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The University of Reading, Reading College and Henley Business School are some of the well-known universities. Finding student houses in Reading, located within the vicinity of these top universities is a simple and hassle-free process.  If you want to spend a year studying abroad, Reading accommodations might be the location for you.

Another motivation to study in Reading is the city's cultural activities. There are a plethora of intriguing sights and excursions available throughout your stay. Reading Festival is one of the many reasons why you should study in Reading. For many years, the festival, held at Little John's Farm on Richfield Avenue in central Reading, has been one of the most famous music festivals in the UK. Every year, approximately 100,000 people visit the Reading Festival, which features some of the top names in music. Studying in this city will provide you with amazing Reading student accommodation along with a fantastic social life. There are a variety of student flats in Reading for students to choose from that are located close to these attractions.

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Student Accommodation in Reading

Finding suitable student accommodation in Reading UK might be time-consuming, but it is not unattainable. UniAcco has a superb selection of low-cost student housing with great comfort at a fair price. Many world-renowned universities, such as the University of Reading, Reading College, Royal Halloway, and the University of West London, are located near student dormitories in Central Reading. At UniAcco you will come across premium student accommodation in Reading that is off-campus yet very close to some of the prime universities in Reading. Students usually choose to stay in private student accommodation in reading because of various factors. It is less expensive, student-friendly, and flexible as per your preferences. UniAcco will provide you with adequate facilities that will make your stay in Reading a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

About Reading

Reading City is a significant town on the Thames and Kennet rivers in southern England, and it is one of the UK's oldest English county regions. Reading is a beautiful area that has been an important economic sector of the UK since it was founded after England's early warring and medival history. Reading is also bordered by popular cities such as London, Winchester, and Oxford, making it a well-connected area of England's countryside. 

Reading is home to the renowned University of Reading and Reading College, as well as other well-known universities such as Buckinghamshire New University, Oxford Brookes University, and the City of Oxford College. These universities provide undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees to students from all over the world in a variety of subjects, including science, fashion, engineering, and the arts. Reading attracts over 100,000 international students each year, making it the UK's most popular international education destination. Student accommodation in Reading is easy to find due to its popularity. 

Student Housing In Reading

Student houses in reading are easy to find yet difficult to choose. The difficulty lies in whether you wish to live on campus or off-campus. You may first list down all your requirements and then start the house hunt. Private student accommodation in Reading consists of pleasant, beautiful, yet cost-effective en suites, studios, and communal apartments that include all costs. The cost of student living in Reading ranges from 168/per week to 320/per week. There are various accommodation alternatives available in Reading for students seeking short-term rentals. In comparison to any other city in the UK, booking short-term accommodation in Reading is substantially easier. 

Best Places To Stay In Reading

Reading has a prestigious reputation among international students when it comes to student life. The town is great for all ages to explore and visit, with several dynamic and colourful venues for the population. Those who enjoy spending time near water can go to the popular River Thames, where they can find breathtaking natural beauty that will appeal to all Instagram users. It is best to live near Reading City Centre in Queens Court, Central Studios, 79 Silver Street, or Crown House.

UniAcco offers a wide range of student accommodation in Reading in the aforementioned locations and even beyond. You will come across a huge variety to choose from, the houses are fully furnished en-suite rooms and studio spaces. Furthermore, there are many other shared amenities in these flats. Let us see some of the popular student accommodation in Reading provided by UniAcco. 

New Century Place: New Century Place, Reading is a modern student residence in Reading, conveniently placed near the University of Reading London Road campus and the University of West London, and only 15 minutes from the main Whiteknights campus. New Century Place, Reading Reading is made up of seven different apartment blocks with a variety of en-suite and studio rooms to select from. Each room is well-equipped with a comfy bed, a desk and chair, Wifi, a refrigerator, and storage space.

79 Silver Street: 79 Silver Street is a completely new, market-leading student home in Reading, located just 6 minutes from the University of Reading London Road Campus (and the Royal Institute of Architects) and 17 minutes from the main University of Reading campus. The London Road Campus, which houses the Institute of Education, is a centre for teaching courses such as music, physical education, theatre, humanities, sciences, ICT, art and Theatre Arts, Education, and Deaf Studies (TAEDS).

