How Video Games Can Help with Studying

video games

Video games are often seen as the antithesis of studying. They’re looked down on for being shallow or violent, and many still believe them to be so. But a growing body of research is steadily proving these claims wrong. In fact, findings are pointing to the opposite: Video games can be good for you and your study habits.

Video games harness your ability to focus

Gaming can improve the player’s ability to sustain their attention on a certain object. This benefit is mostly attributed to fast-paced games, such as first-person shooters, because they require the player to act quickly and create strategies on the fly. Medical News Today shares a study on the link between gaming and improved focus. It tested the participants’ visual selective attention, or their ability to focus on something while tuning out any irrelevant information. The findings show that playing just one hour of League of Legends, a game popularized in 2009, improved the players’ visual selective attention. And this isn’t exclusive to League of Legends, as older studies have shown the same results for games like Halo and Call of Duty. Remember that the next time you’re struggling to finish reading a long essay.

Video games can boost your working memory

Just as certain games can improve one’s ability to focus, others can boost memory skills. An article on Science Daily notes that strategy games engage the player’s memory and cognitive control. This means they can be used to improve the player’s memory tasks.

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A study was able to show this through Sushi Go Round, a pixelated web browser game where players had to serve customers their sushi. The challenge was to remember how each dish was made while also keeping an eye on the pantry’s stock. Games that require the player to remember patterns while multi-tasking can be great for boosting memory recall.
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If you have an exam coming up sometime soon, it might be a good idea to squeeze in some strategy game sessions before then.

Video games can improve complex cognitive skills

Sustaining attention and memory recall are both basic cognitive functions. But video games can take it a step further and boost complex cognitive functions, such as problem-solving and strategising. Tetris, which Foxy Games claims was invented in 1984, has a fast-paced gameplay but a very simple goal: To clear the horizontal lines before the field fills up. There is a strategy for playing and scoring high in Tetris, and a study used this to try and explain how humans learn and gain expertise. After conducting the study, the researchers shared how the skill in Tetris was not a matter of natural talent, but of learning tricks and forming strategies. This was apparent in how the players improved the more they played. Honing strategy-building and problem-solving skills can help students with STEM subjects. Plus, it can pave the way for better time management and should you run into any hurdles, you’ll be more likely to find ways around them.

Video games are a great reward

Gaming can also serve as a well-deserved break from your student life. Another one of our articles shares advice on how to study better given the remote arrangements. One tip is to reward yourself for your victories.

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If you ace a paper that you’ve been working on for the past week, why not do something nice for yourself? Video games are a great way to unwind after a long stretch of studying. They let you relax and enjoy yourself. Just make sure not to overdo it! There’s no denying that video games have positive effects, but it won’t matter if you don’t make use of them wisely.

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video games

How Video Games Can Help with Studying

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