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How To Write A CV For Undergraduate Students With No Experience

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To get a job you need experience and to get the experience you need a job. Bummer! Writing a CV for undergraduate students with no experience might look like a task but it is easy when done smartly. To create a great resume with no experience you need to focus on a lot of other factors – Key skills, educational details, additional factors and so much more.

Writing A Resume With No Experience

Read on to understand various aspects of writing a CV for undergraduate students with no experience. 

Resume Summary

Writing a resume summary with no experience is a challenging thing to do. You must be smart to curate your profile resume that sells “you” without experience. To do so, make sure you mention exactly what your career goals are. What you wish to achieve further in life and how passionately you want to do so. This shall largely focus on what you can do for your potential employer. A resume summary sums up who you are professionally regardless of your experience. At the top of your page, a two or three-line short and crisp summary is good enough to entice your potential employer to keep them reading.

Tap On The Trending Resume Format

If you would have seen it a decade ago, the resume formats were in documents and written without anything to spice it up. But today there are new formats that have been trending amongst various fields. Depending on your field you can create a relevant format and go ahead with it. Writing a resume with no experience can be difficult but choosing a format does not require any kind of special abilities. You need to do your research right and see how to create a crisp-looking resume. Make it chronological or functional or you can even go for a hybrid format that has both. 

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You can even design your resume instead of presenting it in a traditional format. Do not go overboard with the design but try to keep it classy and readable. Designers, writers, and marketers can use a designed resume. Below is an example of one: (i will add a picture)

The Technical Details 

Pay attention to the technical details. Once you are done with your resume, make sure you proofread it thoroughly and make necessary changes. There should be no punctuation errors, spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. They will instantly make your resume look unprofessional. Keep reading it again and again to catch any kind of mistakes that you may have missed previously. You can not afford to have a typo or even a missing word. Because remember it is a college student’s resume with no experience and hence you need to be as professional and put together as you can. Also, make sure you use your language perfectly and utilize action verbs all over your CV to keep your reader engaged. 

Take Stock Of Your Achievements & Rewards

Even if you write a CV with no experience, there are many other attributes about your personality that you can boast about. Make a list of absolutely anything that you have achieved which can be useful for your resume. Narrow down on your relevant certificates and awards and mention them in the accolades section of your resume. For example: If you are applying for a writing job, make sure you mention the oratory competitions you were a part of or won any prizes in writing competitions from your university or externally. This can have a significant impact on your reader.

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Display Your Education & Skills

Your education and skills play a very important role when you write a CV with no experience. Highlight where you have studied from as it will have an impact on your resume. If you have studied at a renowned university make sure you mention that and tell the reader how much your school prepared you for this job role. Apart from that, your skills will have a key role in explaining your ability to do the job. Mention how your school helped you imbibe these skills and how you will be using these in your job role. 


CV for undergraduate students with no experience must include internships. It is the best weapon you can use against the “experience required” jobs. It does not matter if it is paid or unpaid, mention wherever you interned. There are many pros of internships; not only do they contribute to your real-world experience but also they help you polish your skills for the next job so make sure you mention it thoroughly. 

These were the 4 steps, techniques, or strategies that will help a CV for undergraduate students with no experience to land them a job. There are many other things that you can do but to get started, make sure you follow the above-given steps. Good luck!

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How To Write A CV For Undergraduate Students With No Experience