Here’s What You Can Do If You Are Missing University Life

Missing University Life

You may have heard this famous quote that goes something like “the grass is always greener on the other side”. But, I beg to differ. The grass is greener where you water it. The same parallel can be drawn for your student life. You may have wondered what it might be like to be a university student and congratulations if you have lived to accomplish that dream. However, if you feel like you are missing university life, you may have failed to make the most of your student life

To help you make the most of your university life, we present to you a list of the things you can do if you are missing university life. 

But before we dive into this, let us first attempt to understand the symptoms of “missing university life”. This could mean multiple things and here is the general understanding of it: 

  1. You have recently graduated from college and want to live the university life again. 
  2. You are a university student but are unable to make the most of your study abroad experience
  3. You are unaware of the options you may have as a student in order to do complete justice to your studentship. 
  4. You are already a university student and are exploring your alternatives to university life. 

To combat this dilemma and make the most of your student experience, here’s what you can do if you are missing university life. 

Rediscover Places With Your Old Uni Friends 

It is understandable that university life can become monotonous and you may have nothing to look forward to except a few deadlines and project presentations. But an effective way to recreate the student life experience is getting in touch with all your old friends and discovering (or re-discover) places with your university friends. 

Missing University Lif

Strolling around the old neighborhoods or discovering new shops and restaurants will help you feel a lot better about yourself and your situation. There’s a different feeling associated with reliving memories with some of your closest friends, it makes you feel hopeful about the future. I like to believe that the surprise of reconnecting with your old friends and revisiting places where you spent most of your youth feels like a brand new experience. 

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Bond With The Developing World 

As you grow, so does the world around you. It’s constantly changing and you constantly have to adapt to its mysterious ways. If you are missing university life which is full of new people and extraordinary experiences, you might as well look beyond the university grounds and bond with the developing world around you. The more you are actively trying to resonate with the world around you, the more you will be able to find the perfect thing that interests you, beyond university life. You might also want to think about the existing problems of the world and develop newer and finer ways of dealing with them. In order to bond with the outside world, you need to have an open perspective and an accommodating one too.


Attend A Music Festival

Attending live music concerts and going to music festivals is one of the unsaid traditions of university life. If you were unable to take advantage of the first few weeks of university, now is your calling to go and attend a music festival. The best way to do this is by calling your old university friends and attending these concerts with them. Music festivals are guaranteed to bring back some old memories you may have been missing from your university life. 

A Gap Year Is An Alternative To University Education

When I say gap year, I don’t mean stay at home, eat and binge on Naruto. A gap year is a break between studying and working. Usually, when making a decision post high school, students are caught in the dilemma of whether to work or study. It is also common that students at that stage are unsure of what they actually want to do. The reason for your gap may be anything, but to make the most of the 365 empty days on your calendar, it is your onus to make the most of it. Most students prefer finding internships and pursue courses of their desire. However, if you are missing university life but do not really wish to relive that experience, you may want to explore options beyond student life while still remaining a student. 

Go & Support Your Uni Sports Team

Even if you aren’t a great fan of sports, you must have friends from there! One fun activity to do amongst the different items for your college bucket list would be to go ahead and cheer for your friend’s sports team. If you are a university graduate, all the more reason for you to engage in this activity. You can scream out famous catchphrases, those with reference to your friends, or words of encouragement that’ll boost your friend’s team. Sounds fun, isn’t it? This could be your go-to activity if you are missing university life. 

Consider Gathering Certificates and Completing Courses  

There are a number of online courses that are designed for students who are in the right frame of mind to learn but do not want to commit to a university degree or university life. If you are such a student, you must consider gathering as many certificates as you can by completing online courses. Online learning is a great way to broaden your area of expertise and get certified by the relevant authorities. There are several websites such as Udemy and Coursera that offer online courses in more than 100 specialisations.

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Missing University Life

Here’s What You Can Do If You Are Missing University Life

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