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Cloud Student Homes have a remarkable 20+ student housing properties in the United Kingdom, spread across 13 cities. It is a one-stop-shop for students looking for convenient, affordable and high-quality housing options while studying in the UK. They carefully choose some of the best neighbourhoods so that students do not have to travel a long distance to get to their university. Their contemporary rooms are created to meet students’ needs, ranging from large studio apartments with private kitchens to en-suite rooms with shared communal kitchens. Every accommodation is stacked with facilities and includes all utility bills, so students do not need to worry about the extra costs while studying abroad. In this blog, we will explore all the cities with some of the best student housing options.

Cloud Student Homes

Top Cities For Cloud Student Homes!


Chester, Wales’ capital and largest city, is situated on the country’s south coast. Chester is home to some of the best universities in the country, including Chester University and Chester Metropolitan University. As a result, student housing in Chester has grown significantly in recent years. Many international students come to the city for future studies. Every year, approximately 15,000 students attend the renowned University of Chester. The city is well-known for its Roman heritage and its welcoming atmosphere. They have 8 room types available in Chester. Here are 2 of the best properties:

  • Waterside Court
  • Trinity Hall

Residing at Waterside Court or Trinity Hall in Chester makes it easier for students to get around the city. Students can find the city sidelined with a number of stores, restaurants, cafes and other establishments within a short distance. Transportation like bus stops and train stations are easily accessible for students who have to travel a longer distance to their university. The University of Chester is the closest university to both the accommodations.


Leicester is one of England’s most serene cities. It is a city near London and has everything to offer from a booming nightlife to excellent universities, this makes it a popular choice for many international students all around the world. The student rooms are ideal for those who want to maintain their privacy while having a great time. Cloud Student Homes have 19 room types in Leicester. Here are 3 of the popular accommodation options listed below:

  • Tudor Studios
  • YOHO – Leicester
  • The Zip

Students can travel to all the famous sites more easily while residing at these three student accommodation options in Leicester. The cityside is close by and flanked by a variety of stores, eateries, cafes, etc. Public transport links can be found nearby for students who want to travel to the city or their university. De Montfort University and Leicester College of Performing Arts are located within a short walking distance. 


Bradford is the sixth-largest city in the UK and has a vibrant, young and diverse population. The city has long been considered a global trendsetter. It was founded during the industrial revolution. In the heart of Bradford, you’ll find The University of Bradford. Hence, searching for student housing in the city is an easy task, as there are many options to pick from. There are 9 room types available in Bradford. Below are 2 of the most well-known property options:

  • Horton House
  • Longside House

These two student housing options offer studios and rooms with bathrooms. No matter which room you select, you will be provided with an equipped kitchen and a Wi-Fi connection. The closest university is the University of Bradford. Bradford Interchange and Bradford Forster Square are the nearest train stations. The accommodations are also close to the Media Museum and the National Museum.


Canterbury is filled with historical structures and attractions as a reminder of its rich history as a former European pilgrimage location. It is home to an ancient culture and has evolved into one of the finest student cities in the nation because it has kept up with its flawless architecture. Due to its renowned universities, the city hosts hundreds of students from all over the world. With top-notch amenities and convenient city-centre locations, finding high-quality student housing in Canterbury is not difficult. Cloud Student accommodation options have 15 room types available in Canterbury Student Village:

  • Canterbury Student Village 

This student housing offers studios and rooms with bathrooms. No matter which room you select, an equipped kitchen and a Wi-Fi connection are offered. Canterbury Christchurch is the closest university; other universities in the area include Canterbury College, The University of Kent and The University for Creative Arts (UCA).


The city of Liverpool is bursting with culture, making it a top choice for students who value tradition and culture and are interested in learning about other regions of the UK. Liverpool will probably surprise you with art galleries and exciting things to do everywhere you look. Due to its popular attractions, growing population of students and affordability, student accommodation in Liverpool is comparatively cheaper than in London, Cambridge and Edinburgh. Cloud Student Homes has 7 room types available in Liverpool. Take a look at 3 of the top housing alternatives:

  • Falkland House
  • Phoenix Place
  • Plato House

These student accommodations are closest to John Moores University, University of Liverpool, Liverpool International College and Liverpool Hope University. Train stations and bus stops are in close proximity. Dale Street Kitchen and Shiraz Palace are two of the most popular restaurants near these accommodations.

Cloud Student Homes Reviews

Due to their excellent service, students have consistently provided good comments and reviews for Cloud Student Homes. Their rooms are thoughtfully built to match the demands of each and every student and give them the ideal space for work, rest and recreation. The staff is adored by all students for planning enjoyable activities for them and always keeping them occupied with something exciting to do. 

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