cultures, and a relaxed lifestyle.

What Is The Cost Of Living In Perth For Students For Students?

Perth has a variety of high-reputed universities and higher education institutions, which provides international students with plenty of opportunities to meet other students from around the world. The average cost of living in Perth is relatively lower compared to other major Australian cities ranging from AU$ 1,485 to AU$ 1,773 per month, and the weather is generally sunny and warm. Take a look at the monthly breakdown of the various living expenses students encounter when in the city –

ParticularsExpenses (Per Month)
Off-Campus AccommodationAU$ 352
On-Campus AccommodationAU$ 640
TransportationAU$ 168
FoodAU$ 696
UtilitiesAU$ 147
EntertainmentAU$ 66
GroceriesAU$ 147
ClothesAU$ 77
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus AccommodationAU$ 1,485
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus AccommodationAU$ 1,773

* All costs provided above are based on an approximate estimation.
** Insurance charges may differ and are subject to changes.

Prices For Renting Properties

It would cost around AUD $1,000 a month on average to rent a one-bedroom in Perth, outside the city centre. You will pay AUD $1,900 a month for an equivalent apartment in Sydney, and AUD $1,500 a month in Melbourne, where rental rates are 40 per cent higher than in Perth on average. A perfect way to save money is to live with other students or friends you meet in Perth in a shared home. Costs can be as low as $350 a month based on where you live and how many people you share with. Many foreign students chose to stay on campus in the first year of their college. 

Essential Services Prices

You will need to weigh the cost of services, such as petrol, water, and power, whether you plan to live off-campus or in private/shared housing. However, to cover the expense of these services every week, it is advised that one should budget between AUD $ 35 to AUD $ 140. While Western Australia only has one state-owned energy supplier (Synergy) and one state-owned water supplier (Water Corporation), with companies like AGL, Alinta, Kleenheat, and Origin open, you can shop around for your gas to get the best possible deal. You can expect to spend less if you share these expenses with other homeowners, as opposed to living alone.

Fooding Charges

In Perth, there are four major retail chains: Aldi, Coles, IGA, and Woolworths. You’re never far from a supermarket, with both vendors providing several outlets across the metro area. Universities, normally, are located in areas near supermarkets, So sourcing items should not be that difficult for you. However, it should be appropriate for budgeting for food purchases of around AUD $80 to $120 a week. Here’s an idea of the average price of some popular supermarket goods.

Milk (1L)1.58
Loaf of White Bread2.81
Rice (1kg)3.09
A Dozen of Eggs 4.09
Apples (1kg)4.05

Mobile & Internet Charges

Mobile and Internet charges are a major part Cost Of Living In Perth. It’s nice to stay in touch with family and friends back home with a sim card that can make phone calls and use personal Wi-Fi. For phone and internet prices, it is advised that the budget is from AUD $20 and $55 a week. To get the cheapest deal, you can select from several different telecommunications and internet networks, including Optus, Telstra, and Vodafone for mobile sim cards, and iiNet, TPG, and Dodo for the internet. Know that you can greatly save on broadband charges by opting to live in a communal house and sharing bills.

Transportation Costs

In order to get you across Perth, there are several different mobility options available, including private vehicles, motorcycles, taxis, rideshares like Uber and Ola, and of course, public transport. Perth has a vast network of public transport, supplied by the state-owned Transperth. Some companies that facilitate student exchange programs even have a bus port of their own, which is quite close to the train station. Plus, you get 40 per cent off all public transit around the state as an international student! For an approximate amount, you should keep around AUD $15 to $55 aside for a week for your travel expenses.

Some Additional Information

The Australian Government offers useful tips on handling your savings, including advice for the cost of living in Perth on a student budget. It costs about AUD $500 a week, given all of the aforementioned costs, and entertainment costs such as going to the cinema or out to dinner as an occasional treat (excluding tuition fees and car expenses). 

Perth may be the cheapest city to live and study in Australia – but it’s not just about prices. Perth is a vibrant community with much to sell, including lovely beaches, shopping centres, and lively nightlife. Plus, Perth is listed in the world’s top 15 most livable cities. So why not take advantage of a decent standard of living and a beautiful lifestyle for students?


1. It expensive to live in Perth?

apartment, the estimated monthly expenses are around $220.79 (inclusive of electricity bills, water, etc)

2. How much does it cost to live in Perth for a month?

The monthly cost of living in Australia for one person is $2,835.

3. Is food expensive in Perth?

Wanting to eat out will cost you significantly more, with the following average meal prices in Perth: Breakfast costs $18. Lunch costs $18. Dinner costs $30 per person.

4. How much does it cost to rent a house in Perth?

As per a report from the property research firm CoreLogic, the average rent in Australia is currently $476 per week. It costs $492 per week in capital cities and $441 in regional areas.

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Cost of Living in Perth for Students

Cost of Living in Perth for Students [Updated 2023]