Which Are The Easiest Universities To Get Into In Germany?

easiest universities to get into in Germany

It’s not surprising why international students are gradually leaning towards Germany for their study abroad dreams. The affordable tuition fees aside, students who come from foreign countries have the opportunity to study with English as the medium of instruction. To add to that, there are a number of universities in Germany with high acceptance rates. This makes the admission process smooth-going for international students. We’ve listed some of the easiest universities to get into in Germany so that you can check if your interests match with what these universities have in store for you.

Schiller International University

Easiest Universities To Get Into In Germany

Founded in 1964, Schiller International University was established with the purpose of providing American students with an educational experience in Europe. The institute aims to provide students with a globalised educational learning environment and considers international students’ perspectives to largely contribute to this vision. There are 4 campuses of this institute namely: Paris, Tampa, Madrid, and Heidelberg. With an acceptance rate of 100%, the university is considered to be one of the easiest universities to get into in Germany.

Keeping the global pandemic of COVID-19 in mind, the university also allows students to opt for distance learning in 2021. Some of the popular majors offered by the university include:

  • International Business 
  • International Relations 
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management 
  • Nursing

How To Apply

If you’re seeking to get admission into this university, you can only do so by visiting the official website. Since it is the easiest German university to get admission to, the process is simple. You’ll need to follow a six-step application process in which you will have to enter your personal information, your programme of interest, and other academic-related information.

University Of Bonn Easiest Universities To Get Into In Germany

The University of Bonn is a public university established in the year 1777. The university is home to over 30,000 students, out of which, 12% to 15%of them belong to the international population. What makes it one of the easiest universities to get into in Germany is its tuition fees. Due to the German Government’s subsidy policy on public universities, both domestic, as well as international students, can study at the University of Bonn for free. 

Getting admission into this university is easy due to less competition. With an acceptance rate of 60%, international students come to study at this university mainly for the following fields of study:

  • Medical Genetics 
  • Asian & Oriental Studies 
  • Physics, Economics & Law 
  • Biology & Agriculture 
  • Philosophy & Ethics

To be eligible for admission to the University of Bonn, you must score at least 180 ECTS credits, regardless of discipline. Demonstrate excellent written and spoken English (TOEFL – 90 iBT / IELTS 7.0 or equivalent) or TOEFL ITP (minimum score of 577), GMAT or GRE.

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Berlin International University Of Applied Sciences

Although this is a private university in Germany, the acceptance rate is 65%. This is because the university is focused mainly on the field of applied sciences and related areas and hence there is lesser competition. Even though it is one of the easiest German universities to get into, the highest level of education you can get at this university is at the undergraduate level. The university offers challenging, innovative and practice-oriented courses to all its students and prepares them for a world after education. The student body of the university is diverse with students and academic staff from more than 48 countries and 5 continents, our university embodies internationality and offers an open-minded, intercultural and inspiring study atmosphere.


The most popular majors offered by the Berlin International University of Applied Sciences are:

  • BA Architecture
  • BA Business Administration
  • BA Digital Business & Management 
  • BA Graphic Design & Visual Communication

Even though it is one of the easiest universities to get into in Germany, getting an entry into the graphic designing course could be a task. The institute has a world-class reputation for its graphic design course which is the most difficult degree to attain from the university. To be considered for a graphic design course at Berlin International University of Applied Sciences, you must provide your portfolio (of documented past work) and ace the interview rounds. 

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easiest universities to get into in Germany

Humboldt University Of BerlinEasiest Universities To Get Into In Germany

This public university in Berlin is one of the easiest universities to get into in Germany. Every year the academic cohort consists of 10% international students making the university the 4th most popular university in Germany for international students. The university offers 9 faculties of studies to students and these are as follows: 

  • Law
  • Life Sciences 
  • Arts & Humanities 
  • Theology 
  • Public Health 
  • Psychology 
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Economics & Business
  • Robotics 

The university has two intakes every year: Winter & Summer. The mode of communication at this university is German and as a result, you need to provide evidence of your German language proficiency before you join this university. The university has an acceptance rate of 47% making it easily accessible. 

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easiest universities to get into in Germany

Which Are The Easiest Universities To Get Into In Germany?

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