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The Hamster Catalyst: How UniAcco Moved Mountains For Medical Support

The leading prop-tech company, UniAcco, has helped more than 100,000 students find their dream accommodation in more than 8 countries. We have focused on transparency, affordability and freedom for students and coveted the title of Best Cross-Border Student Housing Provider 2020 at the 4th annual Greater London Enterprise Awards, hosted by SME News.

In case studies such as this one, we talk to you about how our expert property consultants overcome challenges and go out of their way to support and find the best student housing solutions for students. Today’s case study is a little different from the rest, it is rather sensitive and was handled with diligence and compassion by our housing expert, Abhinav. This case study is about a student who was able to find the perfect accommodation that gave them mental peace and made arrangements for a hamster in a high quality and affordable student property.  


This case study revolves around a hamster who was an inseparable part of a student’s life and was also her medical support. After a month of trial and error, she finally got in touch with UniAcco. The property consultant, Abhinav, who has helped numerous students find their ideal accommodation, predictably did the same in this case. You will notice a deep sense of compassion and belonging that lay at the core of UniAcco’s values.

Case Scenario 

A student was looking for a private apartment that could also accommodate her pet hamster. The student suffered from anxiety and OCD and had the hamster as her medical support. After looking at properties and being rejected for a month, the student came across UniAcco. 

She had only two conditions for her ideal accommodation, that the apartment should be affordable and pet-friendly. Though her requirements seemed unchallenging, she only faced rejection for the hamster or disappointment looking at the monthly rent


The biggest challenge here was to find a property that is budget-friendly and pet-friendly at the same time. Most student accommodations either directly reject pets and most private accommodations that are pet-friendly have exorbitant monthly costs. Moreover, the hamster was an inseparable part of the student’s life and it was absolutely necessary that both found shelter under the same roof. 


After several attempts of searching for a property that could accommodate the hamster on a budget, with no luck finding pet-friendly accommodation, Abhinav offered the student a solution to which she immediately agreed. The hamster could not leave the cage but she could bring it along everywhere in the building. Abhinav offered this solution to the student after negotiations with the property manager in Preston, who agreed to the offer, with the condition that the student must provide a doctor’s note. This was easy to produce as the student already had it readily available. His quick response to the situation saved the student lots of effort and time and was able to bring the student her ideal accommodation with diligence and compassion while actively upholding the values of UniAcco. Moreover, they were quick to respond to Abhinav’s requests and conditions. The student ultimately found peace of mind at Jubilee Court, UK and was highly relieved with her situation. She agreed to keep the hamster inside the cage wherever she went. 


The approach of bringing both the parties to a common ground was achieved with the presence of mind and translating the core value of UniAcco into a testimony. The student was highly satisfied with the way UniAcco transformed the situation for her. This could only be achieved because we believe in going out of the way to achieve the unimaginable. Keeping in mind that a student has to spend most of their time alone, away from home helped Abhinav to move mountains in finding the same shelter for the student as well as her medical support hamster. The student also recommended UniAcco to some of her friends and said this would be her first choice if she ever travels elsewhere to study. 

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The Hamster Catalyst: How UniAcco Moved Mountains For Medical Support