5 Reasons Why UniAcco Dominates Student Accommodation UK

UniAcco dominates student accommodation UK

There are several student accommodation platforms available in the UK but UniAcco is one of the dominant and fastest-growing student accommodation platforms amongst all of them. No wonder, there are several reasons because of which UniAcco has emerged as a reliable brand name in the field of premium student housing. UniAcco firmly banks on its modern and innovative measures and top technology-enabled service which ensures that students are provided with the best possible accommodation in the fastest and most importantly, in a hassle-free way.

5 reasons why UniAcco dominates the student accommodation space in the UK:

UniAcco dominates student accommodation UK

1. 24/7 Available Virtual Assistant

The UniAcco website is driven by a 24/7 available virtual assistant that is efficient to handle and solve all your student accommodation inquiries at any point of the day or night. You will find the virtual assistant on the right-hand side of the UniAcco homepage. What you need to do is just fill in your basic information and be ready to throw your queries. It will take seconds to get your queries solved and all doubts related to student accommodation get cleared.

Notwithstanding, if your question seems too complicated to be answered by our virtual assistant. You will receive a call from one of UniAcco’s professional property consultants in the next 24 hours who will clear all your queries related to student accommodation and will provide you with the best possible solutions.

2. Calculate and Compare

Another outstanding service provided is UniAcco’s Rent Calculator. The rent calculator can predict the amount of rent you can afford to pay depending on how much is your revenue and expenditure. With the help of this, an informed decision can be made regarding the city you prefer to study in.

Coming to the Compare product, with the help of our compare product students have the freedom to compare the available properties on the basis of different room types, amenities included, locality of the property, the distance of the property from the university, and several other perks and benefits. Now that you can analyze your accommodation in a much faster and efficient way, isn’t your life much easier?

3. Extensive Reach

You would be surprised to know that 99% of the student accommodation supply in the UK is listed on our website. Is there any reason why you would want to check any other student accommodation platform? We are no less than a one-stop-shop. You get to explore almost all the student accommodation available in the UK on a single platform, that too with the help of a user-friendly website. You can choose the accommodation according to your demands and requirements. You can compare the rates of all the student accommodation available in the UK on the UniAcco website and then go forward with the most suitable one.

4. Personalized Experience

We provide a personalized experience to all the students associated with UniAcco student accommodation. This way, all your needs are met, exactly how you want and there’s no chance that any of our students need to compromise or adjust on what he or she wants. As a consumer, you would want the best service from UniAcco and as the best Student housing accommodation platform, we wish to provide you with nothing less than everything that you need. Even if you are planning for a month to shift in a particular city or if it’s a last minute requirement, we have got everything covered.

5. Wide-ranging Blogs

UniAcco provides a huge number of really informative blogs on every aspect of student life. Starting from life hacks to entertainment, student housing, and academics. You just need to browse the UniAcco blogs section and you’ll find excellent blogs written covering all the topics related to student life. You can also get all the information regarding the cost of living in different cities in the UK and the best properties available in those cities. Just tell us a topic and the blog is ready for you. 

We aim to serve our consumers by providing the best of services and aspire to be with the student at every step of choosing an accommodation and delivering a smooth, uncomplicated and hassle-free experience.

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UniAcco dominates student accommodation UK

5 Reasons Why UniAcco Dominates Student Accommodation UK

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