7 Reasons Why You Should Join a University Society

You Should Join a University Society

University education is challenging, no doubt! You must toil and commit to your studies to get the right grades and build that career that you work so hard for and pay nearly 10 grand yearly to get that degree. But at the same time, you are an individual with interests and hobbies. You deserve to have fun while you are at it. Life as a young adult can be exciting and challenging and the reason why you should join a university society is just to make your university years wholesome while meeting like-minded people and having the best time of your life! 

A university club is filled with different kinds of activities where you make friends and get a real sense of University life.

In This Blog, I Present To You 8 Reasons Why You Should Join A University Society And How It Will Have An Impact On Your College Life!

1. The Golden One-Time Opportunity

Let me tell you, working for a 9 to 5 job straight out of university can quite literally feel like a slap on the face. There are no housemates waiting for a mid-morning breakfast or baking with your roommates or even impromptu trips into the town for shopping amidst your busy lecture schedule. It is sad but you do not get long holidays while working a job. I know this is a harsh reality check but more reason to seize the moment and take these years with both hands. 

The benefit of joining a student society means you are all in for cheap fun! Societies are a great place to make friends and discover new interests and fun activities. 

2. It’s The Best Place Where You Can Meet People Like You!

When you become an active member of society, you will come across peers that have the same interests as you. And what a great place to network and create new bonds. You learn something new with a bunch of friends and have the time of your life, this is a significant reason why you should join clubs and societies at university. 

3. Follow Your Passion

From sports, debate, painting or baking. A student society offers a myriad of things you can do. For students who have already found their passion or those looking to find their calling, this place will open the doors for you. Create your own club! Become a part of a new club, do you enjoy arm wrestling? Go gather a crowd and get started! A place to explore and find what you love. Not a good enough reason why you should join a university society? Here’s more. 

4. Fitness 

Already a huge number of students studying in university are unable to manage their budget, adding a crazy amount to a gym membership might not be prioritised in your list. So why not join the sports club instead? This way you can not only get fit but reduce stress and make new friends while you are working on your wellness! 

You Should Join a University Society

5. Amplify Your CV

Whether you believe it or not, an important reason you should join a club or society at university is that it will have a direct impact on your CV. Anyone in the university can score well with hard work but can they do it while also keeping up with society and club work? Not really. This will give you an advantage over other people. Your hiring manager will take note of your leadership skills, public speaking and organisational qualities that you polished in the society. The beneficial gain from a club or society is endless. How you keep up with your hobbies and uni work can be a great discussion point at interviews right? It’s all about going that extra mile!


6. Best Way To Travel Cheap!

A great reason why you should join a university society is travelling! From cultural galas to sports trips, you have the chance to experience new places while living on a small budget. The more you participate, the more you get an opportunity to go out and gain experience. A road trip to a volunteer camp with your friends is something you will always remember from your university years! 

You Should Join a University Society

7. Employ What You Have Learnt In Your Uni Classes

Don’t we always wonder where exactly our university education works in real life? Well, for example; imagine you are a Law student and you join the law society, it will be a place for you to actually practice what you learn. Debates, moots, group discussions are a place where you can get practical experience of your academic material. This can give you an idea if this is what you want to do later in your career. 

You should join a university society to up-skill what you are studying and benefit from the critical experience that you gain. 

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Remember that the benefits to joining a student society are countless, and above all, it’s easy to join and become a part of one. Remember that you are a student of that college and your peers are too. In a club, you can pretty much get the best accommodating work-life experience you could think of. 

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You Should Join a University Society

7 Reasons Why You Should Join a University Society

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