Case Study – UniAcco Saves The Day – One Service Dog At A Time

UniAcco Saves The Day - One Service Dog At A Time

UniAcco has helped 20,000+ students find their dream accommodation in the UK & Ireland. This comfortably makes us one of the leading cross-border student accommodation platforms around. UniAcco takes pride in providing premium service to students, as we’re known to go the extra mile to assist them. To give a glimpse into how UniAcco handles the most challenging of propositions, we’ve introduced a new style of blogs called “Case Studies”. Over here, we will present to you the unique challenges brought up by students and the elegant solutions crafted by our supremely talented property consultants. So, feast your eyes on our first Case Study titled: UniAcco Saves The Day – One Service Dog At A Time.


One of our most experienced property consultants – Mr Ayush Mangwani, went out of his way to ensure an undergraduate student in Canterbury and her service dog find a lovely student accommodation that is pet friendly.

UniAcco Saves The Day - One Service Dog At A Time

Case scenario:

The student was looking for a studio room in Canterbury for her and her assistance dog. Due to medical reasons, it was imperative her assistance dog stayed with her. 


The student had been enquiring at different places for around 2-3 weeks but couldn’t find a solution. She thought she had to settle for a pricey private accommodation that did not have the amenities nor room configurations as the PBSAs on the UniAcco website. After 3 long weeks of no success, she approached UniAcco.


When Ayush was assigned this lead, who was looking for a student accommodation in Canterbury, he thought this was going to be a routine call. He sent the student details of the best accommodations that met her requirements and budget. Soon enough, she fell in love with one of our student accommodations in Canterbury and was ready to sign the dotted line.

Everything was going well until Ayush learned that this student has an assistance dog with her. Ayush knew that the selected property has a strict no-pet policy, and was preparing for a very unfortunate conversation with this student. But giving up is not something Ayush has learned during his time at UniAcco. He proceeded to make a special request directly to the central management team of the property, something that has never been done before!  After multiple emails and numerous phone calls, Ayush finally managed to persuade the property to allow his student and her guard dog to live there. This was the first time in the history of the property where an assistance dog has been allowed to live with a tenant. When the student came to know about this, she was elated! She couldn’t believe Ayush did all this for her without her even knowing it! In the end, all the necessary medical paperwork was submitted to the property and the student and her assistance dog were allowed to live at their new home at no extra cost whatsoever. 


When every other student accommodation provider couldn’t help, UniAcco left no stone unturned to ensure this student found a perfect home for herself and her dog. UniAcco is proud to say that we have now assisted 20,000+ students and 1 service dog in finding their dream student accommodation. 

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UniAcco Saves The Day - One Service Dog At A Time

Case Study – UniAcco Saves The Day – One Service Dog At A Time

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