8 Prescribed Words To Include In Your CV

Words To Include In Your CV

If you are trying to figure out a way to build your CV or Resume, we know that it can be an overwhelming task. Especially when this is the only document that can properly reflect your personal attributes as well as your work ethics and experience. To draft a CV that encapsulates every aspect of your professional journey, consider closely the words to include in your CV. 

The choice of words is the second most important thing after your work experience that will fill your resume. The words to include in your CV are not only important to impress the recruitment panel but also to receive positive feedback from the software that will check your resume. Administrators and 

One of the popular myths about creating a resume is that work experience outweighs the text of the CV. However, this is not the case. To bring your CV to the top of the pile and above the competition, you need to use words that specify your uniqueness, what you can bring to the table and your potential. Hiring managers often discredit resumes that are generic and have vague job descriptions

This article is dedicated to helping you find  good resume words in a CV. 

10 Words To Include In Your CV 

Key Indicators 

Every position you apply to, be it for international scholarships or full-time job roles, each position has a specific criteria or expectations. These are usually mentioned in the job description as key indicators of the position. If you are applying to multiple companies or institutions, make sure that each CV that you submit is tailored to the requirements of the position. For example, you are applying for a managerial position at a retail company that mentions that they are seeking candidates who are able to demonstrate leadership skills and are innovative in their approach. Here, the key indicators are “leadership skills” and “innovative”. When you are filling the application form for the company, these words need to be reflected in your resume as well. This is how the software will initially match your CV to the job position. 

Numbers and Comparisons 

Recruiters love seeing numbers and figures on resumes. It is true that numbers do not lie and this is the general rule of thumb that is often followed while selecting candidates. You might want to show the committee that you are hard working and result oriented. It is difficult to do that without sounding verbose. Often when you are able to clearly show comparisons between targets, it is not just an advantage but a selling point for many candidates.For example a CV that includes the words “Increased revenue by 150%” sounds more compelling than simply saying you are “Able to drive revenue”.  Moreover, when you talk in terms of numbers, you will be able to convince the recruiters about your personal attributes. 


Recruiters are often impressed when you are able to show that you were able to manage a team under you or were able to drive a project single handedly. One of the words to include in your CV is definitely the word “orchestrate”. One of the easiest words and therefore the most common word that most candidates use to describe this thought is by using the words “led” or “managed”. This word has also been suggested to be used by many career coaches and industry experts. 


The people who are proactive are usually the ones who work independently and are ready to take action any moment of the day. One of the best words to include in your CV is the word “proactive”. You must use this word to emphasize the skills you have on your resume. This word will do you good especially if you are looking for alternatives to graduate schemes and want to work before you study. 

“Planned”, “Produced” or “Programmed”

These three are actionable words that are often scrounged in a resume. The words indicate that you are a visionary and know the subject well to strategise elements for optimum results. If you are able to support these words with examples from your experiences, you will be highly considered for the role you are applying to. 

Words To Include In Your CV

“Team-Work” or “Team Player”

Most companies, be it private or public follow a team structure under a well-defined hierarchy. As a result, the key indicators of such positions require candidates to have previously worked as team players and contributed to the growth of the overall success of the organisation. Often, recruiters will also be interested in knowing how you added value to the team and what made you a unique team member. 

Ranks and Achievements 

If you have taken a professional development course and have really made the most of your study experience, you will be able to mention your achievements as a student. Words that reflect the idea of “being ahead of the competition” and “all-rounder” often receive extra credits. If you have extracurricular achievements or have made a significant impact in the community, you must mention that in your resume as well. 


This is one of the best words to include in your CV and accurately reflects your involvement in a project or driving organisation’s activities. Often career coaches encourage candidates to be bold in their resumes and not minimise their capabilities or potentials in any way. Using the word spearheaded will instantly drive the focus of the recruiter to see what you were able to spearhead and how your involvement played a role. 

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Words To Include In Your CV

8 Prescribed Words To Include In Your CV

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