The Essential Guide On How To Plan A Glasgow Road Trip

Road trip Glasgow

Are you also a person who loves traveling? Cheers, we already have a lot in common. Leaving behind all the stress of work and setting out to explore new places is amazing, isn’t it? I can totally relate. Irrespective of whether you are a student or a tourist in the UK, a fellow traveler is here to help you out. Whether you have finalized your destination as Glasgow or still searching for the perfect one, the hunt ends here. Let me walk you through the answers to ‘How to Plan a Glasgow Road Trip.

The experience of a road trip is surely unparalleled. Packing our bags, hitting the roads, vibing to our favorite playlists, relishing the absolutely aesthetic nature’s view and finally spending some quality time really far away from the hustle and bustle of the city is an absolutely unmatched treat. After all, the road trip is the only way to get an authentic real taste of British life. 

Why Choose Glasgow As The Destination? Interesting Facts About Glasgow 

  • It is the largest and most populous city in Scotland.
  • Victoria Park features trees that are more than 330 million years old. (Older than the dinosaurs! That’s right, you read that correctly.)
  • The First International Match took place right here. Thus, this is a must-visit for all the Football fans out there. 
  • Glasgow is the real ‘City of Love’ (That’s right, not Paris as would have occurred to you at the first instant)
  • It is home to the 3rd oldest underground railway system.

Lastly, it is the fifth most visited city in the UK. Whether you are an admirer of art, architecture, culture and landscapes or a dining in Glasgow and booze enthusiast. Glasgow has something for everyone. So let’s systematically jot down the answers to – How to Plan a Glasgow Road Trip.

When To Visit The City?

There isn’t any particular time which is apt for visiting the city. No matter when you knock on the door of this city, there is a lively cultural celebration awaiting you. Cafes, museums and shopping options are open round the year. Thus, enabling you to visit the beautiful city at your convenience. However, the weather here is unpredictable. 

road trip

What To Take On The Glasgow Road Trip? | How To Plan A Trip Across Glasgow

To help you begin your packing I have briefly mentioned the key areas. These are the general ones that will be valid for everyone:

  • Clothes 
  • Medical Requirements
  • Packed foods that can last long
  • Electronic equipment (Everything from a mobile, charger to DSLRs)
  • First-Aid 

Miscellaneous items include toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, cosmetics, sunglasses and other daily necessities. Not to forget the most important is your high spirit! 

The Ultimate Checklist | Glasgow Road Trip Planner

Continuing with our blog – How to Plan a Glasgow Road Trip, we have compiled a list of the most crucial aspects. 

  1. Deciding The Duration

If you are someone who is into museums and historic aspects then just a day is enough. You can easily glance at the main buildings and get an overview of the city. On the other hand, if you plan to explore the most then 2-3 days would be sufficient.

Bonus Tip: As opposed to the popular city Edinburgh, the sites here are way apart and hence would take longer than you may anticipate.

  1. Choose Your Route Beforehand 

Carefully planning the route is critical to a successful road trip. Do thorough research and decide whether you wish to measure the countryside roads or the interstate highway. Both of them come with their own perks.

  1. Recheck The Condition Of Your Vehicle

Rental cars will be the best option if you are a visitor in the country. However, one could also tour in their own vehicle. The crucial fact here is to check the condition of the car before the onset. Get a mechanic to change the oils and get all the lights working. The best-suited vehicles are minivans, convertibles and crossover SUVs. A vehicle that fetches great gas mileage would go easy on your pocket.

  1. Accommodation

It is generally advised that you book hotels along the way. That way you have the freedom to allocate time as per your likings and interests. Say you want to spend more time at the Glasgow Cathedral, then you choose to stay nearby. Check out the perfect rooms at reasonable prices at UniAcco.

Which Places To Visit? | How To Plan A Trip Across The Glasgow

While there remain several unexplored places in this city of Scotland, the most important ones of Glasgow are listed below. Ensure that you en route them in your road map. 

  • The Glasgow Cathedral Area – St. Mungo’s

Dive in deep into the religious art and life here. Also, do visit the lower church!

  • People’s Palace  and Glasgow Green 

If you are tired of the architecture and museum then this is the place to be at. The greenery present is a feast for the eyes. 

  • The Modern Architecture of Glasgow Riverside

For all the admirers of modern art, this place is heaven. A drive or stroll along the river is bound to leave you mesmerized.

  • Kelvingrove and Glasgow University

Again the architecture here is jaw-dropping. Its location on the top of a hill provides a much-needed scenic view.

Bonus Tip: Keep an eye out for the street art. They are found easily all across Glasgow city. 

We hope we are making it easier for you to fetch answers for – How to Plan a Glasgow Road Trip. 

What Other Places Can Be Visited In The Vicinity? | Glasgow Trip Planner

Glasgow is well connected to the rest of the city. You can easily drive to the following place whilst returning. 

  • St Andrew’s – 
  • Edinburgh
  • The Kelpies

There you go! All set with the information pertaining to How to Plan a Glasgow Road Trip.

Now, there’s just one more thing you should pay attention to. Driving is itself the most rejoicing part of the road trip. Drive at moderate speed and soak in everything you see around. The UK norms are especially strict about speeding. Comply with the laws and ensure the safety of yourself and your dear ones while hitting the road. Hope you have an amazing trip!

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Road trip Glasgow

The Essential Guide On How To Plan A Glasgow Road Trip

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