Case Study – From The Streets To A Comfy Student Accommodation

UniAcco, the most preferred accommodation platform among students, has so far assisted more than 20,000 students in finding their ideal student accommodation in the UK. Our innovative tools and data-driven approach to helping students identify and secure their accommodation has led us to win the coveted title of Best Cross-Border Student Housing Provider 2020 at the 4th annual Greater London Enterprise Awards, hosted by SME News. In order to show the world that UniAcco not only talks the talk but also walks the walk, we’ve started a new blog series called “UniAcco Case Studies”. In the UniAcco Case Studies, we dissect the most interesting and oftentimes, challenging cases that are dealt with by our experienced accommodation consultants. Here’s presenting to you our 5th ever UniAcco Case Study – “From The Streets To A Comfy Student Accommodation”


The particular case was handled by one of our newest additions to our property consulting team, Ria. During the course of this case study, you will notice how Ria truly imbibed the caring and nurturing values of UniAcco into her work by providing her student with the best possible student accommodation. 

Case Scenario

The student who was looking for accommodation on UniAcco was homeless. She used to fend for herself by sleeping on her friend’s couch and never really had a permanent accommodation. She knew this wasn’t going to work well for her in the long term and sought immediate assistance in finding a quality student accommodation from UniAcco.


The student came to Ria with 3 pressing problems – 

  • She wanted to move into a student accommodation as soon as possible.
  • She required a student accommodation that allowed her to live with her partner.
  • She did not have a guarantor as she was homeless.


When the student inquired about potential student housing in Glasgow, Ria got straight to work and promptly suggested the most suitable student accommodations next to her university. The student was impressed with the array of accommodations that met her criteria (read: 3 pressing problems).  

By this time, the student was thoroughly impressed by Ria’s efficiency and attention to detail. The student was ready to sign the dotted line, only for one last stumbling block to present itself at the last moment. There was a social worker who was looking after the welfare of the student. Being the guardian of the student, he automatically became the guarantor of the student. But the unfortunate part is that the social worker did not always look after the best interests of his student and showed ignorance towards the urgency of the situation. He said that he wasn’t convinced by the deal UniAcco offered the student and was ready to walk away from the deal. But Ria immediately stepped in and reassured him about the authenticity of UniAcco. She went on to show him all the wonderful testimonials written by students who’ve already booked with us. Ria’s candour and quick-thinking seemed to have worked as the social worker was now ready to take the deal ahead, much to the delight of the student! 

Ria even managed to secure an early check-in for her student, which was greatly appreciated by the student. So much so, that she even recommended UniAcco to a friend and Ria managed to get him an excellent student accommodation as well! They’re both very happy with their accommodation and their £100 Amazon gift voucher, on account of UniAcco’s referral scheme.


The student no longer has to go “couch-surfing” as she and a partner now have a beautiful student accommodation to share. She never thought she’d get a “home” that was close to her university, had the best of amenities and fit her budget! She’s so ecstatic that UniAcco and Ria made this possible!

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Case Study – From The Streets To A Comfy Student Accommodation

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