Crown House: Crown House has a laid-back, homey ambiance with only 99 residents. The University of Reading's London Road campus is a five-minute walk away, while the main Whiteknights campus is 20 minutes distant. Choose one of our en-suite rooms if you want to live with other people. You'll have your bathroom, but your kitchen and living will be shared. Do you prefer to be self-sufficient? Choose a studio if you want complete privacy.

Cost Of Living In Reading

The below-given cost of living in Reading is as per the renowned University of Reading. Living expenses are an important element of planning your budget for your time abroad. Depending on your hobbies and lifestyle, costs differ from student to student. Students on Study Abroad Programs travel more than students in the United Kingdom, so travel expenditures are likely to be greater (depending on how much travel you undertake and to where).

  Expense  Monthly Cost (GBP) 
  Off-Campus Accommodation   676
  On-Campus Accommodation   860
  Food (60 meals)     348
  Utilities  120
  Groceries  120
  Transportation  59
  Clothes  32
  Entertainment  31


Reading Transportation

Every major transportation system in the city is cleverly integrated, and every university is conveniently accessible by foot. We've compiled a list of Reading's primary transportation systems, along with their average fares, to assist you. Students should be aware that these fares may fluctuate depending on the time of day.

Reading has only one main station, Reading station, which is Berkshire, England's most well-connected station. As a result, you won't have to bother about weekend trips to surrounding cities.

Train: Reading has only one main station, Reading station, which is Berkshire, England's best-known station. As a result, you won't have to bother about weekend trips to surrounding cities.

Bus: Reading's bus system operates 24 hours a day, with over 100 buses travelling across the city. Students can board buses that link to all national highways in the UK at Reading Bus Station, which is located close to the city centre. Hundreds of local bus stops may be found in every part of the city.

Waterways: Reading is situated between two popular rivers, the River Thames and the River Kennet, making it much easier to travel between adjacent towns and cities through water ships or a City ferry.

Cycling: You can also use cycling to explore the city's local areas. Reading's unique cycling places, such as Reading's famous Rook's Nest Wood Country Park, and Coley Recreation Ground, are open to the public.

Reading Attractions

Reading, a university town 20 minutes west of London, is one of the country's major communities without city status. The town is located on the Thames at the very end of the Kennet and Avon Canal and was once home to a powerful abbey, the foundations of which may be seen in the Forbury Gardens in the heart of town. Let's take a look at some of Reading's most well-known sights.

1. Central Club: To commemorate the Soweto uprising in South Africa, a 36-meter mural was painted on the wall of Central Club in 1990. The community centre has been abandoned since 2006, yet the artwork is still vibrant and thought-provoking. Every time the Central Club's survival has been called into question, there has been a rally in support of the mural's preservation. It's not your average piece of street art.

2. Reading Abbey: Reading's once-spectacular Abbey, which also functioned as a kind of guesthouse for Elizabeth I, a portion of Jane Austen's boarding school, and a jail that held Oscar Wilde before tumbling into ruins, was built by King Henry I. Following a renovation financed in part by the National Lottery and in part by the council, the Abbey ruins reopened in June 2018. Drawing classes, open-air theatre, and tour guides dressed in slightly dramatic Medieval garb are among the new events on the calendar.

3. Kings Meadow: The lovely Edwardian women's bathing baths of King's Meadow had been closed for nearly 50 years until they were reopened in 2017 after a £3.5 million restoration. The walls are brilliantly built to behave as a one-way mirror, allowing swimmers to catch glimpses of towpath movement between tumble turns. It now has a spa as well as a pool, as well as an on-site cafeteria (but don't eat before swimming, kiddos).

4. Kennet And Avon Canal: The Kennet and Avon Canal, which stretches to Bristol, starts in Reading and ends in Reading. Travel it in the manner of the Victorians: on a horse-drawn barge. Kintbury, a short train ride from Reading, is the departure point for round excursions. The canal provides plenty of possibilities for people-watching (and duck-watching), and the Shire horses are happy to be social media stars if you pay them with carrots.

FAQs on Student Accommodation Reading