Top Universities In Ireland For International Students

universities in ireland for international students

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January 28, 2021

Ireland, a neighbouring country of the United Kingdom, is one of the richest countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and has emerged as a preferred destination for foreign students searching for a world-class education in an English-speaking country over the last few years. Ireland universities for international students, considering their size, are ranked among the best in the world and studying in Ireland often means taking advantage of the free fee system for European students, allowing those who meet the requirements to escape tuition fees if they study a publicly funded course. There is a wide range of scholarships, grants and bursaries for foreign students to help finance your degree. Here’s a list of few Ireland universities for international students:

List of Universities In Ireland For International Students

Trinity College Of Trinity

Established in 1592, Trinity College Dublin is one of the world’s oldest universities. It provides a rare opportunity to study in Ireland for Indian students and combines academic achievement with cultural and social events, equipping graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed. Listed in “The World University” rankings as the best university in Ireland. 

University College Dublin

University College Dublin, more generally referred to as UCD, one of the best universities in Ireland for international students ranks in the top 1% of universities in the world and is currently ranked 168th in the QS World University Rankings. The ‘UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School’ of University College Dublin is one of the world’s best business schools, offering an MBA that is ranked 70th worldwide and 25th in the European Business School rankings.

University College Cork

University College Cork, one of the best Ireland universities for international students established in 1845, is one of the three Queen’s Colleges. The University has been named the Irish University of the Year five times, offering over 120 degrees in humanities, business, law, architecture, research, food and nutritional sciences, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing and clinical therapy. 

Dublin City University

Dublin City University (DCU) is a young university located on an 85-acre campus in the city centre, three miles north of the Liffey River and a 15-minute drive from Dublin Airport. The business school of DCU and the department of engineering and computing are among the best in Ireland and offer programmes in every field. It is among the renowned university in Ireland for international students.

Technological University Dublin

TU is the third-largest university in Ireland in terms of international study, offering an open and inclusive learning environment that provides foreign students pathways to graduation, undergraduate, PhD, and other courses. Different courses, especially for studying in Ireland as an international student, have a different fee structure so they can get financing options. Students from some countries do not need an Ireland entry visa. TU provides quality study in Ireland for international students.

University Of Limerick

With more than 11,000 students, UL one of the famous universities in Ireland for international students is an independent, globally based site. It has a well-known record of success in scholarship and educational science and innovation. Seventy-two undergraduate programmes and 103 eligible postgraduate programmes in various departments have several courses in UL. In terms of scholarships, it is also common. For further assistance, please contact an expert international student support officer for visa-related inquiries, etc.

Maynooth University

An internationally approved university, with a small list of colleges in Ireland for international students, is growing at a rapid rate worldwide. This top-rated university retains historical scholarly traditions and intellectual strengths and is a place with a diverse, research-driven, and modern setting. It has accommodated over 12,000 students from over 90 countries, studying at various levels in various programmes such as masters, undergraduates, and PhDs in various fields such as social sciences, science and engineering, industry, law, and many others. Maynooth is one of the popular universities in Ireland for international students.

Galway National University Of Ireland

NUI, Galway has a higher rank for foreign students in the best Irish universities. It’s the largest and most ancient site in western Ireland. There are already 3000 students from more than 115 nations studying there. This university has 1924 internships with numerous employers all over Ireland for the benefit of global students. In a real-world setting, you can get interested in any of the 40 degree programmes that could include community projects and job placements, improving your experience. It is a well-prepped university for masters in Ireland for international students.

Athlone Institute Of Technology

If you want to become a technology graduate, the Athlone Institute of Technology is the best option. It is the leader in terms of applied teaching, innovation, and student welfare in the technology sector. With 63 nationalities shown, more than 11 per cent of the student population comes from overseas. In hospitality, informatics, business, social science and design, engineering, and much more, we can get technology-based training.

Universities fees for studying in Ireland as an international student vary from € 6,000 – 12,000 for undergraduate degree programs and € 6,150 – 15,000 for postgraduate / master programs.

Carlow Technology Institute

This college has 350 students from 80 countries enrolled on various campuses. A multicultural atmosphere can be seen through the global presence of students. It offers state-of-the-art campus facilities, improved services for student support, and other activities through clubs and societies. It has cooperation and research associations with various international student universities in Ireland and around the world, including China, South Korea, the United States, Malaysia, and Europe.

Dundalk Technology Institute

DIT offers a huge range of degree programmes at various levels, including 7, 8, 9, and 10, with state-of-the-art campuses. Why is it the best technical institute? It has affordable tuition and living expenses to offer, drawing a huge audience of international students. Education is up-to-the-mark due to interactive, simulated learning environments, and small class sizes. In addition to the industry standards for enhanced graduation in employability, they have developed various programmes.

Limerick Institute Of Technology

LIT has the world’s fastest-growing network of students who come to experience a lively and active student experience. This is why, at an alarming rate, the number of global students is rising. The main advantage is that, along with other educational amenities, there is affordable accommodation. When we see the list of universities for international students in Ireland, it is considered one of the 14 THEA (Technological Higher Education Association)  Member Colleges. LIT is the cheapest university in Ireland for international students.

Letterkenny Institute Of Technology

As a small-scale institution, by participating in a supportive and friendly campus, it entices foreign students from around the world to take pleasure in a great staff-student ratio. For those who want to learn technology and make their academic and practical learning better and up to date, it is a great platform, giving employers a benefit. Get involved in the best facilities for learning, such as state-of-the-art infrastructure, state-of-the-art equipment and technology!

Waterford Institute Of Technology

WIT, one of the best colleges in Ireland for international students is located in Waterford City, with access to the various coastlines and the South East. International students can appreciate outstanding recreational opportunities alongside the best education. Because of the excellent contemporary facilities and an exciting student community, it makes it a unique platform. Living costs are lower in this city than in other Irish cities. It has attracted more than EUR 135 million in research funding from various sources in the last 10 years.

Cork Institute Of Technology

In terms of curriculum, CIT, the cheapest university in Ireland for international students emphasises laboratory or practical content rather than academic content. It also has links to industry. As a highly-rated social and sporting college, it has a different set of amenities for globalised students to offer. Students can take a chance to learn from quality academic employees. In both innovative start-ups and global businesses, they can also cherish various internship openings. For international students, it is at the top of the list of colleges in Ireland, providing a good platform for education.

Sligo Technology Institute

This is a third-tier institution located on Ireland’s North West Coast. Flexible, up-to-date programmes are available in various fields, including science & business, engineering, humanities, and many other postgraduate programmes. Students from around the world are welcomed by IT Sligo. The special thing is that they are web-based learning leaders. In total, they have only 6000 students, getting lectures in tiny and student-oriented classes.

Institute Of Technology, Tralee

Situated in the southwest of Ireland, IT Tralee offers a vibrant atmosphere with top-class leisure and recreation facilities for students both locally and internationally. In addition, in the city, cheaper and luxurious student residence facilities are available. From a 2-year diploma to PhD studies, it has set up two campuses with more than 3,500 students in a wide range of programmes.

Dublin Business School

It offers many interesting courses in media, arts, social science, psychology, and humanities for undergraduate and graduate courses. Located in the heart of Dublin, the students of DBS will enjoy an exciting atmosphere for working, living, playing, and learning. It has gained a reputation for teaching and learning opportunities for teachers and students in the last few years. It also provides 3rd-level courses for working people and students who have already graduated.

Griffith College Dublin

It has third-level courses for Irish and international students, offering excellence in education. It has several campuses in Cork, Dublin, and Limerick. If you are an international student, have a look at their official website to select the right course at Griffith College, Dublin.

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